• Feature Request - Auto pay for standard permission accounts

    My.t-mobile.com acounts with standard permissions should be able to setup automatic payment for their portion of the bill weather it be a custom amount or the cost of their line, features, EIP agreements, etc. They co...
    created by magentaraine
  • Clarification regarding Right of SetOff in TMobile Money

    I am very interested in signing up for Tmobile money. However I am not the primary or owner of my family plan account. And from what I could gather, having a TMobile ID and connection is sufficient to open an account ...
    created by blitz12
  • want to set up credit card payments

    how do i set up credit card payments
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  • Note 8 no longer sending name info to ZTE watch after update

    My Samsung Note 8 updated the OS (I am assuming to 9) and ever since my notifications on my ZTE watch say private number instead of giving me the name of the caller.  What can I do to fix this?  Oh and why t...
    last modified by ewillow
  • Some video text messages come in as ue.fcs.mstore.msg.t-mobile.com

    Some of the video text messages that I receive come in as videos that I can click on. But some come in as "Large file available, click to Download/Play https://ue.fcs.mstore.msg.t-mobile.com:443 ...". These are all in...
    last modified by wishicouldgethelp
  • eSIM Postpaid

    When will T-Mobile support eSIM for postpaid?
    last modified by magenta8300031
  • SMS Support on Digits

    I had one of my lines converted to Digits & have learned that SMS is not currently supported.  I would have thought that would be one of the key functions? Logging into my T-Mobile account (& of course t...
    created by whatchadoan
  • How do I get a 6-digit PIN?

    I've had a prepaid hotspot (Alcatel LinkZone) for a couple years now, and I just tried to make some changes to my account (change the rate plan and credit card info), but it is asking me for a 6-digit PIN that was app...
    last modified by greaseman
  • Career lock unlock

    I want to unlock my I phone from career lock. Can you help me?
    last modified by world_fm
  • Pending Tower activation

    T-Mobile reps have told me since November that a tower was activating in the 62294 zip code area only to be told it's delayed three times.    The last communication I was given in a different and old me...
    created by magenta7019212
  • Texts

    I just got a new phone and text messages will not send and I cannot receive them either.
    last modified by magenta8304384
  • Sim Card Questions

    Would a 4G T-Mobile Sim Card be compatible with all 6 4G bands? Is there a way to check which frequencies and Bands my SIM card is compatible with?
    last modified by vizanto
  • Debitting account

    The due date of my bill is the 19th of each month but I have noticed that T-Mobile debits my checking account the 17th.  Why two days before? 
    last modified by jorge_barake

    What is the point of turning on GPS on the SPARQ II?  There doesn't seem to be a map application on the phone so I don't see what GPS gets you expect to drain your battery.
    last modified by daphotoguy
  • Won't speak step by step map directions

    I have an LG G5. It stopped speaking step by step map directions on Google Maps and Waze. It will speak the opening direction when I start navigating. But, then it won't speak any other directions. It displays them co...
    last modified by magenta8292365
  • Cannot access Account options on my.t-mobile.com (error)

    I need help from T-Mobile on fixing an account issue.  It seems that neither me nor anyone else on my account can access the "Account" tab on https://my.t-mobile.com   Post-paid account Problem affects mul...
    last modified by kenmac
  • need to change credit card for auto pay

    how can I change credit card for auto pay? Can I do it on line or do I have to call
    last modified by magenta8289917
  • S8 Active

    When will the S8 active receive the pie update
    last modified by burbank
  • Spotty coverage

    Hello! I am in the military stationed at Travis AFB, CA. First I’d like to say that I really like being a T-Mobile customer. The problem I have is coverage/service on the installation itself. There a lot of dead...
    last modified by jigga34
  • Porting Number from Xfinity to T-Mobile = DISASTER

    I've had a VOIP phone number with Comcast Xfinity for many years, and I ported the number to T-mobile on 4/11/19. They told me the port would take 24 hours. Unfortunately, it's 4/16/19, and I'm stuck in limbo.   ...
    last modified by jerbydoo