• LineLink Call Waiting, Caller ID

    Can anyone confirm if Call Waiting, Caller ID (basic caller ID, just the number, not the name) is working for those that have the TMO LineLink service?  This used to work for me when I had the old TMO @Home servi...
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  • No service at workplace

    My work is a dead zone for t-mobile, you're very lucky and its extremely rare to be graced with the presence of even one bar. I know that it isn't just me experiencing this issue, as many employees here experience the...
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  • Wrong data plan listed in iPad Cellular settings

    I‘m grandfathered on the “200 MB/30 day Free Data for Life” data plan which i set up on my iPad Air 2 four years ago.   My iPad is currently running iOS 12.1.  Up until recently if I w...
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  • Mystery Texts

    Why does my bill show sent and received texts from phone numbers I don’t recognize occurring at times I was not using my phone?
    created by magenta3700854
  • Still being charged for a defective iphone 7 plus

    In July of 2018 I purchased an iphone 7+ from tmobile via customer care. All was well with it until it suddenly stopped working in February 2019. I took the phone to a phone repair shop for a diagnostic however, they ...
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  • How to disable pop-up warning about Data roaming

    I have the T-Mobile Simple Choice North America plan, which includes free overseas texting and roaming (I'm currently studying in the UK). Yesterday my Samsung Galaxy Edge S7 received and installed a T-Mobile software...
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  • T-Mobile Credit rating issue

    When signing up for my new service, they wouldn't allow me to enroll for 6 lines and receive the 0 down iphone 6s  special because of my supposed credit rating results. Rep at the store told me my TransUnion repo...
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  • Employee Review

    Can I leave a T-mobile employee review anywhere?
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  • Issue Setting up Wi-Fi Calling

    Whenever I try to set up Wi-Fi calling on my LG V30 I get this error: "Sorry, we're having trouble setting up network access for your device. Please try again or contact Customer Service if the problem continues. Erro...
    created by magenta9339703
  • iPhone XS not sending/receiving some group texts

    Everything was working fine until last week. Suddenly my group texts are all messed up. I will get several texts in a row and then miss some.  I will send a text and some people get it but not everyone; or I will...
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  • Why has my number not ported over yet?

    My prepaid service started with TMobile and July 8th. I have been charged for the service but my number has not ported over,$5 Canada and Mexico add on option does not show up on my account and I keep getting no e911 ...
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  • Not being able to SYNC

    I was forced log out last night. I wasn’t able to login till this afternoon. After I have been able to login, now all my text messages are gone. I have tried closing and restating the app....uninstalled, reinsta...
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  • Unable to access bill details.

    Since July 3rd I've been trying to access my bill details. I login into my account and select 'View bill' link. I get a 'loading' animation, but the bill never loads. I've tried this in two different PCs and the T-Mob...
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  • Simply Prepaid plan while in Canada

    Hi,   I'm currently on the $40 a month Simply Prepaid 10GB plan, and I am going to Canada for the weekend. I added on the $5 Mexico & Canada Unlimited service when I was up in Canada a couple weeks ago, and ...
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  • Busy Signal when calling a forwarded number

    Cellular callers get a busy signal or my T-Mobile voicemail when calling my forwarded AT&T landline number.  Started in December 2018.  AT&T said they have checked everything including my C.O. equipm...
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  • Samsung S10 Invalid Sim

    Dear T-Mobile...   I purchased a Samsung s10 a few months before, and I was using it on T-Mobile.   now I came back to India and when I inserted the Indian SIM Phone says Invalid Sim.   when I search...
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  • Changing from Post-Paid to Pre-Paid

    Hello Sir,   I took my T-Mobile post-paid connection 20 days back. Later i realised pre-paid plan is good to me, so i went to T-Mobile store and asked for the same, Store person gave me new SIM card for pre-paid...
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  • Return a T-Mobile coverage device

    Discover two simple ways to return a T-Mobile coverage device, such as a 4G LTE CellSpot.   On this page: Return to a T-Mobile store Return through the mail Fees   Return to a T-Mobile store You can ret...
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  • outage in johnstown pa?

    i work in johnstown pa in westmont and its always been good service except for the last 3 days, i am unable to call or use the internet even with a signal, is there an outage in Johnstown Pennsylvania?
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  • Payment History No Longer Has "Print Payment Receipt"

    "Payment History" under "Payment Settings" now routes to a new/updated URL: https://my.t-mobile.com/accounthistory#payments. On this new page (the old one was https://my.t-mobile.com/activity-and-alerts), there is no...
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