• My can not watch youtube videos since we switched to Tmobile One Unlimited 55.

    We switched to Tmobile One Unlimited 55 a few days ago from 2 lines of our old Select Choice Unl TT+D plan. Since then he could no longer watch youtube videos when not on wifi. Youtube video thumbnails show all gray, ...
    created by pekingduck69
  • Outgoing Caller ID Incorrect

    I just opened an account with T-Mobile....it has two lines.  Each of the lines has its own profile.  However, the outgoing caller ID for each line has my name.   I need to get the ID changed for the ot...
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  • Why doesnt tmobile hate loyal customers

    Why does T-Mobile hate loyal customers. T-Mobile is offering 35 dollars for 4 lines for new clients only but what about current loyal customers thats paying more. Why can't we get those deals then when I contacted T-M...
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  • Special Event based Coverage

    Is it possible for event coordinators (like for an anime or other type of convention) prearrange with T-Mobile that something like that is about to happen so that TMo has foreknowledge and the ability to possibly put ...
    created by davron
  • Reimbursed for switching from verizon.

    I switched from Verizon and was told I would be reimbursed for my phone at max of 650.00 and etf of 175.00.  I went on line and stated there was a problem and someone would be calling soon.  Didn't happen.
    created by magenta4155251
  • When?

    Can owners of the S7 reasonably expect an Oreo update in February?
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  • Switch from SimpleChoice to T-Mobile One for Apple Watch access?

    Hello,   We have five lines with the SimpleChoice North America 10GB plan. Four of those lines were "paid for" and then we got the fifth line as part of a "free line" promotion. We pay $140/mo, which comes to a ...
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  • Using Alcatel One Touch Pop Astro as vibrating alarm?

    I want to use my phone as an alarm clock but use vibrate only. Do I need to put it in airplane mode?  If it's in airplane mode, do I turn the phone off before going to bed or let it sleep?  Or do I put it in...
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  • Reactivate my iphone.

    I lost my iphone on valentine's day, so I reported it lost but found it the next day. So I need to reactivate my phone, because now I don't have service.
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  • Need tmobile support email.

    trying to contact tmobile about a previous account they claim i never paid the final bill when i traded my phone in with verizon.
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  • Can't access call or contacts

    On my LG phone, I cannot access the call button or my contacts. I have already did a factory reset, but it still does it. When I hit call, it is on for one second, then goes back to the home screen. When I try to acce...
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  • Blackberry Keyone

    Which version, model am I looking for if I want to get a Blackberry Keyone for Tmobile.
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  • MMS and SMS still missing messages

    I've had T-mobile for years now and ALWAYS missed a lot of both SMS AND MMS. It seems to be getting worse. DontD tell me it's my phone. It happens to all of my family. 5 different people on 3 different types of Androi...
    last modified by magenta4152375
  • Need receipt for phone purchase

    Hi, I am going to be taking my son's phone into an apple store to be looked at.  The email said we may need proof of purchase.  Can I get a copy of purchase receipt?
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  • Data lost

    oWHy do i lost some usage i my line there any way i can duplicated
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  • Duplicate sim

    I'm not very tech savvy, and I have no clue where to start, as far as the duplicate sim is concerned. Someone please point me in the right direction
    created by magenta3264631
  • i aleady have an existing account, how can i get a newer account and a new phone

    how can i get a account and new phone when i already have an account. tmo_elesa
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  • how do I go about aadding an in store authorize user?

    How do I add an in store authorize user?
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  • Account Number

    Greetings,   I have a prepaid plan and cannot seem to find my account number on MyTMobile.  Is there somewhere I can find that information?   Thank you
    last modified by magenta4148977
  • Account security?

    I got a message from you saying:WE HAVE IDENTIFIED AN INDUSTRY WIDE PHONE NUMBER PORT OUT SCAM AND ENCOURAGE YOU TO ADD ACCOUNT SECURITY....   So, what should I do to do this...I don't see it on the Tmobile sigh...
    last modified by magenta4146247