• Calls Going Straight to Voice Mail Solution

    I have Moto G7 Power that was doing this. Where this setting may vary for you depending on your phone. Go to Settings> Network & Internet> Mobile Network> Advance>Perferred network type> LTE (recom...
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  • Closed account 2 years - now collections?

    My family and I have been T-Mobile customers for years, and I had my own account under my name for 2 and a half years before switching. I changed carriers because T-Mobile had poor signal in the area I moved to.  ...
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  • Galaxy S9+ unlocked U.S. version SM-G965U1 - No updates since the One UI update in February

    I've been on unlocked galaxies for a couple years and I'm used to the slow updates but they've never been this bad on T-Mobile Network. This is the first time I've ever gone more than 2 or 3 months without an update. ...
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  • Assurant issues

    Hello everyone, is anyone else that you may know of having issues with Assurant who is the company that T-Mobile uses when your phone gets stolen, lost or damaged? My phone was stolen Monday morning July 9th and when ...
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  • Syncup Drive Idling

    Does anyone know how long the car has to be idling before it will register as idling in the Syncup Drive? Just curious, Thanks!
    created by syd4291
  • Phone Promo

    I recently switched to T Mobile and owed my previous company about $500 for three lines.  I purchased two new phones on installment basis from TMobile as a buy one get one promo.  The third line we used an o...
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  • Samsung Galaxy A50

    T-Mobile employees, when is the Galaxy A50 coming to T-Mobile?!  It's already out on Sprint, Verizon and ATT.  The phone has good specs for a great price.  If you don't know, can you all raise some awar...
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  • Anti-virus App?

    A while back, I was using a security/antivirus app provided free of charge by TMobile. To the best of my knowledge, it was available for installation/use on all my lines on my account.   I've found references to...
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  • Samsung S5 Active firmware reload

    Can you reload the firmware for a Samsung S5 active.
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  • Can't send photo to one person sometimes

    Hello after updating to Android 9 sometimes I can not send a photo in a text to one person only without restarting phone. It starts sending and then says message not sent try again. Trying again produced same result. ...
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  • Device Unlock Notification?

    I saw this in my account, not sure what it means? And what about hackers from stealing your phone number is their anyway to prevent this?
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  • Palm phone and DIGITS

    I just bought an unlocked Palm phone (PVG100) from eBay. Love the form factor, text/data/vm seems to work, but hate the battery life. Constantly swapping which phone the SIM resides in is a pain. I envision being able...
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  • Usage Overview loads endlessly

    When I click on "Usage" the Usage Overview begins to load but never stops. This happens on all my devices. Is the T Mobile site having issues?
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  • SMS/MMS sent while phone is off are not received

    Anyone know how to remedy when SMS/MMS are not being delivered from the network?   My phone is often off, either over night or while I'm at work.  When I restart it, it typically does not automatically pop ...
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  • usage

    my.t-mobile.com/usage page is not opening. Is there a problem with the web site? Is this option temporally down?
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  • Samsung Galaxy S7 Android version 8.0 Network settings

    I'm having issues with my unlocked Samsung Galaxy S7 not being able to send or receive picture messages. What are the Samsung Galaxy S7 Android version 8.0 Network settings? The only settings that I could find are for...
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  • We frequently can't send text messages

    I have multiple phones on my account, and all of them frequently can't send text messages. Failures are most common when sending between these phones. Sometime one message will be stuck "Sending", and a new message to...
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  • Call logs missing 2 digits of area code

    This is the first time I see this happens. After the current month of usage the call logs take away the first 2 digits of the area code. My phone is business and I can't even guess what they could be. Please help.
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  • Hello, I have terrible reception on the military base where I work.

    Hello, I have very limited cellular service on the military base where I work.  Is there any type of signal booster available for use in my work place?
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  • Huawei E3372-510 IMEI Check Not Compatible

    Website IMEI Check says not compatible but it uses the same frequencies for 4g lte. Will Tmobile Sim Connect and website is not programmed correctly? Because I read other people similar huawei modem work fine? Mobi...
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