• No 4G/LTE in Canada

    hello,   i am at the moment in Canada (Vancouver and Vancouver Island). i only get sometimes a 4G/LTE connection even when it is shown. When I go to 3G it seems to work everytime. Furthermore I only can use the...
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  • How to disable pop-up warning about Data roaming

    I have the T-Mobile Simple Choice North America plan, which includes free overseas texting and roaming (I'm currently studying in the UK). Yesterday my Samsung Galaxy Edge S7 received and installed a T-Mobile software...
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  • Call logs missing 2 digits of area code

    This is the first time I see this happens. After the current month of usage the call logs take away the first 2 digits of the area code. My phone is business and I can't even guess what they could be. Please help.
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  • E-mail to SMS being blocked due to suspected SPAM

    I work for a trucking company, and we use e-mail to SMS to send out dispatch messages to our drivers for load information. Drivers can then reply to those messages to have conversations with dispatchers who operate vi...
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  • LG V30 Official Pie

    The official Pie version for the V30 is out now, and will the Tmobile team will provide the Pie update for the LG V30 or not?
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  • Get to Know Your Customers Day Thread!

    Getting to know you is great aid in building a stronger relationship and shaping the Un-carrier experience... and Get to Know Your Customers Day is coming up this Thursday, July 18th! So don't be shy! Join the convers...
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  • Samsung Galaxy S7 Android version 8.0 Network settings

    I'm having issues with my unlocked Samsung Galaxy S7 not being able to send or receive picture messages. What are the Samsung Galaxy S7 Android version 8.0 Network settings? The only settings that I could find are for...
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  • T-Mobile Home Internet pilot test begins, no data caps and $50 per month

    Exited about this pilot program, does anybody know what zip codes are rolling this out ??   https://www.tmonews.com/2019/03/t-mobile-home-internet-pilot-test-begins-no-data-caps-50-per-month-price/
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  • Official T-Mobile Tuesdays Thread

    T-Mobile’s keeping the awesome Tuesday offers rolling week after week! This weeks free treats include the following: Discounted MLB tickets. From MLB. $2 promo card. From Baskin Robbins Free Nacho Cheese Do...
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  • T-mobile T-vision

    T-mobile T- vision , any news or updates about this ??
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  • Merging accounts under the same name

    If there are 2 different accounts under the same name can they be merged together
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  • Adding a line

    Can someone explain the add a line promo to me? Im looking to add an iphone xr.
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  • Family Internet Access

    How can I limit children internet access. Family Line Access is available.  Looking to limit INTERNET and WI-FI
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  • New customer. Could not take advantage of "BRING YOUR CORPORATE DISCOUNT. WE’LL MATCH IT" promo

    Been a Sprint customer since 1993! But when I saw the "BRING YOUR CORPORATE DISCOUNT. WE’LL MATCH IT" promo it was enough to get me to switch.   It states in the terms "Must submit verification of eligibl...
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  • Digits Text Messaging

    I recently setup a digits line and downloaded the app to use with it. Which is pretty awesome. Anyway I noticed that I can text outbound from the digits line within the app and that works great. Same for the device li...
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  • outage in johnstown pa?

    i work in johnstown pa in westmont and its always been good service except for the last 3 days, i am unable to call or use the internet even with a signal, is there an outage in Johnstown Pennsylvania?
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  • I-Billing log-in

    Good day! I just want to ask if we are going to link the other BANs that were associated with same tax ID, are we going to use different log-in or were gonna use same log-in as the parent account using. Can you pleas...
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  • T-Mobile account creation

    I have a SyncUP drive and installed the app as well but it does not show the total data usage and neither the router config page (, so how can I keep track of the total data usage? also, with SyncUP drive ...
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  • Lg v2 not able receive and send picture by text

    Can anyone know how to fix this issue?
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  • PayGo Charge Clarification

    I just switched to the Pay as you Go plan, effective tomorrow. I've opted out of all of the unnecessary text subscriptions, and blocked all of the scam phone numbers I've received in the past. I just want to clarify ...
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