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We're all looking for a team to join, right? This month, we're proud to bring you an opportunity to rep your side in the ultimate showdown: Cats Vs Dogs! And if your team (Team Cats or Team Dogs, that is) wins, you have a shot at winning a nice little prize! Read on for details.



August is home to two pretty amazing holidays: on the 8th, World Cat Day, and on the 26th, National Dog Day. Although cats have traditionally ruled the internetz with their claws and feline wiles, it's just too tough for us to choose which of these two fur-baby institutions to celebrate.

How to solve this dilemma for the ages? You guessed it -- we're running a contest to settle the debate. Since August is widely regarded as the month for all things back-to-school, what prize would be more appropriate than a couple of sweet T-Mobile backpacks?!



The Contest

Starting today, 8/3/2018, through 8/26/2018, we want to see pictures of your furry family members! If you don't own a cat or a dog, you can post a picture of your friend or family member's kitty or doggo, or any picture of your favorite cat/dog.


Let's break it down: if you're a Cat Person, post a picture of your/a feline, and if you're a Dog Person, post a picture of your/a canine.

Once voting-via-post has closed, we'll tally up the submissions. Whichever species has the most pictures posted is The Ultimate Pet*! Then we'll randomly select two submissions from the winning animal group as the winners of the contest, and announce them in the Magenta Lounge.


How to play

  • This is a tough one: determine if you are a cat person or a dog person.
  • Take a picture of a cat or dog or find your favorite picture of a cat or dog (cat-dog hybrids will not be considered).
  • Post the picture in the comments on the Official Cat/Dog Contest Thread. Feel free to tell us a bit about the cat or dog as well!





*The Ultimate Pet is not actually a label we can decide, or ruling we can make. You're still free (and encouraged!) to believe your pet is the bestest!

Everyone remembers their first Overwatch match. You were excited, nervous, and probably Ice Walled at exactly the right (wrong) time. In the spirit of firsts, it's time to capture history with the inaugural Overwatch League (OWL) Grand Finals, so hold on to your payload!


OWL_VS_16x9Magentaborder.pngOWL Grand Finals

This weekend, July 27th and 28th, Barclays Center in Brooklyn, NY will host a huge gaming showdown -- the first-ever OWL Grand Finals. Fans will watch on as the final two teams standing; the Philadelphia Fusion and London Spitfire, square off in a best-of-three series. Like any team that actually stays with the payload, the winners will be crowned Overwatch League champions and take home the $1M prize.


Just like in Hanamura, we're fighting for the future -- and T-Mobile is proud to be sponsors of this up-and-coming eSport. Leading up to the event this weekend we hosted a fan meet & greet with the League's ten player ambassadors at our Signature Store in Times Square, and even ran a little IRL game action! Together with one of our favorite Houston Outlaws players, Jake Lyon (@jakeow), we held a scavenger hunt and stashed loot and tickets to the sold-out OWL Finals around NYC, in six locations inspired by League teams.


Those joining OWL in NY for the Grand Finals will find no shortage of things to do in Barclays Center -- with DJ sets, performance painting and cosplayers roaming the premises, the League won't be the only talent in the building. Fans can create custom signs and get decked out with temporary tattoos and face paint to cheer on their team of choice during matches. Once they're in full gear; they can capture a little history of their own by posing with the trophy in the photo booth or taking pics set against an Overwatch-themed backdrop. Of course there will be giveaways and a gear store, too.


Philadelphia FusionLondon Spitfire

Philadelphia Fusion vs. London Spitfire


T-Mobile OWL Finals MVP

An Overwatch player knows Supports are the real heroes of any match, and the world needs heroes -- which is why we're stoked to sponsor the T-Mobile OWL Finals MVP Award. Let us hear your voice! Fans can vote on Twitter using #OWLMVP + the player’s BattleTag. The Finals MVP winner will be announced on stage at Barclay's Center on July 28 @ 6 PM PT/9 PM ET.

image (2).png

Not an NYC local? You don't have to miss out on this action. The OWL Grand Finals will be live-streamed on Twitch, OverwatchLeague.com, and the Overwatch League app. Friday's matches will also be broadcast live on ESPN and Disney XD, and you can tune in on Saturday on ESPN3 and Disney XD. No matter how you choose to watch; make sure to tune in over the weekend and cast your vote before the final battle is done. Follow T-Mobile on Twitter to stay updated with real-time context from Jake (@jakeow) and Muma (@muma)! Hurry, because it'll be over faster than you can say   "Ryū ga waga teki wo kurau!"

Some call it a redesign. We call it awesome! With functionality our customers have asked for packaged in a beautiful and intuitive new design, the latest, greatest version of the T-Mobile app is made for you. Manage your account, shop with ease, pay your bill, or get in touch with us -- the redesigned app lets you get it done simply, so you can get right back to living your best mobile life.


The T-Mobile app redesign

Our app is your anytime, anywhere access to the heart of T-Mobile, and we won't stop until it's the app our customers deserve -- so this work of app art was created based on direct feedback from you! Solving pain points with Wi-Fi connections, replacing the old menu with easy-to-navigate tabs, and more: there are a ton of improvements to enjoy! Here are a few highlights:


t-mobile app usage.png

  • Wi-Fi login - Everything T-Mobile now goes everywhere you need it: we've added the ability to log-in via Wi-Fi. Whether you're on vacation or just in a location where Wi-Fi is the go-to connection; you can still connect with your account and account specialists in the app.
  • Personalized homepage and navigation updates - Instead of unfolding a menu to navigate, the things you need are front and center. Check out key updates from the home page and use the tabs at the bottom to quickly find everything else. Need to work with us? We're only a tap away -- the icons in the upper right hand side let you message a representative or set up a call with ease.
  • Account page updates - No PI license required! Now your plan, lines, add-ons and device are all in one spot.
  • Billing like a boss - From the Bill screen, check your balance, breakdown by category or line, and take a peek at changes month to month. If you're just logging in to make a quick payment, no worries -- paying your bill is a breeze.
  • Shop improvements - The T-Mobile app's new Shop makes upgrading or adding a line from the comfort of your own phone even easier than before.


Update now!

If you haven't already, make sure you're visiting the App Store or Play Store today to start enjoying the streamlined redesign of the T-Mobile app. We're also happy to text you a link! Just visit our dedicated T-Mobile App site, scroll down the page, and enter your number to be on your way to a better app experience. Have some ideas for our app? We'd love to hear 'em! To tell us what you think, log in, tap the MORE tab in the bottom navigation bar, and then Give Feedback!

AppStore GooglePlay

This year’s World Cup was full of inspiring Cinderella stories and jaw-dropping upsets. But of all the players making a dramatic and surprising impact this year, the one with the most long-term impact may very well be mobile.


World Cup 2018 on mobile

The Russia games are the latest – and greatest – major spectator event to show that device-driven viewing is on the rise. Earlier this year we saw increases in mobile-viewing during major events like the Super Bowl and the Olympics. But the World Cup usage stats make it clear that this trend is here to stay.


Record breaking live-streams

We know there's a massive appetite for live-streamed sports, and the usage data backs that up. T-Mobile’s network saw unprecedented spikes in streaming traffic on match days:

  • On July 11, when Croatia squeezed out England in extra time during the semi-finals, the spike was 130% above normal.
  • When Croatia upset Argentina 0-3 on June 21, traffic was up 150% over normal usage.
  • The six goals made when France bested Croatia during last Sunday's final placed the game in the record books -- it was the highest-scoring championship match since England’s 4-2 win over West Germany in 1966. That match delivered a traffic spike of 110%.


Days with multiple matches saw similar or even higher spikes. On June 27, when there were simultaneous games (South Korea vs. Germany and Mexico vs. Sweden), T-Mobile saw a staggering 180% boost over normal activity and measured a record-setting 1.1 Tbps of data traffic.


“This is exactly why we built a network with this level of capacity – the world is rapidly moving towards mobile,” said T-Mobile CTO and native Englishman Neville Ray, whose excitement may have been briefly dampened when his team was sent home before the finals. (Better luck in 2022, Three Lions!) Ultimately, T-Mobile saw huge traffic spikes almost every day of the World Cup -- check out some particularly noteworthy matches below.



More data about data

If you're interested in the way mobile viewing trends are moving, visit our Newsroom for more details about World Cup live-stream stats. We've charted usage during another notable sporting event, too -- take a look at some interesting network usage stats from this year's Superbowl! Whether you're live-streaming during a sporting event, posting to social during a big game, or sending a victory shout to a group chat -- we're rooting for you!

Glue sticks and posterboard aren't the only items to check off of your school supply list these days! Whether you're back-to-school shopping for the family or looking for a "school supply" (or "summer fun supply", no judgement!) for yourself, T-Mobile is announcing a few new devices and deals that might be the perfect addition to your tech repertoire, or make adding to that repertoire a little easier.



New devices for school or summer!

No one's clued the heat index in; but it's that time of year again. Back to school season is upon us! We're adding some awesome new devices to our line-up that deliver fantastic tech specs at a fraction of the cost. For the kids or for yourself, these new additions to the line-up have a lot to offer, and will leave you with the cash to contribute that extra set of safety scissors to the classroom (or snag a cab surfside). Bonus: these devices also all support Band 71 (600 MHz), now live in more than 900 cities and towns. Take a look at some highlights below!




Samsung Galaxy J3 Star




  • 5" HD display
  • 8MP main camera with auto focus and low light optimization
  • 5MP front camera
  • Gorilla Glass
  • 2GB RAM + 16GB ROM, expandable up to 400GB via MicroSD
  • Removable 2600mAH battery
  • Exynos 7570 Quad 1.4GHz processor
  • Android 8.0 Oreo


Samsung Galaxy J7 Star




  • 5.5" HD display
  • 13MP main camera with auto focus and LED flash
  • 13MP front camera
  • 2GB RAM + 32GB ROM, expandable up to 400GB via MicroSD
  • 2600mAH battery
  • 1.6GHz Octa-Core processor
  • Android 8.0 Oreo


LG Stylo 4




  • 6.2" FHD IPS In-Cell display
  • Premium stylus pen
  • 13MP PDAF main camera
  • 5MP front camera
  • 2GB RAM + 32GB ROM, expandable up to 2TB via MicroSD
  • 3300mAH battery
  • Qualcomm® Snapdragon™  SDM450 1.8GHz Octa-Core processor
  • Android 8.1 Oreo


Back-to-School deals

These new phones aren't the only thing T-Mobile is bringing to the back-to-school (or set for summer) table! To help you stay "cool" during the second half of the ol' annual heatwave or get ahead of the curve for fall, we announced a ton of new and upcoming deals today. From a Back to School BOGO to some awesome discounts on much-loved devices, we've got you covered. Android aficionados can check out our T-Mobile Deals & Promotions On Phones page for a sneak peek at what's on the way! If iOS is your thing, make sure you don't miss T-Mobile's Apple iPhone Deals. Don't forget, when these deals go live we'll have the details right here on Support in our Device deals  space -- just look for the device you're interested in!


Get yours

These sweet new phones are available on T-Mobile.com and through our T-Mobile app's awesome SHOP feature! We're always happy to speak with you; too -- visit a participating T-Mobile store near you, or contact us. And those of you adding a phone to a shopping list that includes three ring binders and trusty number two pencils; don't forget to check out FamilyMode, the digital ally parents need!

Whether you came of age playing in the Mushroom Kingdom, Green Hill Zone, or Azeroth -- or started your gaming education crushin' candies on mom's phone -- we can agree that gaming of all kinds has come a long way since the first joystick. Video games are so popular that there are actually two Video Games Days -- and on this one, July 8th, we're stoked to celebrate the convergence of art, science and skill that make up this favorite pastime (or sport) with a little update on T-Mobile's eSports involvement and a few mobile gaming tips.


T-Mobile and eSports

E3 OWL Stage

The professional sports world is starting to open its doors to eSports, and as big fans of change-makers, we're into it, too! In June, T-Mobile returned to the world’s premier video game event, the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) in LA. The E3 show floor is a host to groundbreaking new technologies, and never-before-seen products, and we crafted an immersive eSports experience in the middle of the action.


As an official sponsor of Overwatch League (OWL), we brought Overwatch League on location to E3. This experience gave fans everywhere the chance to connect with the League like never before, through on-stage content hosted by OWL broadcast personalities, team meet and greets, and more. Portions of these events were live-streamed on our very own Twitch channel, but even if you missed the player Origin stories, AMAs with league favorites, or high intensity RePlays of gameplay moments, you can still make sure to catch the OWL finals, July 27th and 28th at Barclays Center in Brooklyn, NY and streamed on Twitch!


In case you've missed it, OWL is the established eSports league of Blizzard Entertainment’s hit game, Overwatch. The league's 12 city-based teams concluded their regular season on June 17th, with the top 6 teams advancing to the playoffs. The healers, tanks and Hanzo Mains of the last two teams standing will face off in a battle of communication, coordination and skill to determine the first-ever OWL Champions -- who'll walk away with a cool $1 million! T-Mobile will be the presenting sponsor of the Finals MVP Award & Fan Vote, turning Barclays Center magenta and giving fans the opportunity to help choose the Finals MVP.


Mobile gaming tips

While many diehard gamers still swear by their favorite system or custom PC rig, there's a ton of gaming entertainment available at your fingertips. Mobile phones were a breakthrough, but smartphones have been a revolution. Today's devices replace a plethora of bygone staples -- your giant camera and three lenses, bulky leatherbound day planner, trusty rolodex -- and quite possibly, a gaming system.


Before you tune your eyes to your mobile screen and flex your thumbs, here are a few tips that will help you maximize your battery so you can stay in the game longer:

  • Manually adjust screen brightness -This is always a great way to save juice! If you're playing in an area where you can see well, who needs to waste power?
  • Turn off Bluetooth - Bluetooth, if you're not using it, can be a battery drain! Free your phone and the game will follow!
  • Get a backup battery or portable power pack - If you're truly committed, this is a must. These days, solar's an option, too!
  • Use your phone's power saving mode - This option improves battery life any day, but also has potential to improve game performance, since your device won't be as bogged down with other tasks. Don't worry, you can still blame your mistakes on lag -- we won't tell.

The digital age delivers incredible opportunities for families to increase their connections through entertainment and education -- but these same opportunities come with added responsibilities for parents. With T-Mobile FamilyMode™, a comprehensive digital solution that gives parents control over their kids’ online activities and screen time, we're making that a bit less daunting.


Introducing T-Mobile FamilyMode T-Mobile FamilyMode App and Home Base


Available as of June 29th, T-Mobile FamilyMode lets parents manage, monitor, filter and set time limits for their kids' phones, tablets, and connected devices. The T-Mobile FamilyMode app manages the activity on your family members' phones, and the optional T-Mobile FamilyMode Home Base connects to your home’s Wi-Fi, giving you the control you need over all of your family's connected screens.


With FamilyMode, you can:

  • Set daily internet limits -- With FamilyMode, parents can set limits based on time, app or platform. For example, make sure the kids have the access they need to get homework done, but are disconnected by your family's bedtime. Or set the perfect limit for screen time for a specific streaming app on your teen's TV.
  • Choose which platforms, sites and apps to allow by device -- Younger kids not ready for social media? Turn off access with one tap. Or pick and choose sites and apps to restrict – if a certain entertainment app's right up one kiddo's alley, but another doesn't need the exposure, the control's in your hands.
  • Instantly pause and resume mobile internet access -- When there are still family goals to meet, but everyone's plugged in, you can easily pause devices and resume when ready!
  • Filter out inappropriate content -- Use customizable filters to allow or deny online access to certain sites and phone or tablet apps for each family member, like educational apps for those little folks, and gaming platforms for the older ones!
  • Reward your kids with bonus screen time -- Who snagged an A on their essay and helped their sibling finish up with the yardwork? Go ahead, give ‘em a little more time on their gaming console with a quick tap.
  • See where your kids spend their time online -- See which apps and sites your kids use, and browse internet search history.
  • Know where your kids are -- With real-time location information, when your kids have their phones, you’ve got peace of mind.


Get your family into FamilyMode


Families can sign up for T-Mobile FamilyMode in T-Mobile retail stores, online or by calling 1-800-T-MOBILE. Once you're signed up, just download the T-Mobile FamilyMode app on your Android or iOS smartphone or tablet! The T-Mobile FamilyMode app is just $10/month for all T-Mobile customers on a qualifying T-Mobile ONE or Simple Choice plan, and for business customers with 12 lines or less. The app is compatible with iPhones running iOS 9.3.4 or later or Android devices running 5 or later, and can be managed in or out of the home, on a Wi-Fi or cellular network.


Adding the Home Base device to manage your connected screens over Wi-Fi is simple – pick one up at any T-Mobile store or call 1-800-T-MOBILE (existing customers can dial 611 from their T-Mobile phone). T-Mobile FamilyMode Home Base is yours at a limited-time, promotional rate of just $20 – a savings of $80 off the suggested retail price!



To learn more about T-Mobile FamilyMode, visit a few of the resources below:

We know your social media feed is teeming with time-consuming quizzes that offer to determine Your Personal Latte Style, point out The Celebrity Couple that Best Defines Your Relationship, or tell you Which Character in Today's Hit Sitcom you'd be. Don't worry -- we'd never take up your time that way! But we do have a few questions we'd love to ask.


T-Mobile Support Community User Feedback Survey



As a company, some of our biggest wins have been feedback-driven -- and that goes for our T-Mobile Support Community, too. While it might not have the emotional pay-off you'll get using an online Sorting Hat (trust us, it's worth it), our User Feedback Survey does give you the chance to let us know how we can make our Community the best darn customer forum on the internet.


A mere (but mighty!) seven questions long -- some of which are multiple choice -- it should take less than three minutes to complete. We'd be thrilled if you'd donate a few moments of your time to help us improve our Community. Let us know what you love, what you'd like to see more of, where else you're hanging out online -- the sky's the limit! While we might not be able to implement all feedback (that means you, person who asks that we integrate AR into our platform), we promise to take every submission's suggestions to heart.


Tell us what you think!


If you're graciously considering taking our survey, we certainly don't want to waste a second of your time. You can offer your thoughts here:


T-Mobile Support Users Feedback Survey


If the survey format isn't the best for you, that's perfectly fine! You're also welcome to chime in on our User Feedback Survey thread. Thanks so much -- we can't wait to read your thoughts.

He probably couldn't have predicted wireless when he applied for the patent for the telephone, but Alexander Graham Bell did make a timeless point about looking ahead when he said "preparation is the key to success." The 2017 hurricane season delivered record-breaking storms to communities in Puerto Rico, Texas, Florida, and more, and T-Mobile is taking steps now to prepare for this year's hurricane season.


T-Mobile_T.pngHow we prepare

We hope 2018 spares us the devastation of last year's storms, but we'll keep close watch over activity just the same. Where impacts seem imminent, we plan to establish engineering command centers and add extra vehicles, ready to deploy rapid-response teams to help keep potential service interruptions to a minimum. Meanwhile, T-Mobile's national Network Operation Centers are always closely monitoring network traffic to aid in coordinating responses when needed. In particularly vulnerable areas like Florida and Puerto Rico, we've doubled the number of permanent generators in place and added infrastructure to hundreds of towers.


Impact and recovery

We'll make preparations; but temporary losses of service can still happen, especially with power outages. As soon as it's safe to begin recovery efforts, we'll respond -- which may include deploying emergency equipment (fuel trucks and generators), Cell on Wheels, or Cell on Light Trucks, along with the experts needed to manage it all. While safety measures are being taken and restoration efforts are underway, there are some things you can bear in mind:

  • Follow emergency alerts. Wireless Emergency Alerts are often used as a warning system for severe weather. Check to see if these alerts are supported on your device, and monitor your phone for warnings.
  • In a storm-related outage, please stay safe and calm. Hazardous conditions like flooding, downed trees, downed power lines, and other obstacles can make travel dangerous. Trust that we're aware of outages as soon as they occur; and as soon as it's safe to do so we'll work 24/7 to get service restored as quickly as possible.
  • If you have power but no mobile service, leverage WiFi if you can to stay in touch. If you haven't set WiFi calling up previously, start here for necessary steps so you're ready: Wi-Fi Calling.
  • If you still have a network connection, try sending a text instead of calling. Text messages use fewer network resources and are more likely to get through during a high-usage period. If you do dial out, consider keeping calls short so that others have a chance to get through. Network activity spikes immediately after severe weather events, and short calls help prevent network congestion so that emergency workers and your fellow community members can connect, as well. It's also good to bear in mind that generators can help towers operate during a power outage, but voice and text will be prioritized. We'll work to get data services back up to lightning speed ASAP!


Checking in

We'll always work to keep you informed and up to date with any of T-Mobile’s recovery efforts -- try any of these


Apple announces iOS12

Posted by tmo_marissa Jun 7, 2018

User adoption stats are a point of pride for the innovative Apple team: 81% of iOS devices are running iOS 11. With the iOS12 announcements made June 4th at their Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC) it's easy to see why folks get excited about a new iOS update.


WWDC announcements for iOS12 and WatchOS 5

There's no official release date for this software yet, so you have plenty of time to get amped for this update. Go ahead and plan your first massive Group FaceTime party! Think of ways that you can simplify your routines with Siri's help! Here's a quick review of those highlights (and more) Apple fans can look forward to with iOS 12, coming some time this fall.


iOS 12 highlights

  • Manage Screen TimeiPhone.png
    • Do Not Disturb during Bedtime dims the display and hides all notifications on the lock screen until prompted in the morning
    • Screen Time creates Activity Reports that show the total time a person spends in each app they use, and let you set limits as needed
    • Grouped Notifications make it easier to view and manage multiple notifications at once
  • Siri Shortcuts and Suggestions
    • Siri will offer Suggestions based on your routine
    • Create customized Siri Shortcuts across multiple apps and use a simple voice command to kick off a roster of tasks
  • Augmented Reality
    • ARKit 2 adds shared experience integration so developers can build new ways for users to interact across an AR environment
    • Apple and Pixar collaborated to develop a new open file format, usdz, optimized for sharing in apps and placing 3D objects in the real world using Quick Look for AR
    • Measure three dimensional objects in the real world
    • Animojis add wink and tongue detection, plus you can now create a beautifully designed Memoji -- use the improved Animoji and new Memoji right from iMessage and FaceTime!
  • Group FaceTime makes it’s easy to chat with up to 32 people at the same time (sorry, number 33!)
  • Photos will have search improvements for object and scene recognition, advance categorization, improved indexing, highlights built just For You, and the ability to encourage photo sharing between friends


WatchOS 5

  • Activity Workout additions include Yoga and Hiking, improvements to Running and auto-workout detection
  • New Activity Sharing competitions let you and your friends spur each other into better health
  • Walkie-Talkie mode lets you choose who you want to keep a quick watch to watch connection with over cellular or WiFi
  • With WatchOS 5, third party apps are now on the Siri watch face, and Apple Podcasts are added to watches for your listening pleasure



Update me!

Steady there -- this software hasn't been released just yet! If you want to be ready when the new version launches, it's super simple. Go here to get step-by-step directions on updating. Remember, the iOS12 update will be available on iPhones 5S and newer, and for all iPad Air and iPad Pro models, iPad 5th generation, iPad 6th generation, iPad mini 2 and later. To learn more about iOS12, WatchOS 5 and all of the other announcements at WWDC, visit the Apple Newsroom for details.

The official start of summer is still a few weeks away, but the first exciting flagship phone of the season is ready to go! If you're looking for the right new device to take you from pool parties to the campground, to the beach and back, the LG G7 ThinQ has some impressive enhancements that could change the way you summer -- not to mention the rest of your year.


Thoughtful innovations

The twin 16MP rear cameras on the LG G7 ThinQ would be a stellar addition to any flagship device, but this time around, LG leverages AI to put this hardware to great use. The AI Cam can recognize your subject matter and make suggestions to ensure your shots are on par with pros. If you're planning to make the most of your summer nights, the Super Bright camera mode can give your evening shots the boost they need -- and the LCD display can keep up on those extra sunny days!



The powerful 3D sound and enhanced bass of the G7 ThinQ's "boombox speaker" will help you share those summer jams with friends and family. Not only can the G7 ThinQ put out some noise, it can hear well, too -- far field voice recognition will keep you in touch with your AI assistant from across the room.


The LG G7 ThinQ doesn't scrap any of the awesome features of its predecessors to add these touches, either. This device is IP68 rated dust and water resistant, and poised to take advantage of T-Mobile's 600MHz frequency as well as 4X4 MIMO and 256 QAM. As T-Mobile's network expansion continues, this device could just be the trusty sidekick (no, not the Sidekick) you want to maximize your service.


Key features

  • Android 8.0 Oreo
  • 6.1" QHD+ FullVision display
  • 16MP/16MP Wide rear facing camera, 8MP front facing camera
  • 2.8 GHz Octa-core processor
  • 4 GB RAM, 64 GB ROM
  • More impressive camera and media details here: Tech specs: LG G7 ThinQ


Get yours

You can preorder today online or through the T-Mobile app, but if waiting isn't your strong suit -- don't worry. The LG G7 ThinQ will be available in participating stores nationwide on June 1st. Take a look at this amazing device in action below!

Hey, T-Mobile Support Community! Today is National Scavenger Hunt Day, and we're celebrating with a contest for Community pros ready to show off their blazing fast navigation skills and fresh users who want to rack up some points exploring. This scavenger hunt is going to take you to some of the deepest, darkest corners of the Support Community -- so it's probably a good idea to bring some sort of protection.


The contest:


Starting today, 5/24/2018, through 6/7/2018, the hunt is on! We want Community members to take a look at the questions below and hunt for the answers! Each one can be answered using documents and threads located right here on Support or within our Support Community. The winners will be picked based on the number of correct links they identify and provide. If a tie breaker is necessary, we’ll rank submissions based on the order in which they’re received.


Up for grabs, we have a pretty sweet goodie bag* full of essentials for outdoor activities! If you're planning on participating in your own scavenger hunt IRL, these goodies are sure to give you the leg up on your competition.

*Goodie bag package includes: T-Mobile sunscreen, water bottle, cinch bag, scout hat, and some rad laces for your kicks.


To participate in this contest you must post a reply on the contest thread letting us know that you’ll be playing. Please, for the love of all that is magenta, don’t post URLs in the thread! After you’ve commented, a Community Manager will send you a private message confirming that we’ve noted your initial entry. Once you’ve found as many of the links as you can (or all of them, you overachiever!), reply to the private message from the Community Manager with a list of the links (the web URL at the top of the page) you’ve found. Happy hunting, and may the search algorithms be ever in your favor!


How to play:

  1. Reply to the official contest post letting us know you’ll be playing. We’ll send a PM your way so you know we've seen your request!
  2. Locate all or as many of the items listed below as you can.
  3. Reply to the private message sent you by a Community Manager to submit your entries.


What you need to find:

  • Where can I find T-Mobile Support’s blog about the T-Mobile Changemaker Challenge?
  • I feel like having a conversation that’s literally just people associating words with other words. Where should I post?
  • Who the heck are these Community Manager folks?
  • Netflix on T-Mobile? Yes, please! Can you show me something that explains what that is and how to get it?
  • When will my multiple Android phones get the upcoming Oreo software update?
  • My Nokia 5320 stopped playing any sounds! I think I need to master reset it. Where are the steps to do this?
  • Free me from my big red carrier, I prefer Magenta! If you’ll reimburse my ETF or device balance (up to $650) I will love you forever!
  • I’m researching a career as an armchair engineer – where can I find a list of the network frequencies and bands that T-Mobile supports?
  • Yo, T-Mobile, where them sweet deals at? Is there a home base where I can look at all of your offerings?
  • I want free stuff (always) and today happens to be a Tuesday. Is there an app for that?



  1. You must reply to the private message from the Community Manager with your links before 11:59:59 PM PST 6/7/2017 to qualify
  2. Full list of official rules can be found here Support Community 2018 Scavenger Contest Rules

Values are the driving force at the core of our mission to revolutionize the wireless industry, and we believe the values illustrated by our military and veterans are very much worth celebrating. Last month we announced an extensive military support initiative, but during Military Appreciation Month, we couldn't pass up the opportunity to highlight the huge contribution these folks make to our company.


T-Mobile's Veterans & Allies NetworkMilitaryT.jpg

For a little over four years, T-Mobile's employee Veterans & Allies Network has been a source of support and outreach for military veterans, active duty service members, National Guard and Reservists, their families and the communities T-Mobile serves. With a current membership of over 6,000 veterans and supporters of veteran initiatives, the Veterans and Allies Network creates a space where veterans can come together to find the camaraderie they experienced in the military, and continue acts of service to others with the support of passionate allies.


"The T-Mobile Veterans & Allies Network leads the way in showing recognition and appreciation for T-Mobile veteran employees with the presentation of a challenge coin, a long standing tradition in the military, to a veteran employee by their leadership," explains Tana Avellar, the group's chair since June 2017, but the network's mission doesn't stop at the doors of T-Mobile's sites and stores. "The Veterans & Allies Network's construct allows employees to focus on what's most important to them. Some chapters may focus on the military to civilian transition, while others are more service-oriented, addressing the veteran homeless issue today."


In the past year, this broad scope of outreach has led to T-Mobile employee participation in the 2017 Veteran’s Day Parade in NYC, the Miles for Mills 5K supporting the Travis Mills Foundation, the Green Light a Vet initiative, service projects with The Mission Continues, and organizing coat, blanket and supply drives -- among others.


What's next?

Our Veterans and Allies Network also educates our organization about the unique skills veterans and active duty military members bring to the table, and the experiences that their families share. "We help champion dialogue and bring awareness to bridging the gap -- translating between military and civilian skills," Avellar says. "That innate leadership, team building, creative thinking and agile mindset is something difficult to replicate. You can teach someone industry-specific skills, but you cannot create the unique experiences of a veteran. These experiences produce invaluable qualities that make a company better; they make teams better."


To this end, T-Mobile Veterans & Allies Network has hosted several FourBlock veteran career transition events on T-Mobile campuses. FourBlock is now T-Mobile's national partner in a mission to widen that impact -- expanding their fantastic program to 20 total cities and making the program accessible everywhere for free when they launch online this fall. You can learn more about our commitment to FourBlock in the T-Mobile Newsroom, and get additional details about our incredible partners who support military members and veterans here: Military and Veterans: Events, Employment & More.


Inspired? Starting today, May 14th, the Un-carrier will donate at least $1 million during the MLB regular season to benefit American veterans. For every tweet or Instagram post with #HatsOff4Heroes, T-Mobile will donate $1 – up to a minimum of $1 million – to Team Rubicon, a non-profit uniting the skills of veterans with first responders to rapidly deploy emergency response teams to communities impacted by disasters. We've got all of the important info here: #HatsOff4Heroes. However you decide to celebrate Military Appreciation Month this May, as Avellar points out, "So few have served, and those who have do not typically look for fanfare. Reach out and show your appreciation from a grateful nation (and company)."



Hey, Support visitors! Every so often we like to highlight one of the fine internet beings who make the Support Community world go 'round, and this week we're happy to serve up a get-to-know-you with a member of our own Community Manager team, Amanda.


Who's this Amanda person?

Amanda is one of the Community Managers who keeps our Community humming along! On the Support Community side of things, she helps keep the forum organized and tidy, and answers users' questions when needed. Behind closed doors, she is a reporting maven and holds the team's most coveted Excel skills! We picked Amanda's brain and mined her closet for skeletons (and came up with baseball cards) -- enjoy!


All the secrets!

How long have you been with T-Mobile, and why did you join the team? I’ve been with T-Mobile since 2011! At the time, I was about 8 weeks pregnant with my first child and needed a job with amazing benefits. My original plan was to go back to being a hairdresser, but I love T-Mobile too much to leave!



When you started at T-Mobile, did you imagine that you'd be managing the Support Community at some point? Honestly, I didn’t know there was a Support Community when I started at T-Mobile! I'm glad I do now -- it's been a great experience!


Share the best memory you've made while working at T-Mobile: One of my favorite memories with T-Mobile was when our Community Manager team had the opportunity to fly out to Bellevue and meet in person for the very first time. It was an amazing team-building session that created many memories.


What was your first job? Working at Dairy Queen. I used to be able to make perfect “Qs” on the top of the ice cream!


Ever had a nickname? I’ve had two nicknames that stuck – Pippi, and Amanda Panda.


How long does it take you to get ready in the morning? That depends. Are there two energy-filled children running around? If so, 5-10 minutes. If not, probably around 30 minutes at most.


Do you collect anything? I used to actively collect baseball cards, a habit inherited from my dad. Now, they’re in boxes in the closet!


How would your friends describe you? As a Chatty Cathy that likes to joke around. I’m full of some of the corniest jokes! Sample: Why are frogs so happy? They eat whatever bugs them!


If money was no object, what would you do all day? I would head over to Wales with my family and visit as many castles as possible.


What’s your favorite thing about your job? This is one of those jobs where you enjoy “clocking in” -- so to pick a single thing that is my favorite isn’t easy. However, one of my favorites is that my creativity is embraced and put to good use.


Come visit!

Interested in becoming an active part of our Community? Check out our Meet n' Greet thread and feel free to jump on into any discussion you'd like to be a part of! Amanda (and the rest of us) can't wait to meet you!

Surfing’s a sign of summer, and T-Mobile's bringing on the heat in a major wave! The Un-Carrier is sponsoring the Founders' Cup of Surfing at the WSL Surf Ranch, the first ever professional surfing competition in a man-made pool! Do you have a passion for warm weather, sunny beaches, and crashing waves? You're in luck! We've got the lowdown on how T-Mobile's making waves in 2018!



Founders' Cup of Surfing

This event is just another example of T-Mobile making history. On Saturday May 5th – Sunday, May 6th, the magenta megalodon will be sponsoring the Founders' Cup of Surfing.  It's the first professional surfing competition where 25 wave riders will put their skills to the test for high tide glory in a man-made pool. This will be the first amazing event held at the WSL Surf Ranch in oh-so-sunny Lemoore, CA.


Enjoy the show!

Whether you’re looking for the best view in the house or on the beach, T-Mobile's got you covered (just like our network). Alongside the wave pool, all fans are welcome at the T-Mobile Un-Carrier Lounge. The exclusive relaxation spot gives attendees an optimal view of all the adrenaline-filled action. This awesome lounge area is out of the sun, but close to the fun! It's the perfect place to capture the best moments on your smartphone. Don’t worry about your battery dying while you’re directing your amateur sports doc -- you can keep your phone alive for every epic shot with 25 well-placed charging stations! The Un-Carrier Lounge is the place you wanna be to get the best live view of this incredible sporting event.


Sounds awesome! Can I check it out?

If you can’t hit up the event, but want to see the action, select portions will be shown on CBS and CBS Sports. You can also stream it live on WorldSurfLeague.com, Bleacher Report or on the World Surf League’s mobile app. T-Mobile's got a special treat for  viewers; The T-Mobile Barrel Cam. This one-of-kind camera angle takes viewers off the sideline and into the barrel with some pro surfer dudes and dudettes, and you can keep track of competitors’ times with the barrel timer!


The competition is heating up and you won't wanna miss out on this the history-making action. Check out the schedule below and support this fantastic event by tuning in and watching these pros make a splash!


Broadcast Times (live)
Round 1May 58:30am PT - 12:30pm PT (11am - 12pm on CBS)
Round 2May 51:30pm PT - 5:30pm PT
Round 3May 69:30am PT - 1pm PT
FinalsMay 61pm PT - 5pm PT (1pm - 5pm CBS Sports)

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