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The contest has ended! See a full list of the winners and prizes here.



Hey, T-Mobile Support Community!


Do you like our new site?  Do you love the thrill of the hunt?  Do you like prizes!?  If you answered yes to any of those questions then this is the contest for you!  To celebrate our shiny new redesign of the Support Community, we are going to have a community scavenger hunt and the winner will get some sweet T-Mobile swag!  Here's the breakdown:


The Contest:

The Legere Doll has been scoping out the new community and your task is to find him in as many places as possible.  He could be hiding anywhere - in our device specific "How To" pages, in comments made by other users in the community...  Seek high and low. The Legere Doll told us he checked out about 50 different places across the community and the first person to find the most places he visited or every place he visited wins! Oh, and bonus points* to those who find wonky bugs with the new site while you're searching!

*Disclaimer- Bonus points have no cash value, do not increase your chances of winning, and don't actually exist.


How to play:

  1. Start browsing all the different areas of the community, like our Magenta Lounge or the iPhone 7 Plus page.
  2. When you find a Legere Doll, copy the URL at the top of the page where you found it and start making a list.
  3. After you have found as many as you can or you've managed to find them all, use a service like pastebin to paste all the links you found into a private message.
  4. Send your private message to tmo_contest


The Community Manager team will tally up the results on May 4th and announce the winner here. If you are the lucky winner, we will reach out to you in a private message to send you your prize!



The rules:

  • Contest entry lists must be submitted by 11:59 PM PT on 05/03 to qualify.
  • Don't try to be sneaky!    We have a list of all the places he visited.
  • Not really a rule but more of a favor to ask - please try to submit all your findings in one private message (makes it easier to tally and prevents confusion since the contest is based on who gets the most first).
  • *Cheesy rule alert*  Have fun!


So let's get started!  Bust out your safari gear, pack a lunch, set your metal detectors to .JPEG, and let the hunt begin!


BORDER_620x300-HERO-IMG1 (1).jpgTeam magenta is amping up our commitment to all things green in celebration of Earth Day!  Hopefully those of you who are in the habit of getting thanked weekly were able to use the T-Mobile Tuesdays app to participate our proud partnership with reforestation movers and shakers Treecycler, or enjoy a fantastic discount on PaperCulture sustainable stationery.  In addition to the Tuesday love, we’re also stoked to announce the super progressive move we’ve made by making the largest wind power investment on record by a US wireless company (you could say it’s very un-fossil of us).  If this big news breezed by you, or you missed out on planting a tree, don’t worry.  We have a few suggestions for ways you can contribute to the greener good year round!

  • Paperless billing

Generally speaking, the move to paperless billing is convenient and a step in the right direction for the environment.  Going paperless with your wireless carrier specifically - where a detailed bill including usage history for a family of three easily runs upwards of thirty pages - is a fantastic choice.  T-Mobile offers online .pdf versions of print statements on MyT-Mobile, so you can review and print only the pages you need for your records - for the past twelve months.  We’ll message you (and email if you like!) to let you know when a new statement is available.  Less clutter on the end of your dining room table, fewer trees felled.  It’s a win-win.

  • Paperless lifestyle choices

Don't stop with the bills!  Favorite band stopping by a local venue?  With the rise of paperless ticketing, chances are you can grab your tickets online and pull them up for a scan to get in, and arriving prepared when the doors open is a plus for you and the planet.  You can use your phone to go paperless for date night - download movie tickets and restaurant gift certificates.  Most local grocers offer coupon apps, too, so you can save a tree and some cash while you’re at it!

  • Recycling program

It's estimated that manufacturing your sweet, zippy little 8 ounce smartphone can require as much as 165 pounds of raw material!  We’re not saying to stop upgrading, so don’t feel guilty about stalking the tracking page for that Galaxy S8 - but we are offering conscientious options to minimize the landfill impact when your current equipment loses its pep.  We utilize our JUMP! and Trade-In programs to refurbish equipment for reuse, offer recycling at our stores, and ship recycling labels with new device purchases (please make sure you don’t send your Trade-In to the recycling center)!  You can learn more about our commitment to recycling equipment here, on the T-Mobile Recycling Program page. 

  • Device maintenance

While we’re talking about how many resources go into that beautifully crafted machine you slip into your back pocket so casually, let’s talk about taking care of it.  If you want to replace your equipment, awesome!  But the fewer times you need to replace it, the better.  Repeat this mantra: power cycling is power napping for my phone.  Also, make sure you’re routinely clearing your cache and cookies, managing your device’s memory and storage, and updating when requested (you can find How-Tos in your phone's Device space).  Last but not least, when you see that friendly reminder about conserving power, unplug the charger.  Your battery won't grow like a Grinchy heart, and consuming a little less energy in each of our homes can make a difference.

  • Public transit

Urban and suburban users can use their phones to decrease their carbon footprint by creating unique public transport solutions - or finding the best walking route.  Google Maps isn’t just for figuring out the quickest route to drive to Grandma’s - you can toggle for bus schedules, ride services, cycling or walking directions.  Citymapper, Transit and Moovit are all excellent choices for those who have rail or subway options around them, too, and many large metro areas have dedicated apps for their own public transit systems.  Use one of these options to get to and fro on that paperless date and you win bonus points!

Whether you opt to adopt a few of these behaviors or embrace them all, rest assured your efforts are appreciated.  We'll continue to do our best to match them, and provide more opportunities for sustainable service in the future!  That said, we reserve the right to recycle this blog. 

Support Community Upgrade.jpgA while back, we teased you with information about our upcoming Support Community redesign. Well, it's about time to put our money where our mouth is. Our brand new Support Community site redesign will be live April 26th!


To say that we're giving the site a new coat of paint is an understatement. We've rethought the site structure itself, and rebuilt nearly every landing page from the ground up. So yeah, you could say we painted, but we tore down and rebuilt the walls first. Since we were knee-deep in HTML at that point, we took the opportunity to improve navigation, optimize our search engine, and reorganize our discussions spaces to boot. And that's just the tip of the iceberg, my friend.



So what's actually changing?

We're glad you asked.

  • Top-to-bottom redesign: New, more interesting and intuitive pages built to help you find everything you need.
  • Mobile optimization: Over half of our traffic comes from mobile, and we're finally giving those folks the site they deserve! Every single homepage, document, discussion, and blog will be fully mobile optimized, so no more awkward pinching and zooming. (Sorry it took so long!)
  • T-Mobile ID login: Ever wondered why you've got a separate login for T-Mobile.com and Support.T-Mobile.com? Us too! Thankfully, people much smarter than us have figured out a way to cross the streams without every molecule in your body exploding at the speed of light.
  • Gamification v.2, Magenta Boogaloo: In another long overdue move, we're going to be beefing up our on-site gamification by redoing all the ranks, adding new, interesting missions & badges, and incentivizing the game itself. Level up to earn cool site perks and actual, physical swag, to boot! We'll let you know more about the gamification relaunch soon, but if you're going "What's a gamifi-whatever?", don't worry, we've got you.
  • And more... We've got even more amazing stuff coming with the new site! Keep your eyes peeled to the Support Community when the new site goes live April 26th!



What else do you need to know?

First, all of our awesome content, and all of your awesome discussions will be waiting for you on the new site, safe and sound. Second, even our web wizards, in all their world-wide-wisdom can't just blink a new site into existence. We’ll be starting work and doing the heavy lifting overnight, but be prepared for some downtime. We’ll most likely have some read-only time periodically, but we'll do our best to keep it to a minimum so we can be up and running early on the 26th. After all, what's the point of building an incredible new support experience and not letting anybody in?


We'll see you there.


Backup, Buttercup!

Posted by tmo_marissa Mar 24, 2017

phonecloudsgears.jpgOnce Daylight Savings Time has wrenched us from our beds an hour early, the weather takes a friendlier turn and sunshine hangs around a little longer, most of us start thinking about things that go along with Spring.  Spring Break, spring cleaning, your annual spring backup...  Well, perhaps the last item on that list isn’t a phrase you naturally pencil into your spring agenda, but it ought to be!  The folks behind World Backup Day on March 31st aim to ink this task onto your calendar permanently.


An independent, industry wide initiative started by a few swell people on Reddit, World Backup Day's goal is to prevent heartache by educating the everyday user of mobile media (read: you and me) about the importance of having more than one copy of all of your important files. Whether you opt for a hard copy or a cloud copy, the point is simple: you need another copy!  Anyone who’s accidentally left their phone behind, carried it into the ocean, or lost it forever to a software malfunction without sync enabled or a backup saved understands that you can replace your phone, but not that awesome photo of little Tony’s first cupcake, or the video you took at Nana’s Thanksgiving.  It’s no fun creating a contact roster from scratch, either.  The Facebook post asking your entire friends list to text you their names so that you can save the numbers feels silly and honestly, it’s potentially dangerous when last names aren’t included (imagine sending Aunt Beth the photos you took with Friend Beth at last week's after-party).


These days, most smartphones come equipped with some built-in cloud backup options, so the process is much more forgiving than it was in the past.  This spring is a great time to make sure you’re taking advantage of the existing sync and backup services available for your phone. To get a better idea of ways you can protect your information, we’ve got some steps available right here on the Support site!  This March 31st, make sure you take a look at both of the following pages in your device’s How Tos:


  • Devices > Your Phone > How Tos > Apps & Data > Sync. 

Enabling these settings will ensure that recent information you select from the available options (commonly Mail, Contacts, Photos, Calendars) are backed up to the cloud account associated with your phone; for example, to your Google account for Android equipment or iCloud for Apple devices.


  • Devices > Your Phone > How Tos > Systems & Settings > Backup and Restore.

These settings offer options to back up items unique to your existing setup, in some cases down to your call reject list, to ease the tweaking burden needed if you have to restore the phone.  Depending on your device manufacturer, there may be internal storage and SD backup options, as well as steps to back files up to a computer.


Many device manufacturers also offer software programs that can be used to transfer copies of your device files to a computer if that’s an option for you!  Typically a quick trip to the manufacturer’s official website will yield steps to determine the right program to download for your particular phone, as well as instructions for how to use the software once installed.  While you're web-journeying, don't forget to stop by World Backup Day's website for some great info, as well as a pledge you can take and share with your friends to encourage a safer, backed-up world, with fewer opportunities to mourn the loss of our most precious information.



Grab your popcorn and your favorite beverage then prepare to be entertained! FandangoNOW was recently added as one of our Binge On services. FandangoNOW may also look familiar because it has been frequenting T-Mobile Tuesdays prizes. FandangoNOW is your cup of tea if you like to binge watch TV series or rent the latest movies while on-the-go with over 30,000 movies and shows currently available!


How to use FandangoNOW with Binge On

  1. Enable Binge On
  2. Download the FandangoNOW app
  3. Create a FandangoNOW account (an account is not needed to browse movies, TV shows or watch the trailers)
  4. Find the movie or TV show of your choice and purchase


Note: Only video streaming is included with Binge On. Data used to load and browse content on streaming provider's apps and websites, as well as any advertisements that stream prior to, or during, your selected video’s playback, also counts toward your high-speed data.


Device Compatibility

  • iOS 8 or later
  • Android 4.3 or above


SpectrumHave you noticed all the commercials from the other guys about whose network is more advanced (or advanced-er) than the others? With only a minute time slot, how can you really know what makes a network more advanced? What does all this have to do with you? Sure you’ll hear all the acronyms, but what does it all mean, for crying out loud? Well, before you get go all "Hulk Smash!" from confusion, let’s take a breath and go over how T-Mobile’s LTE Advanced is a step above the rest.



What's changing?

Other than T-Mobile changing the wireless industry itself, our LTE Advanced has 2 major parts propelling our network ahead of the rest. First, we’ve rolled out 4x4 MIMO. No, 4x4 MIMO isn’t the name a cute little toy truck. 4x4 MIMO (multiple input, multiple output) doubles the paths between your phone and the cell site. The second part of this dynamic duo of network upgrades is 256 QAM (quadrature amplitude modulation). I know, that kind of sounds like something you’ll find on the U.S.S Enterprise.


So, what does all that mean?

Okay, okay, enough with the ridiculous acronyms and Star Trek references. Let’s get to the meat ‘n potatoes of this thing. With 4x4 MIMO, twice as many paths can result in doubling your speeds! 256 QAM helps increase the number of bits of data downloaded through the network. In addition to the increased download speeds, upload speeds increase too with 64 QAM. What makes this even sweeter is this tech can be used together to create an awesome network experience. Our Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge are ready to take advantage of this awesome new tech and we'll be rolling out more supported phones in the future!


When will it be ready?

These features are ready right now for you to use! See, T-Mobile's been enhancing our network with these changes since October of last year. If you're in any of the 319 cities we've reached already and you have an S7 os S7 Edge, you're ready to go. There's no set up or complicated configuration required. You just connect to our network, fasten your seat belt, and enjoy up to double the data speeds!

T-Mo Hardhat.pngHave you ever visited the Support Community and thought to yourself: "This place could really use some work."? Well, first of all that hurts our feelings, and you're off the the list to get our famous fruitcake this holiday season. But if you're one of the folks that loves Support, you're in for a real treat because we're in the process of redesigning to make the site more intuitive, flashy, and just plain better all-around. Included (and this is a big one) with the site update comes... mobile optimization! That's right, you are now going to be able to visit our site from your mobile device without having to pinch-to-zoom just to get around. Took us long enough, eh?


If right about now you're thinking, "That sounds like a lot of work!", you don't know the half of it. The truth is that we're committed to making this site for you, the user, and we welcome (and rely on) any feedback you've got for us. So, how are we going to get all this done? Well, our original plan involved several hamsters, plenty of caffeine, and some high-end PCs, but that didn't end up going anywhere so we came up with a new one. Check it out:


Phase 1: The "Squish"

Phase 1.png

In the beginning... there were like, a million discussion spaces. Have a Samsung Galaxy S6? We've got a space for that. How about an S6 Edge? Got a space for that one too! Are you the last surviving Motorola RAZR user? Well, we actually didn't have a space for that, but you get the idea. To make the Support Community a better, easier to use place, Phase 1 of our redesign condensed our discussion pages down to broader categories. Now those folks with the S6 and S6 edge can talk to each other in the luxurious Galaxy Series space! This will ultimately lead to increased discussion, fewer duplicate posts, and more eyes on your questions, which will hopefully get them answered faster! The best part is that you can still start discussions just like you always have, so no extra legwork for you (just us). That guy with the RAZR is still on his own though.  It's a lonely world out there, RAZR guy. We send our love (and maybe our fruitcake).


Phase 2: Development

Phase 2.png

Phase 2 is a crazy, all-out hybrid of top-rate web development and mystical, dark incantation that shall not be repeated here. Our ace team of developer/sorcerers are hard at work redesigning every piece of the Support Community, from the document templates to the little, tiny button you click to get to our Instagram. This process will ultimately bring a shiny, new website that will be easy on the eye, better to navigate, and (gasp) mobile responsive! Either that or it will summon an unspeakable horror from the depths of the seas. Either way, it will be exciting, that's for sure!


Phase 3: Launch!

Phase 3.png

This one is pretty self-explanatory, but we'll go over it anyway. At some point in the near-future (soon™) we'll unleash our beautiful new Support Community for everyone to use! But a good site's work is never done, so rest assured that we'll be leaning heavily on you, our dear users, to help us improve even further.

Need our help? Contact us.

Find ways to contact us now