• Not able to answer T-mobile digits line using bluetooth headset & answer button on headset

    I have T-mobile digits on my Samsung Note phone. When using my Bluetooth headset, if I get an incoming call on my T-mobile cell number, I can just push answer button on my Bluetooth headset and the call goes to the he...
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  • Samsung BOGO Offer

    Hi Friends,   I have recently bought two Samsung Note 10 plus devices on the Costco BOGO offer by adding a new line (only one). I am planning to gift one of the phones to my friend who might require it to be unl...
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  • Phone "freezes" when charging

    When charging, my Samsung Galaxy S4 "freezes".  The time stops advancing, the percentage of battery life does not update, and the phone will not respond at all until I restart it.  This just started happenin...
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  • My first experience with T-mobile phone support . :-(

    Hello, I am new to T-Mobile and to this community. I just moved my 6 lines from ATT (after a couple of decades of being their customers) to T-Mobile. I open the new account on November 12. Today I received my first T-...
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  • Upgrade Credit..

    I Was wondering can you upgrade or get any credit towards an iPhone 11 pro max (64 gb) after trading in an iPhone 11 (64gb)
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  • Buyer's Remorse

    I was told at a store in Redmond that I can return my phone with in 30 days if it was shipped to me. I walk in to store to return and the guy in-store asks me to call 611 to process the return and yes he did said agai...
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  • Digits app problems

    I use the digits app for one of my lines and I. Unable to get text messages from certain companies. Is this a normal issue?
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  • New pre-paid plan Messsge Blocking Active, Cannot make phone calls

    Unable to send text messages via any message service or make phone calls on my new pre-paid plan. Only option to get support is via this community as I cannot call T-mobile. Cheers
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  • Data speed throttled on iPad

    I am on T-Mobile ONE plan with 3 lines. 2 of those lines are in phones and get about 150 mbps in my location. 3rd line was just put into an iPad Pro with Cellular but is only getting 0.5 mbps in the same location. ...
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  • Switch on/off Family plan lines

    Hi there   We are not T-Mobile users yet but would like to try Family plan for 5 persons. As I understand we have to pay once 50$=10$x5 and 135$=27$*5 monthly for Essentials. Is it possible to disable one or or ...
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  • how can I stop ONLY the voice mails from a number?

    How do i stop a number from leaving voicemails but still be able to receive calls from them and still be able to receive voice mails from other numbers?   Message was edited by: xquizate xquizate
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  • People calling me are getting a busy signal or continuous ringing

    It has been reported to me that when some people are trying to reach me, they are getting a busy signal or continuous ringing. I am not receiving any notification of this unless they text me or I happen to call them ...
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  • my t-mobile revvl plus will not turn on. when plugged in the red light flashes but does not charge. battery or software?

    T-Mobile REVVL PLUS
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  • Help with a Samsung SGH-T139

    Hello to who ever reads this. I have a Samsung SGH-T139 flip-phone with the Pay-as-you-go plan. In the past, I was able to send and receive picture messages.  Now, when I try to send, a picture message, I will g...
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  • Switched from Verizon to TMobile ... still having text message issues on iPhone 7

    Just ported my number from Verizon to TMobile a few days ago ... I have an iPhone 7 ... since then, I've had a few glitches with text messaging, some have resolved but others have not. Anytime I send a text to an Andr...
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  • Alcatel Go Flip 3 Can't Sync With Google Account

    Hi,   I just started using the Altcatel Go Flip3 and am having issues connecting to my google account from the KaiOS. I cannot import contacts, setup gmail sync, or sync my google calendar. Each time I enter my ...
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  • Digits line not ringing

    The phone does not ring when someone calls my Digits line. My primary line works just fine. I've already tried logging in and out of the app and restarting my phone. These have fixed the issue in the past but not this...
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  • Payment

    Can I add two different payment methods for an account? Can I pay my line with one card and the rest with another card? Or do I have to pay using one card only?
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  • I live in Japan about 6 months of the year and ......

    I purchased a Galaxy 8+ through T-Mobile and have used it with great success in Japan for the past two years. I spend 2 to 3 months at a time in Japan usually twice a year. This morning, for the first time, I receive...
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  • Text messages I send are being split into small text, seems like to just Verizon phones.

    I have a T-Mobile Note 9 for personal and a Galaxy S9 Verizon for work.   Short Version : This issue is in the default messaging app on Android. Use a different messaging app like Textra and messages send and r...
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