• Official Samsung Galaxy S10 Pre-order & Discussion Thread

    You've waited an entire year for the latest and greatest from Samsung.     T-Mobile will be opening up pre-orders for the Samsung Galaxy S10 at 9:01 pm PT on February 20th! Still have questions? Check out ou...
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  • Would you be interested in a T-MOBILE Wireless Mesh Network

    I like the idea of the Layer 3 TV service. But, I would still have to have a 3rd party internet provider. I had an idea that I'm curious if others would be interested in. Who knows maybe T-MOBILE would consider it! Wo...
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  • 600MHZ Band 71 questions

    I have seen on several maps that 600MHZ B71 is up and running on the 15 freeway in California east of Victorville including most areas between there and the east Mojave desert area. I have a Samsung Galaxy S9 and dro...
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  • Texting between our smartphones while both abroad

    We're on the over 55 simple one plan. Say that we're both in Malaysia (it's on the coverage list) and want to text each other on Android phones. We have the native Messages app and also Messenger. Do we need to do any...
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  • Auto pay save $5 feature is gone

    where did this feature go it fall off this face of this earth    I us to get $10 bucks per line then it went $5 a month then nothing. I am losing features like me losing my keys. This ship is sinking.
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  • Pie upgrade can't receive calls

    Since upgrading to Android pie on my S9 plus I no longer can receive phone calls.  I can make them just fine but when I receive them often the phone doesn't even show I'm receiving a call but still shows the call...
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  • Why I can't turn on my digits in the app ?

    Why I can't turn on my digits in the app ? Please help me
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  • Digits Multi-line settings on Samsung devices - NOT WORKING

    Hi everyone, I have a Galaxy Note9, I use the native multi-line or digits support but it's been problematic - I login to my account and add my virtual line - it shows up as Ready to Use and is enabled - however it doe...
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  • Mods: Please delete TMobile Support Account.

    Good Day Moderators, Can you please delete my account. No longer needed. Thank you.tmo_amanda
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  • Official T-Mobile Tuesdays Thread

    T-Mobile’s keeping the awesome Tuesday offers rolling week after week! This weeks free treats include the following: Free taco. Every Week From Taco Bell. $20 off purchase at Overwatch League $2 Dunkin' car...
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  • Android pie

    When is it going to be out for note 9
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  • how do I make my phone number private

    I want to make my number private so if someone googles my number my name doesnt show up !
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  • TMobile Rebate Rejected

    I would like to share a horrific experience i had with T-Mobile which makes me think if i should suggest TMobile to anyone. It all started last month when i purchased a device as part of "Costco 2019 January Apple On ...
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  • Why is T-Mobile customer service such an issue?

    I don't even know if this is the appropriate forum for this but anywho here goes. So I initially attempted to begin services with T-mobile on Friday 02/15/19 while taking advantage of one of the promotions available f...
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  • How do I do port ranges for port forwarding for my 4G LTE HotSpot Alcatel linkzone device?

    I have been reading about similar instances where others have difficulty gaming with this device because its not meant for gaming. But im wondering is there a way to do port ranges in port forwarding for this device o...
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  • Is this possible?

    If I purchase an iPhone from the Apple store/site, is my bill added to my current T-Mobile bill automatically or could I keep those payments separate from each other? Like, I have my boyfriend would like to purchase m...
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  • Complaint about a store?

    Who do I contact to file a complaint about a specific T-Mobile store?
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  • Can't call or text

    I joined T-Mobile recently and received 2 phones (iphone and s9) that arrived 6 days ago.  They worked perfectly with the number that were provided but we wanted to keep our original numbers.  I ported the s...
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  • change sim card size

    I have an old flip phone, with a legacy prepaid plan, I am using another phone with GSM it has dual sim, I like to use Tmobile sim with this phone, but the size of the sim doesn't fit, do I get a nano, sim with, same ...
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  • 4G LTE Signal Booster not working

    I found an old thread (link at bottom) that was never fully answered but it seems I am having similar issues so I am hoping to hear if anyone else can help me?   To start off, my office is located in the heart ...
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