• New InBox SIM, SIM IN USE by "****"

    I currently have a basic prepaid plan for a Backup phone, I would like to add a data Sim for a hotspot ( I have like five or so all painstakingly unlocked from my previous carrier and I would like to be able to rotate...
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  • Apple iPhone Upgrade Program with a Business Account

    I am currently on a t-mobile business plan and wanting to upgrade my iPhone using the Apple iPhone upgrade plan. I have done this the last two years with the same t-mobile plan without, however now the app fails to co...
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  • How to disable SMS notification when voice mailbox is full?

    I usually keep my voice mailbox full and I'll delete a few messages when needed, i.e. when I've put out job applications or resumes.   However lately rather than tell the caller that my voicemail is full and say...
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  • S10+ screen lock sound doesn't turn off.

    My phone is galaxy s10+. I turn off screen lock sound for the first time as the attached photo, but all the time the sound is on with vibration. It is so annoying to me. If I don't want to feel it, I need to turn off ...
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  • Who's blocking RCS?

        Tmobile S10E. This is getting stupid, RCS is only available on specific phones and only between those certain phones and only if they are TMobile branded. I have it with Samsung messages but I prefer Go...
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  • Prepaid - Mobile Internet Plans Canada

    Hello everybody,   i have an account with "$40 Simply Prepaid 10GB LTE - Unlimited Talk, Text, Data" and additionally activated the Mobile Internet Plans North America (Canada/Mexico) for $5. Unfortunately, d...
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  • My phone randomly shuts off + more...

    When I was watching Netflix on my phone, my phone turned off out of nowhere. So, I tried pressing the power button and it didn't work. I had to search up ways to get it to turn back on and one of the ways was to hold ...
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  • Revvrly+ android 10 update

    Will the revvrly + be getting Android 10
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  • Galaxy S10, you refuse to unlock

    I have a galaxy S10 that I bought from pre-order on the samsung website. At the time I was unable to click the unlocked option and chose t-mobile since we would use it on the network anyways. Now we are moving oversea...
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  • Lost Contacts

    over 100 contacts disappeared on my phone.   I need to get the back !!!!!
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  • how to redeem refill card into my account?

    hi and sorry for my english. I'm visiting form germany. since 2014 i buy a 50$ refill-card and purchase 7GB - 30 Day 7GB On-Demand Pass (I bought a mobile hotspot device and set up an account years ago)   thi...
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  • Being a T-mobile *Business* is an AWFUL experience. Any plans to improve?

    Being a T-mobile *Business* is an absolutely AWFUL experience: all online actions (upgrading phones, updating data and plans,...) are blocked "for security reasons". Any plans to improve?
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  • Upgrade Options??

    When I go online to upgrade my device, is it mandatory for me to return the old one after I receive the new one? Or can I keep them both and dispose of the old one if I wan?
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  • Same SMS messages always fail to be received

    Hello. I work for a company that builds white label chatbots for financial institutions. One of the channels we offer the service on is SMS, leveraging twilio as our provider to enable delivery of SMS messages.  ...
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  • Wrong/unknown device in My.T-Mobile.com

    When I log into My T-Mobile (from various desktop browsers like Firefox, Chrome, or Safari), it never remembers my device. The home page says I have an "Unknown Device" The Phone tab says I have an iPhone 6s, which ...
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  • my phone is suspended so i cant call to sort it out

    I phoned yesterday to change my account to cease one of my phone numbers and paid $50 for the next month. I was told to phone back today to confirm the cease order but my account has been frozen because I haven't pai...
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  • Can't Text or Call

    I temporarily unlocked my phone because I'm currently overseas and wished to used a local sim. I have some business that requires that I receive texts on my US number however. When I'm using the local sim, everything ...
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  • Alcatel 4044W

    My Alcatel 4044W doesn't always ring when I set the alarm time. Many times it rings anywhere from a few minutes late to nearly 15 minutes late. Help, please.
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  • Unable to update my address

    Hi there.  I cannot update my address from the Profile page.  It shows my current address, but does not allow me to make any changes to it.  I can't click any buttons.  They're all greyed out.
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  • how can i find an old number from last year?

    I changed phones and I cant find this number from October of 2018. Could you help me?
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