• Samsung Glaxay s7 group messages not working

    My samsung galaxy s7 has had problems ever since I switched from cricket to t-mobile. My messages does not have  group conversation icon at all. It does not show up in any of the settings so there is no way to en...
    created by shreyapatel
  • Can you text internationally for free?

    Can you text internationally for free if you have unlimited texting in the US?
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  • Phone Back Up App

    Can anyone recommend an app to back up my phone on my computer?
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  • Do I have to claim the BOGO offer while adding a line or can I claim it later?

    Added a friend to the Magenta plan a week back. Realized now (TMobile changed the name of its One plan to Magenta) that we were eligible for the iPhone BOGO offer. Can we claim it now?Added a friend to the Magenta pla...
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  • What's Wrong With Autofill for Prepaid Acct. - Not Working

    I have a prepaid account & use the Autofill & Auto Pay features.  Everything worked fine for over 2 years.  Then, a few months ago, the autofill failed to execute and I had to fund my account manuall...
    created by muncheymagenta
  • Urgently need Galaxy S10+ Aug 2019 Android SPL

    Hi,   My 250,000+ corporate employer just blocked all corporate network access to Android Phones without the most recent Android SPL 2019-8-5.  Can we get this rolled out ASAP on Galaxy S10+? When can we ex...
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  • t-mobile tuesday app crashes with iphone ios 10.3.3

    I have been using the app for a while now and it stopped working. It tries to load the first page where it has the video filling in the screen and I don't get the video I get the play button (triangle) with a line thr...
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  • Sales scam!!!

    How can I report an agent from the online retail channel for unfair, deceitful and outright scamming me into switching over to T Mobile???
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  • LG-K550 Is It Still Being Supported...?

    I need to know is the LG Stylo 2 Plus (LG-K550) still being supported by T-Mobile?  I haven't gotten an update since last year and my husband owns a Samsung 7 his device is just as old as mine, and he's gotten 2 ...
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  • Cannot Disable "Call Forwarding When Busy"

    I have several call forwarding options activated on my iPhone.   One of them is "Call Forwarding When Busy" (**67*+PhoneNumber). This worked well for a long time.   Now I want to disable this "Call Forwar...
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  • Outrage in Michigan?

    im in Michigan and my whole family can’t get or receive any phone calls! Is it just in my state?
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  • can't call but can text

    what title says
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  • Text to Donate to a Nonprofit

    I'm trying to text to donate to a nonprofit I support and it won't go through. My husband has an ATT phone line can text to donate no problem. It seems like there is a block on my Tmobile line. Anybody experience this?
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  • Data not working at zip code 46268

    I'm tired of reporting this.  At ZIP code 46268, you get 4G, except DATA DOESN'T WORK!!! AT ALL!!! When is this going to be fixed!  It's really frustrating when I spend the majority of my day in an area that...
    created by magenta9727481
  • LG V40 bait and switch

    A couple weeks ago, I tried to purchase a pair of V40s under the BOGO promo. All the stores said they had not seen one in months a d they were back ordered. I tried online (at least I'd save the in store fee) but it w...
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  • Samsung SGH-T139

    How do you add contacts?
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  • Outage on Mercer Island, WA

    We have lost cell phone service on Mercer Island since yesterday evening, August 20, 2019.  Two phones and 4G repeater no longer have signal, whereas we have had solid signal for two years.  Is there a tower...
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  • Android SPL 2019-08-05 Availability

    Does anyone have any idea when the 8/5 Service Patch Level will be available on T-Mobile?   I am currently blocked from my work email and calendar due to the vulnerability announced here and I can't find anythi...
    last modified by shenkutech
  • Visual Voicemail "having difficulty accessing voicemails"

    For a few months now, the Visual Voicemail Android App on my Samsung Galaxy S7 has not worked.     There are no voicemails listed even though I have voicemails (I have to call the voicemail listen)...
    last modified by kitasi
  • T-mobile Tuesday Pandora Plus Cancellation

    My Pandora plus gift from August 2018 is set to expire, according to the terms if I don't cancel the trial I will begin to be charged for the service. However, the trial cannot be cancelled through the Pandora website...
    last modified by eruiz22