• Can't Text or Call

    I temporarily unlocked my phone because I'm currently overseas and wished to used a local sim. I have some business that requires that I receive texts on my US number however. When I'm using the local sim, everything ...
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  • Alcatel 4044W

    My Alcatel 4044W doesn't always ring when I set the alarm time. Many times it rings anywhere from a few minutes late to nearly 15 minutes late. Help, please.
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  • Another phone company that says one price and when you get your bill it's different! Then the extent they go to explain is beyond comprehension....

    Blah Blah Blah, that's what I hear on the other end!
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  • Unable to update my address

    Hi there.  I cannot update my address from the Profile page.  It shows my current address, but does not allow me to make any changes to it.  I can't click any buttons.  They're all greyed out.
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  • how can i find an old number from last year?

    I changed phones and I cant find this number from October of 2018. Could you help me?
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  • Unlock app says it worked, but after reboot it is still locked

    I have an LG V30+ bought from Tmobile that we've used for a year and a half.  It meets all the criteria to be unlocked.  The unlock app didn't work (big surprise), so I contacted support.  They checked ...
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  • how to redeem refill card into my account?

    hi and sorry for my english. I'm visiting form germany. since 2014 i buy a 50$ refill-card and purchase 7GB - 30 Day 7GB On-Demand Pass (I bought a mobile hotspot device and set up an account years ago)   thi...
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  • Refilling prepaid mobile hotspot

    How do I refill (add a data pass to) my prepaid mobile hotspot? When I login and select my device I am never given an option to add more data to my prepaid mobile hotspot no matter what option I select, all the scree...
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  • Assurant is not helpful

    I currently have a Samsung Galaxy S10+ prism white I waited over a month to be able to get this phone in this color. I have a 1 year old son who happened to grab my phone and dropped it and the screen cracked. Well I ...
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  • My T-Mobile constantly asking for MFA verification to sign-on

    When I log into my.t-mobile.com I get prompted to be sent a text and verify my account. When I receive the code, I enter it and also ensure "Remember Me" is checked so I don't get prompted again which I assume means i...
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  • Worried about order

    My mother decided to switch to T-Mobile 2 weeks ago, we made an order for the iPhone XR. It’s been 2 weeks have still no confirmation email and there is no order number for us to check to be certain, it’s ...
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  • No longer able to use FTP on hotspot

    I am a photographer that has to send photos on location.  To do this I connect my MacBook Pro to my iPhone 6 via the hotspot.  Back in May it worked just fine but this weekend when I tried to send photos via...
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  • Community account username change

    I need to edit my community username asap can someone please guide me on how to do that
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  • WiFi Calling stopped working on LG K30

    I have an LG K30.  I use WIFI calling at my dad's because he has poor cell coverage.  About 3 weeks ago it quit working.  I spent about an hour on the phone with support.  They said everything is g...
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  • Low Band in Memphis Finally!!  (Sort of)

    After talking with with my team of experts and the status of low band in Memphis which has long been delayed for 2 reasons, 1) channel 51 didn't relocate until the absolute latest they could in NOV 2018 2) T-Mobile do...
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  • Does TMO reward customer loyalty? - NO Wayyyy

    I have been a TMO customer for several years.  In the UK, TMO rewarded long time customers with things like a free phone or reduced rate sim card.  Here, they only care about ONE thing - getting new customer...
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  • Prepaid Plan

    Hello   I created a prepaid plan for 30 days. My question is do I have to cancel it or will it cancelEd by itself after 30 days if I don’t charge it again ?   Thank you
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  • If I port out of T-Mobile with an EIP balance, can I pay the balance monthly?

    I am a single-line user and have shipped my phone to be returned to T-Mobile.
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  • Why have I paid the same amount twice within the same month?

    I switched to T-Mobile on 7/8/2019.  On that day, I was charged and paid $40, on a Pre-Paid Plan (as I thought I was supposed to).  And then on 7/11, again I was charged and paid $40.  And then on 8/6, ...
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  • Charged Briefly

    Wondering why my phone will no longer keep a charge? Thanks.
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