• No coverage where coverage maps says there should be

    I travel through and stay in an area of northern New Mexico where there has been no T-Mobile coverage. The coverage map now indicates that there should be coverage but there's none. I can drop a pin on the coverage ma...
    created by curtis1967
  • Does SyncUP DRIVE Interface with milage tracking apps?

    I'm currently using TripLog on my android device to track my trips milage.  It doesn't do the best job and I always have to adjust the milage to match my car's odometer. But, the app can use an OBD-II scan tool f...
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  • No voice or data at large corporate site in Stamford, CT

    I work at the same corporate site (777 Long Ridge Road, Stamford) as was mentioned in another thread from 1 1/2 years ago.  I switched to T-Mobile not 2 weeks ago and noticed, even after the original thread was p...
    created by jw63121
  • No wi-fi connected

    My phone can't connect with wifi.
  • Official T-Mobile Tuesdays Thread

    T-Mobile’s keeping the awesome Tuesday offers rolling week after week! This weeks free treats include the following: $3 for quarter chicken meal at Boston Market Free 1-night disc rental at Redbox 30-50% of...
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  • Payment extension

    Is it possible to set up another payment extension until Friday to pay the previous billing on that date and have services restored until then???
    created by pretti3brown
  • Federal furloughed employees

    Is tmobile helping furloughed federal employees? Because according to customer service reps there is nothing they can do to help you. I spoke to 4 different reps.
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  • Who's waiting on the Samsung X???

    So what are y'all thinking is going to be the pros and cons?
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  • No signal

    Hello...I have a T-mobile branded Samsung galaxy s8+ phone sent to me...I stay in Nigeria...I used it for about 3 months with the carrier network here in Nigeria but all of a sudden, it stopped working...the IMEI coul...
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  • Please fix this issue on Oneplus 6T

    I have had all of the Oneplus phones so this has never been an issue. Since you guys released this phone the proximity sensor is not working right and I always hangup dial out or mute calls with my face. The way the s...
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  • LG G7 9.0 PIE UPDATE

    Why is it taking so long with 9.0 update for the LG G7? 10 Q system update is already being talk about and they saying it could even come out in March and I'm still on 8.0.lol not even 8.1 lol that is sad.. And I know...
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  • oscar

    how can I see my statment ?
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  • Answer asap

    Can I finance a phone if I’m on a no credit account with out a sim?
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  • Misrepresentation

    Joshua and Kim from Tmobile in the Orangeburg Mall lied, stating that I can switch over to Tmobile and they will pay off Verizon. Joshua lied stating I can keep my phones and numbers, I submitted the information and c...
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  • Device Unlock

    I have bought a second-hand mobile phone, but it had a network lock, no signal atall, I want to unlock it, how to do this, the phone model is Motorola Z2FORCE,im in china ,can not use t-mobile simcard,need help。 my e...
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  • Costco Promo COSTCOAPPLEXR

    Did an upgrade thru Costco back in October 2018 (4 lines) but turns out the rep did not attach the correct promo code COSTCOAPPLEXR and did not inform us about the rebate that has to be filed separate to the trade in....
    created by chewy417
  • No cellular network available for hours at a time.

    I am a new T-Mobile customer with a Motorola Droid Turbo 2.  When trying to make a phone call I often get a message "No cellular network for voice call."  This can go on for up to 24 hours.  While texti...
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  • Sim transfers When under a Promo

    When we first got our account, we got the buy one get one free promo on the Samsung Galaxy S9. We had an additional phone on the line but it's an old phone and we wanted an upgrade. I was wondering if we took the sim ...
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  • $390 refund taking 36 days and counting

    Returned a phone within the 14 day period was told at the store it would take a week. After two weeks talked to someone online said it would be an additional week. After waiting again nothing 36 days now and they won'...
    last modified by smithw14878
  • cardboard app for LG Leon

    I tried to load a cardboard app from google play and it says it's not compatible. What VR app is compatible?