• T-Mobile One roaming does not work in France on Samsung Galaxy

    I just came back to the US from a trip to Europe.   In Belgium, UK, and the Netherlands T-Mobile One data roaming works without any problem, however in France (Paris specifically) there is no data connection...
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  • Phone is Blocked

    My phone was reported as lost or stolen. The phone is now in my possession. I have gone to a TMobile Store twice. They could not unblock. I have called customer service 4 times and opened tickets. Phone is still block...
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  • Please delete this account

    i made this account by accident may this account be deleted please permanently
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  • OnePlus 6T can't send video through messages app

    I bought a OnePlus 6T from OnePlus directly, there is no option to send videos through the default messages app. So I press the plus button for more options only image, location, contacts and that's all. I don't see a...
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  • Pixel 3a Wifi

    I just wanted to confirm that the Pixel 3a does NOT have WiFi AX (WiFi 6). Your website currently lists that the Pixel 3a does have WiFi AX.
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  • Android SPL 2019-08-05 Availability

    Does anyone have any idea when the 8/5 Service Patch Level will be available on T-Mobile?   I am currently blocked from my work email and calendar due to the vulnerability announced here and I can't find anythi...
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  • Cannot Disable "Call Forwarding When Busy"

    I have several call forwarding options activated on my iPhone.   One of them is "Call Forwarding When Busy" (**67*+PhoneNumber). This worked well for a long time.   Now I want to disable this "Call Forwar...
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  • history of usage of mobile hot spot data

    If I click on "usage" at T-Mobile.com it shows my current hot spot data usage but does not show usage in previous months (and I don't see it on my bills), Is there a way to find that out easily or is it just a matter ...
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  • Topping up prepaid account from outside US

    I am outside the US for the next month, but need to top-up my prepaid US T-Mobile account.   The T-Mobile website allows me to state which country my credit card comes from, but still insists I enter a US format...
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  • my.t-mobile.com notifications

    How do I get rid of notifications on my.t-mobile.com?
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  • Unlock my device

    Dear It is pleasure and honour for me to address you first time My name is Ammar I bought Iphone 7 unfortunately when I arrived Canada Calgary it seem lock the SIM is not supported. would you please give your h...
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  • Official Samsung Galaxy Note10 Pre-order & Discussion Thread

      The rumors are true: the new Samsung Galaxy Note10 and Note10+ are headed our way on August 23rd, and we know you might have a few questions!   Starting this evening, August 7th at 9 PM PST, pre-orders f...
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  • Cannot receive verification code from Alexa app.

    I cannot receive the verification code from the Alexa app.
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  • Note 9 Do Not Disturb keeps turning off

    Lately, my Do Not Disturb keeps turning off. Its scheduled to turn on every night and off every morning.  But, it keeps turning itself completely off (deactivating my schedule). This is on my Note 9. Any ideas?
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  • Sales scam!!!

    How can I report an agent from the online retail channel for unfair, deceitful and outright scamming me into switching over to T Mobile???
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  • Bad Experience from "team of experts"

    I have had really bad experience from the so called "team of experts" in Minnesota, area code 612. I ordered the samsung note 9 deal and contacted before and after I made the order online. Although I made the order an...
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  • Very slow data service all day everyday

    I recently switched to the magenta plus unlimited 55 because it includes 1080p streaming. However, in my home 1080p streaming only works from 1030pm to 7am. During the day time the data service slows to a snails speed...
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  • How do I log into my account?

    I have spent 30+ minutes this morning trying to log into my account. I tried using the app, but none of the buttons work. The app almost never works, so I deleted it.   I've tried my.t-mobile.com and account.t-m...
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  • Text to Donate to a Nonprofit

    I'm trying to text to donate to a nonprofit I support and it won't go through. My husband has an ATT phone line can text to donate no problem. It seems like there is a block on my Tmobile line. Anybody experience this?
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  • LG-K550 Is It Still Being Supported...?

    I need to know is the LG Stylo 2 Plus (LG-K550) still being supported by T-Mobile?  I haven't gotten an update since last year and my husband owns a Samsung 7 his device is just as old as mine, and he's gotten 2 ...
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