• Website for Customer Service Terrible?

    T-mobile.com website must have been made by idiots. Every month, it's a wrestle-fight to pay my pre-paid account. There is a webpage that gives options for paying my pre-paid account: refill online, refill by phone, a...
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  • Pathetic Sales Experience - 844.786.2964 - Do NOT BUY T-Mobile

    I just bought 3 lines service from T-Mobile. The setup call took nearly 45-60 min. My phone sales agent was this so-called corporate discount line guy called VICTOR.   Having clarified all queries, right after p...
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  • Roadside assistance?

    Do I have roadside assistance?
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  • Wrong/unknown device in My.T-Mobile.com

    When I log into My T-Mobile (from various desktop browsers like Firefox, Chrome, or Safari), it never remembers my device. The home page says I have an "Unknown Device" The Phone tab says I have an iPhone 6s, which ...
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  • Port number from Spectrum land line to T-mobile mobile

    I have a Spectrum landline and I am trying to port across to T-Mobile to keep the number as a mobile phone line. I have initiated he process 4 times now over 3 months and still is hitting road bumps. Two of the times ...
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  • False Coverage Map

    Has anyone else noticed that T-Mobile’s coverage map is misleading and flat out wrong?  Part of the reason we joined was due to their claim of having full coverage in a part of Wisconsin.  First time w...
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  • Grandfathered Simple Choice is not $10 for added lines, wrong info TM

    I recently messaged TM to inquire pricing for adding a line to my Simple Choice North America 6GB Family Match. I explained that I was grandfathered in that plan and was hoping it was still $10 for adding lines. The r...
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  • Factory Unlocked LG V40 (V405QA7) compatibility

    -Current V20 owner and will keep it as a backup. -Need excellent international roaming because I travel to Europe or South America 4x/month. LOVE the 24 hour International data passes.   Is the Factory Unlocked...
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  • Note 10+ no chat?

    I switched from Sprint and purchased the new Note 10+. With Sprint I had a Note 8 with chat features like read receipts and indications when they're typing. Why does the new Note not have this? When I go to turn it on...
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  • How does wifi calling work at t-mobile?

    Hi, I am a new t-mobile customer, recently switched from AT&T. I just talked to two representatives and both were telling me we have to pay $0.25/minute whether it’s WiFi calling or not when out of country. ...
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  • No internet since Monday 9/9/2019 - Galaxy S5

    I'm on Simply Prepaid (3GB 4G LTE) WC. I was on this plan for several years.   I was using Hotspot to connect to laptop and Pandora to stream in my car. I noticed I lost Internet connectivity on Monday 09/09/201...
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  • Prepaid - Mobile Internet Plans Canada

    Hello everybody,   i have an account with "$40 Simply Prepaid 10GB LTE - Unlimited Talk, Text, Data" and additionally activated the Mobile Internet Plans North America (Canada/Mexico) for $5. Unfortunately, d...
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  • WiFi Calling stopped working on LG K30

    I have an LG K30.  I use WIFI calling at my dad's because he has poor cell coverage.  About 3 weeks ago it quit working.  I spent about an hour on the phone with support.  They said everything is g...
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  • Less than 0.5mbps data speed on 4G LTE

    Hi, this is my 1st time posting this forum.   I recently moved to a new place in California zip code 91731 where, in T-Mobile coverage map, I'm supposed to get "Good" coverage.   However, average download ...
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  • Question regarding FamilyMode plan

    My wife has an iphone 7 and is under Verizon, can she still download FamilyMode under her phone to monitor our son's phone?
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  • Can't Text or Call

    I temporarily unlocked my phone because I'm currently overseas and wished to used a local sim. I have some business that requires that I receive texts on my US number however. When I'm using the local sim, everything ...
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  • DO you check bill?(you should TMobile illegaly charges/fraudulent activity)

    SO this haopened tmobile tried to illegally charge me.  I called them out on it and Carrie the agent was like oh well we refunded it so no big deal but only reason you refunded it is because i called you out on i...
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  • Worried about order

    My mother decided to switch to T-Mobile 2 weeks ago, we made an order for the iPhone XR. It’s been 2 weeks have still no confirmation email and there is no order number for us to check to be certain, it’s ...
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  • Unable to turn on front camera w/ OnePlus 6T

    Hi there,   Has anyone with OnePlus 6T experienced that unable to turn on the front camera?  Pressing the front/rear switch icon and nothing happens.  Rear camera works but the front is not working....
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  • Assurant is not helpful

    I currently have a Samsung Galaxy S10+ prism white I waited over a month to be able to get this phone in this color. I have a 1 year old son who happened to grab my phone and dropped it and the screen cracked. Well I ...
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