• Ohio coverage is pretty awful

    I have 6 lines for my family. We moved to Ohio last year and the coverage is god awful basically anywhere that isn't a major city. The coverage maps show fair to good 4g LTE in basically all of Ohio (including all of ...
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  • Huawei Nova Lite 3 mms not supported, why?

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  • how do i change the billing address

    how do i change the billing address in this website. looks complicated
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  • OnePlus 7 pro updates

    It appears OnePlus has had update version 9.5.10 out for several weeks now and T-Mobile has yet to send update out to their customers. The last two updates from T-Mobile have been only security updates for Android. On...
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  • unlock iphone 7 plus device

    My device has checked and reported it completely (cleanly) so how can I unlock them "It's an iPhone sent by my friend from the US" I am currently living in Vietnam. Look forward to your help
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  • Galaxy S10 Moisture Detected

    Hi all - I switched over from ATT to Tmobile because of the previous experience I had with tmobile giving outstanding customer service. But, I'm actually posting this to help all of the tmobile samsung customers out. ...
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  • App Notification Number Clear Badge is gone

    Ever since I received the latest update it appears that the option to clear a badge or the app icon notification number for a specific app are gone. I use to be able to hold down on an application icon to have a menu ...
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  • How to receive QR code to set up my E-Sim on my IphoneXR

    I have got the email from T-mobile that, Your phone number 7209807980 has been successfully set up.   But the T-mobile app crashed after the payment is completed. So, I did not get the QR code to set up my esim...
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  • Network droping adter minutes

    In the colorado city area and both my wife's phone and mine will not stay connected to the network. We have to constantly reset the network by either searching and selecting mobile or by automatic select.  We mov...
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  • Paid bill but have not been charged

    I recently paid my bill but when I look at my bank account it doesn't say that I paid for it. I received a text saying I paid for it and when I log in it says I paid for it but the money has not been taken from my ban...
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  • Digits app stopped working

    There's an issue after issue with digits app. It was a great idea but bad implementation. I was a beta user via my older galaxy phones but since i switched to s10 i was forced to use the actual app vs native samsung m...
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  • Less than 0.5mbps data speed on 4G LTE

    Hi, this is my 1st time posting this forum.   I recently moved to a new place in California zip code 91731 where, in T-Mobile coverage map, I'm supposed to get "Good" coverage.   However, average download ...
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  • Cannot Get Into Account

    I recently bought a new phone for my prepaid plan. The store helped me set it up, but now I need to re-enroll in auto pay. When I try to login to my account on the TMobile page I get a message that says "we have run i...
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  • Unable to turn on front camera w/ OnePlus 6T

    Hi there,   Has anyone with OnePlus 6T experienced that unable to turn on the front camera?  Pressing the front/rear switch icon and nothing happens.  Rear camera works but the front is not working....
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  • Coverage While in South Korea

    International Plans | Traveling Abroad without Roaming Fees | T-Mobile   This webpage says while I can get a coverage while traveling abroad to South Korea, none of the more popular devices (such all iPhone and ...
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  • International Passes - 1 Day, 5GB, 15GN

    Hello, I will be going to France and UK next week and was looking into these passes. They mention, "PLUS unlimited calling for up to ___ (depends on which plan you have) days in over 210 destinations.   Now my ...
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  • Device Unlock App Error restricting unlock.

    I had purchased My Note 8 from Samsung.com with tmobile. Since it was paid in full and i met all the unlock eligibility  requirements Tmobile reps were able to help Unlock my Phone. I had some issues with my ph...
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  • Alcatel Linkzone Connect To Internet.

    I had received an Alcatel Linkzone hotspot from my school to connect to a chrome book. It came with a T-Mobile SIM card. The Hotspot is able to create a wifi network but when connected it has a popup window for T-Mobi...
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  • Grandfathered Simple Choice is not $10 for added lines, wrong info TM

    I recently messaged TM to inquire pricing for adding a line to my Simple Choice North America 6GB Family Match. I explained that I was grandfathered in that plan and was hoping it was still $10 for adding lines. The r...
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  • 5GB international pass talking from the UK

    I purchased a 10 day pass for $35 and i am currently being billed per minute for phone calls. Customer support told me its because i am on the simple global plan, which disqualifies me for the free calls but i still g...
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