• Alcatel Go Flip 3 - alarm clock bug

    I just started using the Alcatel Go Flip 3, and wonder if I have encountered a bug.   I had an alarm set for 5:45 am.  Before bedtime, I decided to get up at 5:20 instead.  I switched the alarm time, a...
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  • Really Frustrated - trade in

    I took advantage of the iphone trade in program a few weeks ago and was set to receive $700 for my 7 Plus. They did not have the phone I was trading to in stock but had it shipped to me. I was told I would receive a l...
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  • S6 edge G925F slow charging

    The fast charging is enabled but very slow charging like one percent increase of charge for 15 minutes charging time. What might be the cause of slow charging. I asked Samsung forum and answer was my phone is not USA&...
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  • My number is being spoofed

    My number is being spoofed and people are calling me claiming my number called them. What should I do?
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  • Unlocked the phone

    здравствуйте! заблркирован телефон под вашего оператора, прошу разблокировать его, так как срок контракта с Вами истек. iphone 5s 16gb model A1533
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  • Text messages I send are arriving split into many small texts, why ?

    Text messages I send are arriving split into many small texts, why ?  I have a t mobile Galaxy S8, and when I text to a Sprint iPhone, and a Verizon Android (not sure which), my text message, say a moderate lengt...
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  • why is my galaxy 7 monitor blinking

    why is my galaxy 7 monitor blinking
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  • Unable to receive voice calls

    I don't know if I'm actually reaching T-mobile this way or just the community. There doesn't seem to actually be any way to reach T-mobile except by calling, which is hard to do when phone calls don't work.   I ...
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  • Same SMS messages always fail to be received

    Hello. I work for a company that builds white label chatbots for financial institutions. One of the channels we offer the service on is SMS, leveraging twilio as our provider to enable delivery of SMS messages.  ...
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  • All text messages delivering as SMS

    A few weeks ago I started to get complaints that my text messages were either going through multiple times or a simple two sentence text is being broken up into two or three texts and being sent out of order. It's bec...
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  • S10 plus update question

    Hi guys new here. I received the G975USQS2BSIX update today on my s10 plus. However it seems to be the second update this month. The previous update that I received was the october update and I never received  th...
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  • Recover past tmobile accounts

    Iv been trying to access my accounts from a few older accounts some have same number different device other different number and device. Is this possible
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  • Postpaid to Prepaid

    I recently switched my account from postpaid to prepaid. However, now I cannot see the last invoice. How can I make a payment against that?
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  • Text from T-Mobile about roaming usage.

    Hi everybody,   I would like to know what is the limit for the international roaming per T-Mobile terms.   I have spent 16 days in Thailand, then 13 days in USA, and then vacation 16 days in France and Swi...
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  • change name on caller id

    change name on caller id
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  • iPhone XS removing SIM-Lock

    Hi everyone.   The iPhone XS (XS Max and XR) has a physical SIM slot and a digital SIM. With both of them, a unique IMEI.     After 40 days on the network, with an account in good standing, you are n...
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  • Nokia 3310 3G not receiving incoming texts

    Hello,   I'm hoping TMobile or a user can provide me some answers, as no one has been able to so far...   I'm an avid dumb phone user. I've happily had a nokia 3310 3G (a phone which came out in 2017), fa...
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  • Is it possible to get a refund for a Virtual Mastercard Rebate That Was Fraudulently Used Before I Even Used It

    I received a Virtual Mastercard as a rebate for the phone. Within months the card was fraudulently used and because I didn't keep up with my balance like I would with a normal credit card I didn't catch it within the ...
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  • Lg artisto

    Hello, my phone is on 69% and it went completely black. Not charging not turning on not doing anything how can I fix this?
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  • Delayed Android 10 One Plus 7 Pro

    OnePlus has released multiple updates to Android 10 on non TMobile varient One Plus 7 Pro devices. I've reached out to them to find out why i cannot update my phone and was told TMobile has to approve the software fir...
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