• User Name Change

    TMO needs to change the default user name.  I tried via profile but the username line cannot be changed.  Get rid of the #s before color and I would be ok or just take me off completely
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  • Is there any way to know whether an outgoing call was answered?

    I would like to be able to know whether an outgoing call from my phone was answered, or whether it simply rang without being picked up on the other end.   The "Call Details" page on My T-Mobile does not appear t...
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  • Every staff member at the TMobile we signed up at lied about plan details

    We signed up with Tmobile a few days ago on the Magenta plan. Before that, we had already visited the same shop twice to reconfirm the details of the plan. We were helped by different staff members every time and they...
    created by tlily
  • OnePlus 7T and Galaxy watch LTE

    Ever since getting the 7T on Friday my galaxy watch is acting up. Most times I get notifications, but occasionally they're missed. The worst part is that my watch no longer tracks steps or heart rate, I only get steps...
    created by fancymyke
  • possible to only recieve calls from contacts?

    My father is suffering from dementia.  He has T-mobile.  In the past 60 days, he has received robo-calls and unsolicited calls from people asking for money.  He has given them what they ask for.  M...
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  • New customer

    I just started a account and paid for everything. I still have not received any info on my phone .
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  • 2 lines for $65 plan

    I used to be a T-mobile Prepaid customer on their $40 unlimited talk, text and 10 GB of data plan. A couple of weeks ago I got a text from T-mobile about the 2 lines for $65 deal, so on Saturday I went to a T-mobile s...
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  • Note 5 Will not power on

    Cannot get phone to power on in reg mode, nor safe or factory reset mode.   Any suggestions?
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  • I want to delete t-mobile account

    I made it today but I have no use for it, thank you!
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  • Two S9's don't have delivered, read, and typing info

    The two of us have had Samsung for a while now. I got her an S9 and still used my S7. We both had the delivered, read, and typing notifications (small text next to the chat bubble) in our text messaging. I just switch...
    created by mr.travo
  • Poor reception despite 4G LTE shown on coverage map

    My husband and I get consistently poor reception at 18109 33rd Ave W, Lynnwood, WA (around the Costco and Alderwood Mall). The coverage shows excellent coverage but our phones are literally unusable. Considering that ...
    created by magenta10257473
  • international roaming

    Hi, I can use international roaming services including texts, calls in Hong Kong. Do you know if I can use international roaming services including texts, calls in Osaka, Japan?
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  • unlimited data doesn't apply to old plan cusotmer ...

    Just wanna to check if there some exist customer still have old papa plan which doesn't have unlimited data(no the hot spot data I mean) we have been T-mobile customer for over 9 years and just recently find out that...
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  • Is there anyway to make calls on my computer until my stolen phone is replaced? Digits wants to send code to my phone :-(

    My phone was stolen. I was briefly able to make and receive calls and send texts to non-iPhone users on Digits, but now it wants to send a code to my phone to verify its me -even after I've logged in with password ON ...
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  • Too many dead zones in Milledgeville, Ga

    I’ve been with T-Mobile twice in the past three years hoping for improvements and had to ditch them because of terrible indoor service here in Milledgeville, Ga. Our local hospital is located near downtown with ...
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  • How can I change my plan to pay as you go?

       My current plan is simple prepaid 45$/month. I can only change my plan to simple prepaid 40$/month. How can I change my plan to pay as you go ?
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  • Is this real? Strange roaming coverage.

    I'm curious if this is real or just an artifact of some GIS issue in the roaming department? I don't know of any carrier that has coverage centered at Swamper Lake, MN. I don't believe that there's even electrical ser...
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  • Chrome Uses Background Data Despite Its Background Data Has Been DISALLOWED in Android Setups

    Android Chrome eats LOTS of background mobile data on my phone. This is despite the fact that in Android setups I DISALLOWED Chrome to use background data (i.e., Settings -> Connections -> Data usage -> Mobil...
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  • One line cannot get International Data; Voice/SMS OK; NOT a phone issue

    One of my lines have had this issue for a few years and now that I'm abroad for a few weeks, I want to get to the bottom of this. I brought 2 SIM cards and 2 phones with me, anticipating one of them will not have data...
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  • What does it mean if a phone is not blocked?

    I checked the imei with tmobile for my phone and it says its not blocked. Does that mean that its unlocked and can be used with any carrier? I'm confused because I still have tmobile messages and apps still on my phone.
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