• LTE bands 2 vs 66

    Hello. Since I switched to Tmobile last year, I have had an absolutely horrible LTE data connection. I live in a big city so this is totally unacceptable. Nobody at Apple or T-Mobile have really been able to do anyth...
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  • Family to Individual Plan

    I will no longer have enough members for a family plan after a member leaves for another carrier. There are (were) two of us, I'm staying, what will happen to my plan? Will it automatically convert to an individual on...
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  • Porting Issue/Not Receiving All Texts

    I had my number ported from Verizon to T-Mobile a few days ago. My issue is that I'm not receiving texts from all my contacts - only some. Also, in all of my group chats I'm only receiving texts from a select few peop...
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  • atom movie offer code expired

    I tried booking a movie ticket on 12/10/2019 using the $5 movie ticket code thru atom app but the app displays the code has expired. I am in California, how to get the valid code or does the code not work in CA?
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  • Calls go directly to voicemail and don't show up in call history to block

    I am a long-time T-Mobile customer. In July I replaced my T-Mobile Note 4 with a new T-Mobile OnePlus Pro 7, which I purchased at the T-Mobile store. Ever since, I have had scam calls (about the only kind I get) go st...
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  • PayGo prepaid plan no longer part of T-Mobile?

    I'm a prepaid customer currently on a Simple Choice Mobile Internet plan. I used to have the option to switch between Mobile Internet plans and the $3/mo PayGo plan via the account self-serve portal, including for mos...
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  • RCS on any Android

    So if you all haven't seen it, Android Police posted an article that started on Reddit. It details the process of enabling RCS and chat functionality on any Android phone on any carrier. It does require using android ...
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  • Data Roaming in Canada Not Working!!!

    Help! I’m visiting Canada. I usually do for 4 days every month.  I’ve not had any issues until this trip. I have coverage, 4 bars with Bell or Telus LTE or 3G but I can’t get data to work. This ...
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  • Forecd to dial extra numbers AFTER the call is placed?

    When I dial a number it will ring a few times, then ask for 2 numbers to be entered, then continue with the call. It happens only when I dial one number in particular, that number is on my family plan and is a US num...
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  • Forced to dial extra digits on domestic call

    This has happened more than once to my daughter and myself when calling my wife's phone. I researched the symptom and it is supposed to affect international callers.  I only call domestic numbers. And when my dau...
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  • Text messages I send are being split into small text, seems like to just Verizon phones.

    I have a T-Mobile Note 9 for personal and a Galaxy S9 Verizon for work.   Short Version : This issue is in the default messaging app on Android. Use a different messaging app like Textra and messages send and r...
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  • Repetitive copies of of my bill being sent.

    Over the last 24 hours I have received over 200 copies of my monthly bill to my email. I finally had to change it to SPAM just to stop seeing it. I called T-Mobile "help line" and they were useless. Is anyone else hav...
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  • T-Mo Hookup Code

    Hi, i'm trying to migrate 4 lines to T-Mo and would appreciate if someone can share a code for me. Thank you so much.   https://hookup.t-mobile.com/
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  • Transferring 4 lines from AT&T, need Friends & Family Hookup code. Thanks.

    Hello, i will be transferring 4 lines from AT&T to T-Mobile, I would be thankful if I can get a friend and family hook up code. Thanks.
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  • Would anyone please share your hookup code, I appreciate your help

    Hi,   Trying to add more lines for the family. Would any one share your hookup code, I appreciate it.   Thanks
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  • Hookup code?

    Hello does anyone have an Insider Hookup code they are not going to use? I'd love to give it to my fam! DM me!
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  • Being told you are getting FREE accessories and getting put on a payment plan

    I am super upset about the way the T-mobile reps at Exton Mall Tmobile have treated me. The employee helped me in store, when I traded in my iPhone 6s for iphoneX. When I bought the phone he mentioned I would get a fr...
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  • What is wrong with Tmobile? Verify your account information sucks 100%

    I have 3 accounts with all I have same problem for long time! I made so many calls to 8777782106! So many times was promised  that problem will be fixed! Ones 48h second 78h and so on.....! Even I will get a ca...
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    This is the worst customer service I ever had in my entire life, I am awaiting for a call back from a manager called Daisy, she was supposed to call me back from last week and every time I call the team of NON expert,...
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  • My phone gets stuck on the boot screen showing Samsung Galaxy Light SGH-T399

    Hi,   My phone started having problems yesterday morning. It was in a loop showing applying android updates. I went into recovery mode and reset to factory settings. Then the phone worked properly for a while un...
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