• T-Mobile One NCC Zero International Roaming

    I feel like I have been scammed by T-Mobile reps at the store. I went in to switch to T-Mobile One NCC plan and one of my requirements was International Calls and International Roaming. I was clear about these two thi...
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  • Charges added to my bill and they have NOT been refunded. Anyone else?

    Noticed my bill had 33$ per month extra on it...since January. These charges were for services like car tunes, which I never asked for. Unbelievable. After hours of speaking to people in Malaysia...none who actually h...
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  • How to unblock WCDMA B8 900MHz on a T mobile galaxy s8 active phone ?

    Hi,   I'm, now, living in France, and have a T-Mobil galaxy s8 active phone. Unfortunately T-mobile choose to block WCDMA B8 900MHz... I can't receive 3G because in Europe it's the main band.   How unblock...
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  • Activate new number without visiting a t-mobile store?

    Hi, I live overseas and I use my prepaid T-Mobile sim card & number for when I come to work / visit the US. I have not been to the US in a few months now and it looks like my number has been deactivated. Is there ...
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  • Official T-Mobile Tuesdays Thread

    T-Mobile’s keeping the awesome Tuesday offers rolling week after week! This weeks free treats include the following: Discounted MLB tickets. From MLB. Free medium latte. From Dunkin'. Free Nacho Cheese Dori...
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  • Customer details not found in cache

    I recently left AT&T for T-mobile and I've had nothing but problems with the prepaid service. After talking on the phone with support just to be able to pay my bill since Tmobile hates prepaid users, the support s...
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  • bill

    how do i get to my bill and how do i print my bill
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  • Cellular Modem in Canada

    I have a Netgear LB2120 Cellular modem that works great in the US.  I am now in Canada with a "disconnected" status.  I was told it would work.  How can I fix this?
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  • Visual Voice Mail Not Working - Samsung Galaxy 8

    Visual Voice Mail not working - I have the Samsung Galaxy 8 - ever since the last upgrade my Visual Voice Mail / Caller Id is not working. I cleared the Cache/Data and still nothing.  I uninstalled the app and re...
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  • Exchange server asks permission to reset my phone to factory specs. WHY?

    In setting up email an a new LG G8 phone, Exchanger Server asks for permission to delete all data on my phone and reset it to factory settings. WTF is this about and how can I avoid it?
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  • Need my Oneplus 7 Pro Unlocked

    So, a few days ago I moved my account from “No Credit Check” account over to “Post-Paid” account. I payed my bill on time for 24 months and never had an issue with Tmobile. Friday I woke up to ...
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  • Librem 5

    Will the Librem 5 be supported when it is released?   I have done many searches looking for information on what carriers will support it and have come up with little to no information.
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  • Suspended account. Where is my payment?

    Hello,   My account number xxxxxxxxx. Yesterday I paid 20 dollars via Ding.com - still don't have this money. Today I paid 15 dollars more. And I can see this 15 in my account, but all my lines are still suspe...
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  • Getting swamped with Support Community ?'s  WHY?

    Any ideas?
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  • 2step authentication issues

    Hello All, I want to report an issue but unable too because of how T-Mobile has their verification processes set-up.  Yesterday my phone went blank, black screen, but it still works.  I can press buttons (I...
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  • Sync-Up Drive Door Lock Status Feature Request

    Was wondering if I could request a feature be added to the app. It would be convenient if in the app I was able to see if the doors were locked/unlocked on the vehicle. Thank you in advance for taking the time to look...
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  • T-mobile location did not sell prepaid Tourist plan as asked

    My wife went to a T-mobile location in Bellevue, WA and requested a prepaid Tourist Plan (as described here: T-Mobile ). However, the lady there sold my wife an "internet data plan" without any minutes, along with a s...
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  • SIM card for tourists in California

    Have questions... I need prepaid SIM card for use period of 3 weeks that have minimum 2GB of data transfer (prefer more). What are my options and where to collect it in San Francisco? Have Huawei P10 Pro double SIM p...
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  • Billing Confusion

    When you fist start financing a phone when is the first bill?
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  • How do I obtain a cellphone for an area code I don't live in?

    How do I obtain a cellphone for an area code I don't live in how does it work in store customer care or online.
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