• Note 10+ 5G -- 5G Support

    Just curious if anyone knows exactly why the Note 10+ 5G cannot support mmWave alongside lowband 600mhz 5G.   If it does have the X55 modem inside it, it should be able to do both as far as I've read. Is this ju...
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  • False advertisement

    Why Tmobile put a commercial that speaks about having a strong antenna that can reach you anywhere? But in reality thats a false statement. My service still suck, I have to us my wifi from a different provider just to...
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  • PayGo prepaid plan no longer part of T-Mobile?

    I'm a prepaid customer currently on a Simple Choice Mobile Internet plan. I used to have the option to switch between Mobile Internet plans and the $3/mo PayGo plan via the account self-serve portal, including for mos...
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  • LTE bands 2 vs 66

    Hello. Since I switched to Tmobile last year, I have had an absolutely horrible LTE data connection. I live in a big city so this is totally unacceptable. Nobody at Apple or T-Mobile have really been able to do anyth...
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  • How can I return device without invoice

    I lost my invoice and want to return the device so how can I do that
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  • Usage details missing?

    why are my usage details stating no Record at this time?
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  • Unlocking iPhone take more than 72 hours..unbelievable for business users

    I have business account with TMobile and and requested to unlock iPhone and rep told me it will take more 72 hours. This is just crazy. All other carriers  can unlock your iPhones in just few hours. This is just ...
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  • Slightly bummed out...

    The Mclaren theme doesn't seem to turn all apps to dark mode
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  • Deals and promotion requirements

    Why does every deal require to 'add a line'? How many users actually add a line? I find this really disappointing as i cannot take advantage of any offer? I wonder if its cheaper to just add a line anyway?
    created by magenta10457595
  • USPS lost my trade in phone needed for a rebate

    I purchased an iphone 11.  It has a rebate of $580.  The rebate requires a trade in, and I mailed in my old iphone 6s to Assurant with the prepaid label given at time of purchase.   The tracking number...
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  • OnePlus 7 / 7 Pro Oxygen OS 10 Update

    When will One Plus receive the software update? From your website it does not look it is eben in line to be tested. Everyone else in the world will receive it except T Mobile customers.   Software updates S
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  • connecting to game using LTE - Mobile Legends

    I have seen a bunch of complains on this issue on the web regarding  unable to access Mobile legends game using LTE and it has been several months now. PLEASE HELP FIX THIS ISSUE!! we can only play through our WIFI.
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  • Active 2 watch not receiving calls when connected remotely

    I recently upgraded a Gear S2 to a new Active 2. With the Gear S2, if I was connected remotely to the phone, if a call was received on the phone, my watch would also ring too and I could answer the call on the watch. ...
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  • Email to SMS (tmomail.net) is blocking our domain for spam.

    I work for a local fire department, which uses the phonenumber@tmomail.net gateway to alert members of the fire department with (T-Mobile service) of emergencies/disasters. We use similar gateways from other carriers ...
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    Hello Everyone,                 We have an account with 4 lines with t mobile under simple choice North America plan for almost 5 years. Let m...
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  • LG Stylo 4 Android 9 Pie

    Other variants of the Stylo 4 are getting pie. I wanted to know if there's an E.T.A for the Stylo 4 or if it's coming at all?
    created by aominese
  • Family to Individual Plan

    I will no longer have enough members for a family plan after a member leaves for another carrier. There are (were) two of us, I'm staying, what will happen to my plan? Will it automatically convert to an individual on...
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  • Porting Issue/Not Receiving All Texts

    I had my number ported from Verizon to T-Mobile a few days ago. My issue is that I'm not receiving texts from all my contacts - only some. Also, in all of my group chats I'm only receiving texts from a select few peop...
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  • atom movie offer code expired

    I tried booking a movie ticket on 12/10/2019 using the $5 movie ticket code thru atom app but the app displays the code has expired. I am in California, how to get the valid code or does the code not work in CA?
    created by akshaytanoor
  • Calls go directly to voicemail and don't show up in call history to block

    I am a long-time T-Mobile customer. In July I replaced my T-Mobile Note 4 with a new T-Mobile OnePlus Pro 7, which I purchased at the T-Mobile store. Ever since, I have had scam calls (about the only kind I get) go st...
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