• Draining when OFF

    My phone is OFF, plugged in, showing that it's charging, but losing battery power.  How and why?
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  • Customer details not found in cache

    I recently left AT&T for T-mobile and I've had nothing but problems with the prepaid service. After talking on the phone with support just to be able to pay my bill since Tmobile hates prepaid users, the support s...
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  • Unable to use roaming data

    Hi,   I'm currently in Kenya and have been unable to utilize any sort of cellular data while roaming. Calls and texts seem to be sent/received without any issue, but cellular data just doesn't seem to work. I've...
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  • Wrong data plan listed in iPad Cellular settings

    I‘m grandfathered on the “200 MB/30 day Free Data for Life” data plan which i set up on my iPad Air 2 four years ago.   My iPad is currently running iOS 12.1.  Up until recently if I w...
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  • FTP download blocked using mobile data

    Hello,   I recently switched from Sprint to T-Mobile. I have an app that downloads data using an FTP connection. This worked fine on Sprint with my Samsung s7 edge, but now with T-Mobile on my Samsung 9+, it doe...
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  • Any Progress on LG G7 9.0 System update

    Is there any progress in LG G7 9.0 System updated when it going to be released? It's March now I'm hoping there is a a date now when the 9.0 will be released..
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  • Samsung S6 was locked again

    I have paid all bill for the device and unlocked it 2 years ago. but My Samsung s6 was locked again on Jan 2019, From that day onwards im trying to fix this, i called customer care, i tried Tmobile store multiple time...
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  • international calls

    How do I turn add-on off for my internatIonal calls I add in Greece. I’m no longer in Greece.
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  • Phones not connecting to CellSpot

    Hi everyone,   We are new T-Mobile customers as of this week, having jumped ship from Verizon after 13 years with them (it was a tough breakup, but a necessary one).  My husband and I both have the iPhone X...
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  • Having trouble sending and receiving iMessage texts

    I have an iPhone SE.   A week ago I accidentally turned off iMessage, so I was only able to send and receive SMS texts with people who didn't have iPhones. People with iPhones said they received SMS texts from m...
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  • Port in from at&t but still got the bill.

    I Just port in number from at&t last month. but still got the bill from them. I try the switch to Tmobile but it said unqualified. I port in number on Nov26 at the shop and the lady at the shop said I have to do...
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  • bill

    how do i get to my bill and how do i print my bill
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  • Exchange server asks permission to reset my phone to factory specs. WHY?

    In setting up email an a new LG G8 phone, Exchanger Server asks for permission to delete all data on my phone and reset it to factory settings. WTF is this about and how can I avoid it?
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  • Is anyone having WiFi calling issues since Pie update

    My Wi-Fi calling was working fine prior to the pie update. Now it works sporadically. I can text and make calls fine on the network, but Wi-Fi calling is another issue. I've had no issues prior to the update so I must...
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  • contacts

    lost contact list from J7 Prime. How do I retrieve it ?
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  • Missing Text Messages

    Been having issues with receiving text messages. This is group chats amongst varying phone operating systems (i.e. android, iOS) as well as single messages. (IOS to android) . I have tried nearly all troubleshooting t...
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  • T-Mobile Money - Anyone else getting repeatedly locked out of your money account for two weeks at a time?

    Second time I've been locked out of my account and denied access to my money for two weeks. Calling customer support is a waste of time because they say they don't know why and there is nothing they can do. Locked out...
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  • Cellular Modem in Canada

    I have a Netgear LB2120 Cellular modem that works great in the US.  I am now in Canada with a "disconnected" status.  I was told it would work.  How can I fix this?
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  • Texting issues when connected to WiFi

    I've been having an issue for about a week now where as soon as my phone connects to Wifi, I begin having issues sending and receiving text messages. I've been having the same issue as well as my Girlfriend, her Mom, ...
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  • MMS not working on iPhone 8

    Hi. My settings are empty. This iPhone was originally from ATT. Now the mms is not working. Please Help. also no visual voicemail and no hotspot  Please help.   Message was edited by: mark scott
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