• Rebate not being honored

    We switched to T-Mobile from Verizon during their Apple Iphone rebate almost two years ago.  At the time, we were promised the Iphone 6 for $14.00 a month with credits for turning in our old Iphones.  At the...
    created by magenta5847253
  • Coverage/Roaming issues - Lake Michigan Lakeshore

    Hello,   We were camping this past weekend at Silver Lake State Park in Michigan. The address is 9679 W State Park Rd, Mears, MI 49436. Coverage didn't exist, and we were unable to roam on AT&T. We continual...
    created by shima1970
  • Switching from Nexus 6P to OnePlus 6

    I just ordered a OnePlus 6 to replace my Nexus 6P. Does anyone know if there are any issues using the OnePlus 6 on T-Mobile? When setting up the new phone, can I just switch the SIM card to the OnePlus or is there som...
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  • Nexus 5X APN Settings

    My wife has a Nexus 5X that we brought over from Project Fi. It works fine on T-Mobile but I saw a thread on how to setup the APN for a Bring-Your-Own-Device and I compared it to the settings on her phone. According t...
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  • Accessories billing promo issue

    My husband went to the store on Atlantic Ave in Brooklyn, NY to pay our bill, and the Assistant Manager Sales Rep. told us that our account qualifies for a special promo and we get a MegaBoom speaker completely for fr...
    last modified by smile2020
  • Magenta Friday Billing Issues

    Its 2018 and im still having issues. I signed up for the account the week of the Magenta deal and got my sim cards and numbers that they gave me( which to me means that my account is active right?). Then the next week...
    last modified by angrycustomer78
  • pin

    how can i find my pin to my account? i have already tried my last four of my social and you cant reset your pin without the existing one
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  • Re: SyncUP device will not let me "remove car"

    Hey, I have two cars on the account, and I still can’t remove one of them.
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  • Can't access My-Tmobile account

    Can't access my T-Mobile account, it says: " Sorry, but we are currently experiencing problems with our server. Please try again later." When this will be solved.
    last modified by yas1015
  • Why does BBB rate "Shaw Academy" an F but T-Mobile Tuesdays endorses their company?

    Today, I noticed a promotion through T-Mobile Tuesdays for Shaw Academy online courses. After a quick Google search, I noticed Shaw Academy has an F-rating through the Better Business Bureau (BBB) for multiple, unansw...
    last modified by matt.c
  • About port

    I use phone number like 514-944-XXXX but'S it'Ss working  on magic jack can you port it ?
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  • Free line promotion issue

    I started a new service with Tmobile 4/2/17 with 2 lines paid and a third line free. We paid for the third line for months till I realized it. Have started calling every month to get the 3rd line free, they give me a ...
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  • Cat Phone S61 Issues

    So I'm coming from AT&T and wanted to see if T-Mobile was a better carrier.  I bought a Cat Phone S61, latest flagship rugged phone from this company, that supports all of the frequencies of T-Mobile in the U...
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  • Oreo update for LG G6 broke Android Auto - revert to Nougat?

    The Oreo update that rolled out a couple of weeks ago resulted in one catastrophic problem...   Android Auto no longer runs on compatible head units. Connecting the phone causes it to show up as an incompatible ...
    last modified by magenta5840271
  • How can I actually receive CellSpot v2

    I currently use v1 Cell Spot. Spoke to an agent over chat and she placed an order for v2. Once arrived it's the same v1 as I have. Go to chat again. EXplain the problem now they send the range extender instead of Cell...
    created by zhenya
  • Charged below the balance

    They charged me 75 dollars even my balance is 0, I want the full refund.
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  • Re: stolen phone

    my name is Latre Richard and my phone was stolen. IME: 353855-09-235464-6 please lock this device  and send me another phone to REMOVED PERSONAL INFO TMO_CHRIS
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  • Bill

    how do I get a pdf file of my actu bill
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  • What is the function of the LED on the upper left of the Galaxy S9?

    What is the purpose and function of the LED on the upper left of the Galaxy S9?  I cannot find any mention of it in the Galaxy guidebook.
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  • "Ghost Icons" For Apps Stored on SD Card

    Hi,   I have a Samsung Galsxy S8, running Android v8.0 (Oreo) with the June 1 Security patch applied.   For some time (well after updating to Oreo, using T-Mobile over the air update), all of the Apps that...
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