• Esim with existing t-mobile number?

    Currently have a simply prepaid plan with T-mobile that I am very happy with.  It uses an old fashioned SIM card.  Looking to buy a new apple phone and use the eSim technology.  It looks like my plan is...
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  • Website Issue

    On the web site I was able to view my current bill usage information from Sept 14th. through Oct 13th. However now since the 14th. of this month that usage information is nowhere to be found on line. I can view usage ...
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  • Iphone XR cellular issues

    Is anyone else having problems with their IPhone XR connecting to cellular?  I had a S10 and always had full service, now I have an Iphone XR and have maybe two bars of service and am told I sound like I'm underw...
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  • How to email MMS to phone?

    I'm new to T-Mobile, but I've Googled this question and read to use my phone number with @tmomail.net as the address to send to my phone. Every time I try, it comes back with the 550 error.   What am I doing wr...
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  • Unable to connect Win 10 PC to mobile hotspot

    I would like to connect a Win 10 PC to the Internet using the mobile hotspot. On my iPhone if I go to Settings/Personal Hotspot it shows my WiFi Password for my Mobile Hotspot, but when I  go to WiFi Settings the...
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  • Need help deleting old account so I can use that email address

    I have an old account from a few years ago registered with my primary email address. I recently got back on T-Mobile, and ran into issues linking my new phone numbers to that account email. I called support multiple t...
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  • I can not keep the same number if I switch plans?

    Greetings   I got a text from t-mobile about the $65 for 2 lines promotional plan, and I had a friend currently with Verizon that was willing to switch carriers to get into the plan with me, so I went to a T-mob...
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  • $1,638 Bill, Customer for 19+ Years and No Help from Fraud Department

    Anybody have any luck getting directly in touch with the fraud department?   I reside part of the year in Spain and my phone was stolen earlier in August and I called the next day to suspend service. I hadn't r...
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  • APN setting is grayed out and cannot use new ones.

    I have a Samsung Galaxy Note 9 and with the recent update, I'm being force to use IPv6 on my APN setting. Unfortunately this causes a lot of issue with my apps. A lot of my mobile games still uses IPv4 as well as my V...
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  • Need Help Completing Order

    Hi. I'm trying to transfer over from AT&T. I was in a series of chats yesterday and had a phone call from a supervisor named Tim. Tim was a great agent to talk with and we had worked out some specifics about my fu...
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  • SMS / text messages to my daughter's phone randomly delayed 10 minutes or longer

    My cellphone and my daughter's are both on T-Mobile (though not the same plan).  I have an iPhone SE; my daughter has an Alcatel Flip.   My SMS / text messages to my daughter will randomly get delayed more ...
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  • Charges for conference call numbers

    I am a new T-Moble customer as of August.  Today I received a rude shock when I learned that some conference call phone numbers (in the US) are "out of plan" and that T-Mobil will charge me extra to make what hav...
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  • Pre ordered purple iPhone 11 9/15

    Pre ordered 128 g iPhone 11 9/15 with expected shipping dates of 10/2 -10/08 has anybody received their phone or have they shipped yet or have anybody received one before estimated ship dates???
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  • Sending from tmobile device, as a text message to an email address - "this service is not available"

    In order for volunteers to 'subscribe' to get their volunteer schedule reminders sent to them in text messages, I have been having them send a text message from their device to an email address - like 000@vmx.me. This...
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  • How often do I have to refill a prepaid plan to keep the number and SIM alive?

    I keep a T-Mobile USA Prepaid SIM for my occasional visits to the US. How often do I have to refill this account to keep the SIM and phone number alive, even if I'm not using it at all during several months? Once ever...
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  • Software versions & updates: Apple iPadOS 13

    Learn how to check the software version and how to update the software with an iPad running Apple iPadOS 13.   On this page: Check software version Current & past software versions Perform automatic updat...
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  • Software versions & updates: Apple iPhone on iOS 13

    Learn how to check the software version and how to update the software with an iPhone running Apple iOS 13.   On this page: Check software version Current & past software versions Perform automatic update...
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  • Note 10+ not charging, error message states "phone temperature to low"

    I've owned this note 10+ for less than 7 days and received this message for the first time last night 10/10/2019.  I've tried different charging cables, different Samsung chargers and wireless charging and all re...
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  • Aristo not booting

    LG aristo reboots, then powers off.  Repeat.
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  • How does T-Mobile ONE Military work in Alaska?

    Hello.   I will be moving to Eielson AFB (20 mi south east from Fairbanks) in Alaska and wanted to know exactly how T-Mobile will work up there. I've read that there's roaming with GCI but it wasn't clear how th...
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