• What does it mean if a phone is not blocked?

    I checked the imei with tmobile for my phone and it says its not blocked. Does that mean that its unlocked and can be used with any carrier? I'm confused because I still have tmobile messages and apps still on my phone.
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  • Who's blocking RCS?

        Tmobile S10E. This is getting stupid, RCS is only available on specific phones and only between those certain phones and only if they are TMobile branded. I have it with Samsung messages but I prefer Go...
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  • Pixel 2 WiFi Calling

    Searching through these forums it seems that a lot of people had a problem getting wifi calling to work on a Pixel. This is a deal breaker for me, since I have bad coverage at home on cell signal.   Anybody know...
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  • E-mail to SMS being blocked due to suspected SPAM

    I work for a trucking company, and we use e-mail to SMS to send out dispatch messages to our drivers for load information. Drivers can then reply to those messages to have conversations with dispatchers who operate vi...
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  • Oneplus 7 Pro Visual Voicemail in phone app

    Global variant, purchased from oneplus, cannot activate Visual voicemail from within phone app. Have tried numerous ways, installing tmobile visual voicemail app, activating, uninstalling, wiping data/cache from phone...
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  • Can no longer connect to live view cams (Amcrest, Ring) on Tmobile network, but can view recorded video. Are TCP or UDP ports 15063 or 15064 being blocked?

    Phone: Pixel 3 OS: Android 10, latest updates Tmobile APN: fast.t-mobile.com set to ipv4/ipv6   I was able to remotely view all of my amcrest cams and all of my ring cams (I have a total of 14 cams) just fine ...
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  • How to delete my T-Mobile online account?

    I accidentally created and linked my number when I was asking a question using the online chat. I thought creating an account was just for online support or chat.   Is there a way to delete or deactivate my acc...
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  • T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy S9 shows caller number incorrectly if origin country code has 3 digits

    When receiving calls from Portugal (country code 351) the caller number shows up as +1 351XXXXXXXXX. The extra 1 after + makes it not a match in the contacts list and I never know who's calling. In addition, I cannot...
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  • Promotion Problems and Big Billing Issues

    Dear Community: i was wondering just how many T-Mobile customer have had any issues with being told they no longer qualified for any particular promotion despite having been using said promotion for any significant p...
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  • LTE Home Internet and Bridge Mode

    I recently signed up for T-mobile home internet.  It's great except for one problem - the T-mobile gateway does NOT have a bridge mode.  That means I cannot connect it to my router without getting double "NA...
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  • SMS / text messages to my daughter's phone randomly delayed 10 minutes or longer

    My cellphone and my daughter's are both on T-Mobile (though not the same plan).  I have an iPhone SE; my daughter has an Alcatel Flip.   My SMS / text messages to my daughter will randomly get delayed more ...
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  • Unable to connect Win 10 PC to mobile hotspot

    I would like to connect a Win 10 PC to the Internet using the mobile hotspot. On my iPhone if I go to Settings/Personal Hotspot it shows my WiFi Password for my Mobile Hotspot, but when I  go to WiFi Settings the...
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  • Why No Vehicle Booster.

    We have 5 iPhone ranging from a 6S to the latest 11.   We have an in-house booster that cranks us up to four bars.   We need the booster because of large trees and hilly terrain.   What we really ne...
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  • Full bars with E instead of 4G

    Hello, I have been having this problem since the first day but I just didnt get the chance to ask. i always had E instead of 4G or LTE, it seems that I always have all 4 bars connection, but I just can’t get 4G ...
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  • Samsung Galaxy A10 e voice recorder app ( Android V 9 )

    How to record a  voice mail recording. The manual is not easy to follow - there is lacking instruction. Please give steps to follow. Thank you.
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  • S8 Active Hot Spot unusable after Pie 9.0 Update.

    After the update to Android 9.0 Pie, the Hot Spot is essentially useless. Speed Test via Google's test page went from 20 - 35 Mbps on Android 8.0 to under 1Mbps when using 9.0 Pie. This could be by design, but I am ho...
  • S8 active

    Does anyone know why tmobile hasn't released the update the new android update? At&t released their update earlier last month and t mobile has been in development for the last 6 months it shouldn't take that long ...
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  • Pixel 4 XL 128GB availability on T-Mobile?

    Is the Pixel 4 XL device on T-Mobile only available with 64GB? Every other carrier has the 128GB variant. Are there any plans to stock the 128GB?
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  • Forced to Change My Password...

      I was unable to login to My T-Mobile just now to pay my bill, unless I changed my password... It said my password was "getting old."     I went ahead and did it (just adding +1 the the number already...
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  • iPhone 11 Charge

    I ordered my new phone on the 22nd of September. Today I was charged for it from my bank account. It said the ship date was 10/08/19-10/10/19. I checked this afternoon and the ship date changed back to the initial shi...
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