• My transactions

    Greetings,   I recently spent $40 to refill my service, but it kept saying "customer details not found in cache." Then, I tried to make a call, it still didn't work, because then I received a message saying my b...
    created by spacecadet1227
  • Ready to upgrade, and my phone cracked :( Best option?

    So, after taking good care of my LG G6 for two years, and finally paying it off, I was looking to upgrade my phone. I was making my bed, and the phone, in a case, slipped out of my pocket and took a slight drop, two f...
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  • Usage data item It's gone from iOS Settings!!

    Hey all!   Love TMobile!  Usually I check my data usage in iOS Settings since iOS 12 now lets me check data usage and app usage so I can monitor cell data. In iOS Settings, clicking on Cellular always had a...
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  • When sending messages internationally, texts longer than a few words aren't being received?

    All that is showing up on the receiver's end is an empty speech bubble. I can however send pictures. Any ideas would be much appreciated!!
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  • Losing faith in Digit

    I have had continual problems with getting my watch to work with Digits. First there were connectivity issues that took over 2 months to fix. Now, with the Tizen update (I think), they are back.  I have a Gear S2...
    created by rogerperk70
  • Why is it so difficult to switch plans to $50 T-MOBILE ONE PREPAID DOMESTIC ONLY

    I've been trying to since around 7pm EST yesterday to get this changed. It's advertised, but not in our choices to choose. I've talked to someone about it, but it seems my account type/version has to be changed. And I...
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  • Familywhere

    I want to know does familywhere show the exact address location or just the street? I'm planning to sign up for the familywhere and I just want to know what to expect.
    created by nifemi1
  • Will an old Nokia 1616-2c work in Europe?

    Hi,   I have an old Nokia 1616-2c (a "feature phone") that I bought in the US. It is badged for T-Mobile, but no longer locked to the T-Mobile network. Should it work in Europe? I have found conflicting informat...
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  • So, been a while, what's in your playlist now?

    It's been a long while since we had a music discussion .   Whathcu hearin right this second?   (Work chatter and child noise is exempt)   Me: Ghost (BC) "Dance Macabre"
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  • t-mobile money

    reset security questions
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  • Im confused about what i was told at participating store

    So i went into t mobile the other day, and i was looking to add an extra line...but as i was talking i told them my brother soon will be closing his line in a few months due to moving away soon. I was told my free pho...
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  • Voicemail setup

    Is it possible to have a voicemail message (outgoing) for my secondary digits line? I see no option to set up vmail  the digits app. Currently callers get a generic message.
    created by mimsy6872
  • Verizon iPhone SE fully works on T-Mobile but Verizon Samsung Galaxy S7 barely works on T-Mobile, could someone help me?

    So I have a Verizon iPhone SE and that works perfectly on T-Mobile but my Verizon Samsung Galaxy S7 Barely works on T-Mobile meaning that you can make calls but you cannot search the web without being on wifi. Could s...
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  • New phone not receiving all texts.

    I bought an unlocked pixel 3 and installed the SIM card from my old Galaxy 6. All services seem to be working except that I don't receive text from some individuals. I've gotten some texts from my mom, a group chat, a...
    last modified by walkabout
  • Refilling prepaid mobile hotspot

    How do I refill (add a data pass to) my prepaid mobile hotspot? When I login and select my device I am never given an option to add more data to my prepaid mobile hotspot no matter what option I select, all the scree...
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  • Unlocked note 9 very hot and slow after pie update

    So I have an unlocked non carrier-specific Galaxy note 9 5 12-gb version since the pie update my phone has been very sluggish even the icons on my home screen have slowly populated. Also my phone is hot all the time n...
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  • No downstream on LTE

    My LTE symbol shows upstream,  not down. I restarted my phone. This has happened several times over a few months. It is not location related, I've experienced this in 2 states and several cities. When I look the ...
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  • Bands

    If I buy a phone with one of TMobiles 4g lte bands will it still have a decent connection?   (The bands I'm talking about are 2, 4 or 12)
    last modified by spta100
  • Idea for a new Tmobile feature concerning roaming

    How and where can I make a suggestion to Tmobile for an optional feature to be added to one's account?   My idea involves roaming: It seems that no matter what Tmobile does to improve coverage there are and pro...
    last modified by jay968
  • T-Mobile Home Internet pilot test begins, no data caps and $50 per month

    Exited about this pilot program, does anybody know what zip codes are rolling this out ??   https://www.tmonews.com/2019/03/t-mobile-home-internet-pilot-test-begins-no-data-caps-50-per-month-price/
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