• Phone OS

    I have a question so I talked to someone and they told me that T-Mobile wasn't allowed to change or add extra stuff to the IPhone. Well I know that t mobile alters the OS like on the Oneplus and other phones but they ...
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  • Unable to update my address

    Hi there.  I cannot update my address from the Profile page.  It shows my current address, but does not allow me to make any changes to it.  I can't click any buttons.  They're all greyed out.
    created by magenta10004565
  • Alcatel 4044W

    My Alcatel 4044W doesn't always ring when I set the alarm time. Many times it rings anywhere from a few minutes late to nearly 15 minutes late. Help, please.
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  • Degrading Service Around Lancaster County, PA

    As stated, over the past year, it seems as if my service has become worse and worse. My calls have been dropping frequently daily even with full bars LTE. Not only have I been having these issues the other individual ...
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  • Revvlry charging restarts

    I've noticed that every morning my Revvlry has turned off automatically requiring a physical "start" of the phone (i.e., I have to power it on with the power button).  This also seems to happen at random times of...
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  • Absolutely NO DATA SERVICE North Shore Minnesota?

    Hello everyone,   Signed up with T-Mobile 4 days ago and already a bad experience. Coverage map shows great signal where I am which it is on voice but the data service even with full bars is beyond terrible. Usi...
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  • Website for Customer Service Terrible?

    T-mobile.com website must have been made by idiots. Every month, it's a wrestle-fight to pay my pre-paid account. There is a webpage that gives options for paying my pre-paid account: refill online, refill by phone, a...
    created by cle802a
  • Community account username change

    I need to edit my community username asap can someone please guide me on how to do that
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  • Can an eSIM be activated on a postpaid account WITHOUT going to a store?

    I was very thrilled to learn eSIM is now supported on postpaid accounts!!!    But I need a true Expert to advise if one can activate the eSIM on a qualified phone without having to visit a store, and if so, ...
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  • LG V30 Official Pie

    The official Pie version for the V30 is out now, and will the Tmobile team will provide the Pie update for the LG V30 or not?
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  • International Pass, How do you bill me?

    New International Pass Options...and Destination Ideas   The Passes International pass options include: The new 5GB International Pass includes 5GB of high-speed data to be used up to 10 days for just $35, or ...
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  • Can’t hear phone calls

    when I go to make a phone call I cannot hear anything and putting speaker is not an option for me. Anyone know how to fix this let me know?   Iphone 7 plus
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  • Official Apple Pre-order & Discussion Thread

    We're stoked to introduce Apple's fall line-up, heading to T-Mobile!   Pre-orders for the Apple iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, iPhone 11 Pro Max, and Apple Watch Series 5 begin bright and early Friday, September 13 at...
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  • New Android Auto UI for Samsung S9+

    The New Android Auto UI has been available for sometime now, but is only enabled after a configuration change is pushed to phones. Given that you (TMobile) control the OS that is pushed to the phones and have the OS l...
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  • No longer able to use FTP on hotspot

    I am a photographer that has to send photos on location.  To do this I connect my MacBook Pro to my iPhone 6 via the hotspot.  Back in May it worked just fine but this weekend when I tried to send photos via...
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  • Global Plus 15GB

    I am thinking of adding Global Plus 15GB for my trip to Morocco. I was reading people were having problems with speeds on this addon. Does anyone have any first-hand experience with Global Plus 15GB?
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  • Unable to purchase phone online

    I've been trying to purchase a phone upgrade for my wife. At least 20 times now and every time I get to the end I get, "oops we've hit a snag". Then it kicks me back to the page showing the phone I want.   Anyw...
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  • How can I get T-Mobile to correctly apply the $10 Kickback discount each month without having to call?

    Each month I have to call into customer support to get the $10 kickback discount for using less than 2 GBs of data. Without fail, it's never applied to my bill and my dad's line has not ONCE used over 2 gigs of data. ...
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  • Factory Unlocked LG V40 (V405QA7) compatibility

    -Current V20 owner and will keep it as a backup. -Need excellent international roaming because I travel to Europe or South America 4x/month. LOVE the 24 hour International data passes.   Is the Factory Unlocked...
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  • Lost internet access on renewal

    Hi All, My account renewed two days ago (autopay, prepaid account) and since then I can't access internet using the network data, only wifi. I have the 4g lte connection, nothing changed on my side, same fone, same p...
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