• Fargo ND coverage is non-existant

    Hey T-Mobile,   I switched 6 lines over to your service about 10 months ago and while your support team has been absolutely incredible to work with and the service works great when I travel, the coverage where I...
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  • Two S9's don't have delivered, read, and typing info

    The two of us have had Samsung for a while now. I got her an S9 and still used my S7. We both had the delivered, read, and typing notifications (small text next to the chat bubble) in our text messaging. I just switch...
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  • t-mobile tuesday app crashes with iphone ios 10.3.3

    I have been using the app for a while now and it stopped working. It tries to load the first page where it has the video filling in the screen and I don't get the video I get the play button (triangle) with a line thr...
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  • Will the LG G8X be on T-Mobile?

    So the LG G8X price was unveiled today, and the deals already look really good from other phone carriers. But from what I've seen, it will only be available via ATT, Sprint, and Unlocked via Amazon. If this is true, i...
    created by nerlen_poi
  • LG V30 Pie update

    Okay, the V30 Pie update has been pushed by LG to the European theater, and to the south Korean market as well.  We all know T-Mobile needs to test it and add their tweaks before release.  It would be REALLY...
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  • Reporting website bug

    Hello,   I can't figure out how to report a website bug, and customer support directed me here, so here we go.   Today is 6/22/2019 and my account had the warning banner below, which says I have an outstan...
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  • Signing into my hotspot

    how do I sign into my hotspot?   I get to a log in screen and it freezes.
    created by msviki1952
  • LTE is super slow and not connecting!!!

    Ever since last Thursday 03/25 the LTE signal just wouldn’t connect or is super slow. Prior to that the internet was good but since then doing basic like checking emails or sending messages would take forever or...
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  • Who's blocking RCS?

        Tmobile S10E. This is getting stupid, RCS is only available on specific phones and only between those certain phones and only if they are TMobile branded. I have it with Samsung messages but I prefer Go...
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  • Switched S9 from Verizon to T-Mobile - Phone won't rebrand

    BYOD from Verizon to T-Mobile.  I brought my S9 and my wife brought her S8+.  Lot long after the port-in process was complete, my wife's S8+ downloaded the T-Mobile app and the look/location of the status ba...
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  • Is there anyway to make calls on my computer until my stolen phone is replaced? Digits wants to send code to my phone :-(

    My phone was stolen. I was briefly able to make and receive calls and send texts to non-iPhone users on Digits, but now it wants to send a code to my phone to verify its me -even after I've logged in with password ON ...
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  • Oneplus 7 Pro Visual Voicemail in phone app

    Global variant, purchased from oneplus, cannot activate Visual voicemail from within phone app. Have tried numerous ways, installing tmobile visual voicemail app, activating, uninstalling, wiping data/cache from phone...
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  • Is there any way to know whether an outgoing call was answered?

    I would like to be able to know whether an outgoing call from my phone was answered, or whether it simply rang without being picked up on the other end.   The "Call Details" page on My T-Mobile does not appear t...
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  • Can't Make Online Purchases

    I've been trying to buy the Galaxy S9 from T-Mobile since the day it was released. I've tried literally every single day on multiple devices and even through the app on my phone, my mom's phone, and my sister's. No ma...
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  • Upgrade Support Charge?

    Has anyone been charged or know what an "Upgrade Support Charge" is when buying a phone from a T-Mobile store?  I was charged this fee of $20 when I recently bought a Galaxy S7.  I will admit I should have l...
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  • T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy S9 shows caller number incorrectly if origin country code has 3 digits

    When receiving calls from Portugal (country code 351) the caller number shows up as +1 351XXXXXXXXX. The extra 1 after + makes it not a match in the contacts list and I never know who's calling. In addition, I cannot...
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  • User Name Change

    TMO needs to change the default user name.  I tried via profile but the username line cannot be changed.  Get rid of the #s before color and I would be ok or just take me off completely
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  • international roaming

    Hi, I can use international roaming services including texts, calls in Hong Kong. Do you know if I can use international roaming services including texts, calls in Osaka, Japan?
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  • T-mobile T-vision

    T-mobile T- vision , any news or updates about this ??
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  • New phone, different-sized SIM card

    I am getting a new phone. It uses a different-sized SIM card than my old phone. How do I get a new SIM card, and what is the process of getting the new phone active with my existing T-Mobile number? It is hard for me ...
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