• how to make digits website work

    i am trying to use digits through the website. after signing in, i go to register my phone but its always gives the error: Please ensure your browser location is shared and refresh the page to register again.   ...
    created by mathew2214
  • Location!

    wondering how i can look at the location of someone ( (on the same plan as me) lmk what i could do thanks y’all !!
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  • Why did T-Mobile hide my Plan features and included services?

    When I go online and check what Plan I have for each line.... I noticed my plan features and services are casually  not posted anywhere, WHY Is this. I don’t need to reboot my computer, or purchase a new si...
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  • Note 10+ order status "kept in hold "

    Hi so I order my Note 10 plus  on Friday  23 and my order  status says  kept in hold because  the first time the payment  didn't go through  but I call and they got the payment alrea...
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  • Switch back question.

    I recently, as in 4 days ago switched our family to another carrier. While I'm good with the new carrier my wife and her parents are not. Is it possible for them to bring their (t-mobile) phones back to t-mobile and u...
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  • I'm only getting 2 bars on my brand new BYOD Samsung Note 8. Help!

    I upgraded my phone from the Samsung J7 to the Note 8. I bought the new phone on Amazon, unlocked and new in box, for considerably less than it would have been in the T-mobile store. Silly me but I believed the hype f...
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  • Google Stuck on "Checking Info"

    New LG V30.  When trying to add Google account to any app that uses it... or trying to access the Google Play Store (which requires your Google account)... it gets stuck on "Checking Info."  How do I get it ...
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  • Retrieve messages

    I would like to know how to retrieve a deleted message
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  • DIGITS sync

    I am new to T-Mobile. I am using DIGITS for PC access to texting. but messages sent on PC do not show up on phone (Samsung Galaxy A10e), and vice versa. How do I get these two devices to sync? (I suspect same issue wi...
    created by dle313
  • Username change

    Hello,   I just singed up today and see that the only way to change my username is through a moderator. How do I do this?
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  • unwanted calls

    How can I stop unwanted calls to my cell phone?
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  • TooManyVoiceMssgsFoulsVisualVM

    Says cant email server held records because too many What do? Why limitation count? Denial to outsiders considered reconstructive "sorry fullhouse That causes enormous repercussions communicate barring. Do fix ap...
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  • Seattle's South Lake Union Neighborhood - Network Improvements?

    I've been a T-Mobile customer for about 5 years, always on an iPhone of some sort.  I always knew the T-mobile network was always spotty around the 5 freeway corridor around downtown and Capital Hill.  Howev...
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  • T-Mobile Revvlry+ LTE Banda and Bootloader

    Q1: Once I purchase that in full price at the beginning, how long do I need to wait before I can request T-mobile to unlock the phone?   This is the spec from T-Mobile... T-Mobile® REVVLRY+™ Specs, P...
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  • Porting number problem!

    I decided to switch from straight talk to T-Mobile prepaid. I paid for a month of service and received a Sim card. I wanted to port port my number from the previous service and T-Mobile said they could. The new sim ca...
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  • Calling texting over wifi does not work while at work

    I recently switched from a Samsung S8+ to a Pixel 3a XL.  Everything works great except calling/MMS/SMS/texting while on my work wifi.  Over wi-fi at home or anywhere else works fine, just not at work. ...
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  • How to resolve TWC Email Not Working Issue??

    So today I've developed a fresh TWC Email Not Working. I set up thunderbird without any problems on my PC. Without a problem, I can send and receive.     I can send and receive my iPhone via cellular signa...
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  • Samsung Glaxay s7 group messages not working

    My samsung galaxy s7 has had problems ever since I switched from cricket to t-mobile. My messages does not have  group conversation icon at all. It does not show up in any of the settings so there is no way to en...
    created by shreyapatel
  • Can you text internationally for free?

    Can you text internationally for free if you have unlimited texting in the US?
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  • Phone Back Up App

    Can anyone recommend an app to back up my phone on my computer?
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