• "Binge on" loses all of my mobile data allowance

    This week i spot that my mobile data keeps losing 1GB everyday without surf internet. I talked two representatives and technicians, but my problem has not been fixed.   Today I finally figured out that "Binge On...
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  • Zoom malfunction (Note 9)

    When zooming in, image becomes very blurry. I read online that the issue may be solved by clearing the data. I tried, didn't improve. Then the other option I found was to have it fixed or replaced. Apparently many Not...
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  • Missing/Late Galaxy Note 9 Feature Updates

    Does anyone know when T-Mobile will deem us worthy enough to get the FOV selfie toggle button on the camera that came out with the May update package for most other Note 9 users except T-Mobile users apparently.  ...
    created by xzi
  • Pop Ups stating I have won

    Hi, all of a sudden every time I am looking at something for example in Google, I keep getting these dumb pop ups saying spin the wheel you have won as well as others.  I can not back out of them so I have to clo...
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  • Unable to purchase phone online

    I've been trying to purchase a phone upgrade for my wife. At least 20 times now and every time I get to the end I get, "oops we've hit a snag". Then it kicks me back to the page showing the phone I want.   Anyw...
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  • Can't Make Online Purchases

    I've been trying to buy the Galaxy S9 from T-Mobile since the day it was released. I've tried literally every single day on multiple devices and even through the app on my phone, my mom's phone, and my sister's. No ma...
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  • ESIM for iPhone XS

    T-mobile does not support ESIM for iPhone XS at the moment?
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  • LG G7 ThinQ Bluetooth Disconnects

    So, i have this phone and the wireless BeatsX headphones which i also bought from T-Mobile. The headphones will randomly disconnect and the audio will come from the phone instead. The phone says they are still connect...
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  • Pay as you Go Legacy + Tourist Plan?

    Hi all I am a frequent visitor to US, and maintain a Pay as you Go Legacy account for phone/text service for use during short trips.   Is it possible to purchase a Tourist Plan to access data as well when I am...
    created by magenta9050560
  • LG V40 Pie Update

    How long is this testing phase going to take? Was really hoping that you guys would beat the other carriers to the update but maybe second place isn't so bad.
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  • Official Android 9.0 Pie Discussion Thread

    With Pie hitting most phones, we want to hear your feedback and we’ve made an Official Discussion Thread to make the most of the update. Start by checking out our Android 9.0 Pie software overview for some inter...
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  • Galaxy S10 family of phones: Camera Night mode, VVM and Digits

    Hi,   1) I have been waiting for April update for my Galaxy S10e in hopes of getting camera night mode that Samsung introduced last month for S10 devices - got update yesterday, but it did not address any of my q...
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  • Official T-Mobile Tuesdays Thread

    T-Mobile’s keeping the awesome Tuesday offers rolling week after week! This weeks free treats include the following: Discounted MLB tickets. From MLB. Free medium latte. From Dunkin'. Free Nacho Cheese Dori...
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  • How do I add my eSim?

    Hi,   I recently purchased a pre-paid travel plan through the eSim app. after taking payment the app showed me my phone number and receipt option but never took me to the eSim setup. I have no QR code to instal...
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  • Texting issues when connected to WiFi

    I've been having an issue for about a week now where as soon as my phone connects to Wifi, I begin having issues sending and receiving text messages. I've been having the same issue as well as my Girlfriend, her Mom, ...
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  • Not receiving verification texts --NOT using DIGITS

    I am not receiving verification texts. My bank requires verification and I never receive the texts I have to use email. How do fix this?
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  • my.t-mobile.com site not working (AGAIN)

    I have had issues with my.t-mobile.com for YEARS. The latest issue (for the past 4 + weeks) is I can not get in. I have numerous T-Mobile Accounts/BAN's and there is always issues. my.t-mobile.com was never meant to b...
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  • "GPS signal lost" - constantly!

    When I'm driving and using GPS location high accuracy for Google Maps on my phone, I very very often get the 'GPS signal lost' error happening while using the maps.  So often in fact, that I believe there is some...
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  • "T-Mobile Wi-Fi" displays when wifi is ON. "No Service" displays when wifi is OFF

    Hi,   I'm using iPhone 8 Plus with T-Mobile service. Since last Saturday, there is no service on my phone, I can not make any phone calls or sending any messages. I did reset all the Settings, even tried to eras...
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  • Unlock sim out of country

    Hello,   I bought an iPhone XR (full price) because my old iPhone 6 was broken. Im back in Germany and want to use a german provider. I used my prepaid card 10 month and my new phone 6 month in the US. I tried to...
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