• I want to delete t-mobile account

    I made it today but I have no use for it, thank you!
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  • How to delete my T-Mobile online account?

    I accidentally created and linked my number when I was asking a question using the online chat. I thought creating an account was just for online support or chat.   Is there a way to delete or deactivate my acc...
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  • Service termination for excessive roaming

    Would like to know why they are disconnecting my service for excessive roaming? When I was very clear with the sales associate if this would be a problem because I work in the oilfield industry and my job takes me to ...
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  • Losing signal when switching counties

    So I noticed this about a week ago when I went for a job interview in a different county. As soon as I got to the county line I lost all signal. I sat in the parking lot waiting closer to my interview and never gained...
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  • T-mobile T-vision

    T-mobile T- vision , any news or updates about this ??
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  • Question on usage details on messages...

    When I view my text usage details, I often see an area code with simply a single digit next to it.  What does this mean?  For example, if I sort by number I see several rows of data showing specific dates &a...
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  • Sim Unlock Request

    After a request that had been sent and approved by you, I still can't use a sim card from different provider on my Iphone 5s. T-Mobile Sim Unlock Request, Sim Unlock Reference:  14446794, IMEI:  013887003300...
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  • WiFi Calling stopped working on LG K30

    I have an LG K30.  I use WIFI calling at my dad's because he has poor cell coverage.  About 3 weeks ago it quit working.  I spent about an hour on the phone with support.  They said everything is g...
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  • Processing Time

    My card was charged today and order status shows processing on my backordered iphone 11. How long does it normally take to go from processing to shipped?
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  • Two S9's don't have delivered, read, and typing info

    The two of us have had Samsung for a while now. I got her an S9 and still used my S7. We both had the delivered, read, and typing notifications (small text next to the chat bubble) in our text messaging. I just switch...
    created by mr.travo
  • Poor reception despite 4G LTE shown on coverage map

    My husband and I get consistently poor reception at 18109 33rd Ave W, Lynnwood, WA (around the Costco and Alderwood Mall). The coverage shows excellent coverage but our phones are literally unusable. Considering that ...
    created by magenta10257473
  • international roaming

    Hi, I can use international roaming services including texts, calls in Hong Kong. Do you know if I can use international roaming services including texts, calls in Osaka, Japan?
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  • New phone, different-sized SIM card

    I am getting a new phone. It uses a different-sized SIM card than my old phone. How do I get a new SIM card, and what is the process of getting the new phone active with my existing T-Mobile number? It is hard for me ...
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  • Email to Text blocked if it has photos

    Our security cameras are set up to send an email alert and they include a photo from the camera. We just switched from verizon to T-Mobile and they stopped working. I changed the email address to PHONENUMBER@tmomail.n...
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  • Is there anyway to make calls on my computer until my stolen phone is replaced? Digits wants to send code to my phone :-(

    My phone was stolen. I was briefly able to make and receive calls and send texts to non-iPhone users on Digits, but now it wants to send a code to my phone to verify its me -even after I've logged in with password ON ...
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  • ROG Phone 2 - no VoLTE

    Asus ROG Phone II specs - PhoneArena   This phone does not have VoLTE. How concerning is that for the future? Does that mean at any time when 2g and 3g are dropped that this phone can no longer make calls on T-...
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  • LG G7 wifi calling does not stay enabled after 9.0 upgrade

    Hello,   This was not a problem before the upgrade. Now I am needing to re-enable wifi calling daily it seems. I suspect it turns off when I leave wifi, and even though the preference is to use wifi for calling,...
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  • Motorolla G5 Plus Wi-Fi calling issues

    After upgrading my G5 Plus to Oreo, I am having issues with my Wi-Fi calling. Every time the phone is turned on, Wi-Fi calling stops working totally. So if there is no network coverage, the phone becomes unreachable. ...
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  • iPhone 11 Pro Max Paid Off & T-Mobile DO NOT KNOW HOW TO UNLOCK!!!!

    Bought a Brand New iPhone 11 Pro Max 512GB. T-mobile is running on my E-sim right now and would like to use my second business line under the sim card. Its been one week and T-mobile doesn't know how to unlock a dual ...
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  • Making a call in Japan

    My family and I have T-mobile ONE plan and I'm going to Japan soon.  I need clarification on making calls. When does 20c/min apply?  I'd like to know how it's charged in these cases: 1) I call my family in U...
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