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Apple announces iOS12

Posted by tmo_marissa Jun 7, 2018

User adoption stats are a point of pride for the innovative Apple team: 81% of iOS devices are running iOS 11. With the iOS12 announcements made June 4th at their Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC) it's easy to see why folks get excited about a new iOS update.


WWDC announcements for iOS12 and WatchOS 5

There's no official release date for this software yet, so you have plenty of time to get amped for this update. Go ahead and plan your first massive Group FaceTime party! Think of ways that you can simplify your routines with Siri's help! Here's a quick review of those highlights (and more) Apple fans can look forward to with iOS 12, coming some time this fall.


iOS 12 highlights

  • Manage Screen TimeiPhone.png
    • Do Not Disturb during Bedtime dims the display and hides all notifications on the lock screen until prompted in the morning
    • Screen Time creates Activity Reports that show the total time a person spends in each app they use, and let you set limits as needed
    • Grouped Notifications make it easier to view and manage multiple notifications at once
  • Siri Shortcuts and Suggestions
    • Siri will offer Suggestions based on your routine
    • Create customized Siri Shortcuts across multiple apps and use a simple voice command to kick off a roster of tasks
  • Augmented Reality
    • ARKit 2 adds shared experience integration so developers can build new ways for users to interact across an AR environment
    • Apple and Pixar collaborated to develop a new open file format, usdz, optimized for sharing in apps and placing 3D objects in the real world using Quick Look for AR
    • Measure three dimensional objects in the real world
    • Animojis add wink and tongue detection, plus you can now create a beautifully designed Memoji -- use the improved Animoji and new Memoji right from iMessage and FaceTime!
  • Group FaceTime makes it’s easy to chat with up to 32 people at the same time (sorry, number 33!)
  • Photos will have search improvements for object and scene recognition, advance categorization, improved indexing, highlights built just For You, and the ability to encourage photo sharing between friends


WatchOS 5

  • Activity Workout additions include Yoga and Hiking, improvements to Running and auto-workout detection
  • New Activity Sharing competitions let you and your friends spur each other into better health
  • Walkie-Talkie mode lets you choose who you want to keep a quick watch to watch connection with over cellular or WiFi
  • With WatchOS 5, third party apps are now on the Siri watch face, and Apple Podcasts are added to watches for your listening pleasure



Update me!

Steady there -- this software hasn't been released just yet! If you want to be ready when the new version launches, it's super simple. Go here to get step-by-step directions on updating. Remember, the iOS12 update will be available on iPhones 5S and newer, and for all iPad Air and iPad Pro models, iPad 5th generation, iPad 6th generation, iPad mini 2 and later. To learn more about iOS12, WatchOS 5 and all of the other announcements at WWDC, visit the Apple Newsroom for details.

The official start of summer is still a few weeks away, but the first exciting flagship phone of the season is ready to go! If you're looking for the right new device to take you from pool parties to the campground, to the beach and back, the LG G7 ThinQ has some impressive enhancements that could change the way you summer -- not to mention the rest of your year.


Thoughtful innovations

The twin 16MP rear cameras on the LG G7 ThinQ would be a stellar addition to any flagship device, but this time around, LG leverages AI to put this hardware to great use. The AI Cam can recognize your subject matter and make suggestions to ensure your shots are on par with pros. If you're planning to make the most of your summer nights, the Super Bright camera mode can give your evening shots the boost they need -- and the LCD display can keep up on those extra sunny days!



The powerful 3D sound and enhanced bass of the G7 ThinQ's "boombox speaker" will help you share those summer jams with friends and family. Not only can the G7 ThinQ put out some noise, it can hear well, too -- far field voice recognition will keep you in touch with your AI assistant from across the room.


The LG G7 ThinQ doesn't scrap any of the awesome features of its predecessors to add these touches, either. This device is IP68 rated dust and water resistant, and poised to take advantage of T-Mobile's 600MHz frequency as well as 4X4 MIMO and 256 QAM. As T-Mobile's network expansion continues, this device could just be the trusty sidekick (no, not the Sidekick) you want to maximize your service.


Key features

  • Android 8.0 Oreo
  • 6.1" QHD+ FullVision display
  • 16MP/16MP Wide rear facing camera, 8MP front facing camera
  • 2.8 GHz Octa-core processor
  • 4 GB RAM, 64 GB ROM
  • More impressive camera and media details here: Tech specs: LG G7 ThinQ


Get yours

You can preorder today online or through the T-Mobile app, but if waiting isn't your strong suit -- don't worry. The LG G7 ThinQ will be available in participating stores nationwide on June 1st. Take a look at this amazing device in action below!

Hey, T-Mobile Support Community! Today is National Scavenger Hunt Day, and we're celebrating with a contest for Community pros ready to show off their blazing fast navigation skills and fresh users who want to rack up some points exploring. This scavenger hunt is going to take you to some of the deepest, darkest corners of the Support Community -- so it's probably a good idea to bring some sort of protection.


The contest:


Starting today, 5/24/2018, through 6/7/2018, the hunt is on! We want Community members to take a look at the questions below and hunt for the answers! Each one can be answered using documents and threads located right here on Support or within our Support Community. The winners will be picked based on the number of correct links they identify and provide. If a tie breaker is necessary, we’ll rank submissions based on the order in which they’re received.


Up for grabs, we have a pretty sweet goodie bag* full of essentials for outdoor activities! If you're planning on participating in your own scavenger hunt IRL, these goodies are sure to give you the leg up on your competition.

*Goodie bag package includes: T-Mobile sunscreen, water bottle, cinch bag, scout hat, and some rad laces for your kicks.


To participate in this contest you must post a reply on the contest thread letting us know that you’ll be playing. Please, for the love of all that is magenta, don’t post URLs in the thread! After you’ve commented, a Community Manager will send you a private message confirming that we’ve noted your initial entry. Once you’ve found as many of the links as you can (or all of them, you overachiever!), reply to the private message from the Community Manager with a list of the links (the web URL at the top of the page) you’ve found. Happy hunting, and may the search algorithms be ever in your favor!


How to play:

  1. Reply to the official contest post letting us know you’ll be playing. We’ll send a PM your way so you know we've seen your request!
  2. Locate all or as many of the items listed below as you can.
  3. Reply to the private message sent you by a Community Manager to submit your entries.


What you need to find:

  • Where can I find T-Mobile Support’s blog about the T-Mobile Changemaker Challenge?
  • I feel like having a conversation that’s literally just people associating words with other words. Where should I post?
  • Who the heck are these Community Manager folks?
  • Netflix on T-Mobile? Yes, please! Can you show me something that explains what that is and how to get it?
  • When will my multiple Android phones get the upcoming Oreo software update?
  • My Nokia 5320 stopped playing any sounds! I think I need to master reset it. Where are the steps to do this?
  • Free me from my big red carrier, I prefer Magenta! If you’ll reimburse my ETF or device balance (up to $650) I will love you forever!
  • I’m researching a career as an armchair engineer – where can I find a list of the network frequencies and bands that T-Mobile supports?
  • Yo, T-Mobile, where them sweet deals at? Is there a home base where I can look at all of your offerings?
  • I want free stuff (always) and today happens to be a Tuesday. Is there an app for that?



  1. You must reply to the private message from the Community Manager with your links before 11:59:59 PM PST 6/7/2017 to qualify
  2. Full list of official rules can be found here Support Community 2018 Scavenger Contest Rules

Values are the driving force at the core of our mission to revolutionize the wireless industry, and we believe the values illustrated by our military and veterans are very much worth celebrating. Last month we announced an extensive military support initiative, but during Military Appreciation Month, we couldn't pass up the opportunity to highlight the huge contribution these folks make to our company.


T-Mobile's Veterans & Allies NetworkMilitaryT.jpg

For a little over four years, T-Mobile's employee Veterans & Allies Network has been a source of support and outreach for military veterans, active duty service members, National Guard and Reservists, their families and the communities T-Mobile serves. With a current membership of over 6,000 veterans and supporters of veteran initiatives, the Veterans and Allies Network creates a space where veterans can come together to find the camaraderie they experienced in the military, and continue acts of service to others with the support of passionate allies.


"The T-Mobile Veterans & Allies Network leads the way in showing recognition and appreciation for T-Mobile veteran employees with the presentation of a challenge coin, a long standing tradition in the military, to a veteran employee by their leadership," explains Tana Avellar, the group's chair since June 2017, but the network's mission doesn't stop at the doors of T-Mobile's sites and stores. "The Veterans & Allies Network's construct allows employees to focus on what's most important to them. Some chapters may focus on the military to civilian transition, while others are more service-oriented, addressing the veteran homeless issue today."


In the past year, this broad scope of outreach has led to T-Mobile employee participation in the 2017 Veteran’s Day Parade in NYC, the Miles for Mills 5K supporting the Travis Mills Foundation, the Green Light a Vet initiative, service projects with The Mission Continues, and organizing coat, blanket and supply drives -- among others.


What's next?

Our Veterans and Allies Network also educates our organization about the unique skills veterans and active duty military members bring to the table, and the experiences that their families share. "We help champion dialogue and bring awareness to bridging the gap -- translating between military and civilian skills," Avellar says. "That innate leadership, team building, creative thinking and agile mindset is something difficult to replicate. You can teach someone industry-specific skills, but you cannot create the unique experiences of a veteran. These experiences produce invaluable qualities that make a company better; they make teams better."


To this end, T-Mobile Veterans & Allies Network has hosted several FourBlock veteran career transition events on T-Mobile campuses. FourBlock is now T-Mobile's national partner in a mission to widen that impact -- expanding their fantastic program to 20 total cities and making the program accessible everywhere for free when they launch online this fall. You can learn more about our commitment to FourBlock in the T-Mobile Newsroom, and get additional details about our incredible partners who support military members and veterans here: Military and Veterans: Events, Employment & More.


Inspired? Starting today, May 14th, the Un-carrier will donate at least $1 million during the MLB regular season to benefit American veterans. For every tweet or Instagram post with #HatsOff4Heroes, T-Mobile will donate $1 – up to a minimum of $1 million – to Team Rubicon, a non-profit uniting the skills of veterans with first responders to rapidly deploy emergency response teams to communities impacted by disasters. We've got all of the important info here: #HatsOff4Heroes. However you decide to celebrate Military Appreciation Month this May, as Avellar points out, "So few have served, and those who have do not typically look for fanfare. Reach out and show your appreciation from a grateful nation (and company)."



Hey, Support visitors! Every so often we like to highlight one of the fine internet beings who make the Support Community world go 'round, and this week we're happy to serve up a get-to-know-you with a member of our own Community Manager team, Amanda.


Who's this Amanda person?

Amanda is one of the Community Managers who keeps our Community humming along! On the Support Community side of things, she helps keep the forum organized and tidy, and answers users' questions when needed. Behind closed doors, she is a reporting maven and holds the team's most coveted Excel skills! We picked Amanda's brain and mined her closet for skeletons (and came up with baseball cards) -- enjoy!


All the secrets!

How long have you been with T-Mobile, and why did you join the team? I’ve been with T-Mobile since 2011! At the time, I was about 8 weeks pregnant with my first child and needed a job with amazing benefits. My original plan was to go back to being a hairdresser, but I love T-Mobile too much to leave!



When you started at T-Mobile, did you imagine that you'd be managing the Support Community at some point? Honestly, I didn’t know there was a Support Community when I started at T-Mobile! I'm glad I do now -- it's been a great experience!


Share the best memory you've made while working at T-Mobile: One of my favorite memories with T-Mobile was when our Community Manager team had the opportunity to fly out to Bellevue and meet in person for the very first time. It was an amazing team-building session that created many memories.


What was your first job? Working at Dairy Queen. I used to be able to make perfect “Qs” on the top of the ice cream!


Ever had a nickname? I’ve had two nicknames that stuck – Pippi, and Amanda Panda.


How long does it take you to get ready in the morning? That depends. Are there two energy-filled children running around? If so, 5-10 minutes. If not, probably around 30 minutes at most.


Do you collect anything? I used to actively collect baseball cards, a habit inherited from my dad. Now, they’re in boxes in the closet!


How would your friends describe you? As a Chatty Cathy that likes to joke around. I’m full of some of the corniest jokes! Sample: Why are frogs so happy? They eat whatever bugs them!


If money was no object, what would you do all day? I would head over to Wales with my family and visit as many castles as possible.


What’s your favorite thing about your job? This is one of those jobs where you enjoy “clocking in” -- so to pick a single thing that is my favorite isn’t easy. However, one of my favorites is that my creativity is embraced and put to good use.


Come visit!

Interested in becoming an active part of our Community? Check out our Meet n' Greet thread and feel free to jump on into any discussion you'd like to be a part of! Amanda (and the rest of us) can't wait to meet you!

Surfing’s a sign of summer, and T-Mobile's bringing on the heat in a major wave! The Un-Carrier is sponsoring the Founders' Cup of Surfing at the WSL Surf Ranch, the first ever professional surfing competition in a man-made pool! Do you have a passion for warm weather, sunny beaches, and crashing waves? You're in luck! We've got the lowdown on how T-Mobile's making waves in 2018!



Founders' Cup of Surfing

This event is just another example of T-Mobile making history. On Saturday May 5th – Sunday, May 6th, the magenta megalodon will be sponsoring the Founders' Cup of Surfing.  It's the first professional surfing competition where 25 wave riders will put their skills to the test for high tide glory in a man-made pool. This will be the first amazing event held at the WSL Surf Ranch in oh-so-sunny Lemoore, CA.


Enjoy the show!

Whether you’re looking for the best view in the house or on the beach, T-Mobile's got you covered (just like our network). Alongside the wave pool, all fans are welcome at the T-Mobile Un-Carrier Lounge. The exclusive relaxation spot gives attendees an optimal view of all the adrenaline-filled action. This awesome lounge area is out of the sun, but close to the fun! It's the perfect place to capture the best moments on your smartphone. Don’t worry about your battery dying while you’re directing your amateur sports doc -- you can keep your phone alive for every epic shot with 25 well-placed charging stations! The Un-Carrier Lounge is the place you wanna be to get the best live view of this incredible sporting event.


Sounds awesome! Can I check it out?

If you can’t hit up the event, but want to see the action, select portions will be shown on CBS and CBS Sports. You can also stream it live on WorldSurfLeague.com, Bleacher Report or on the World Surf League’s mobile app. T-Mobile's got a special treat for  viewers; The T-Mobile Barrel Cam. This one-of-kind camera angle takes viewers off the sideline and into the barrel with some pro surfer dudes and dudettes, and you can keep track of competitors’ times with the barrel timer!


The competition is heating up and you won't wanna miss out on this the history-making action. Check out the schedule below and support this fantastic event by tuning in and watching these pros make a splash!


Broadcast Times (live)
Round 1May 58:30am PT - 12:30pm PT (11am - 12pm on CBS)
Round 2May 51:30pm PT - 5:30pm PT
Round 3May 69:30am PT - 1pm PT
FinalsMay 61pm PT - 5pm PT (1pm - 5pm CBS Sports)

T-Mobile believes in thanking our customers -- and that includes the millions of military members and their families across the nation. We're taking our commitment to those who commit their all to the next level, with a company-wide initiative that includes the biggest military discount in wireless, investment in LTE network expansion around US military bases, and a pledge to hire 10,000 veterans and military spouses.



T-Mobile ONE Military

On April 22nd we launched T-Mobile ONE Military, a new plan for military customers, their families, and their small businesses. T-Mobile ONE Military will offer every incredible benefit included in T-Mobile ONE, with our biggest discount ever for families. With taxes and fees already included, you get 20% off your first line, and half off each additional family line added -- up to five additional lines. T-Mobile ONE Military is available for active duty military, Reserve, National Guard, veterans, and Gold Star families. Customers can verify eligibility online or in store!

And to keep the half-off thanks rolling, for a limited time we're also thrilled to offer the latest Samsung devices to our military customers at a discount, too. When you activate a T-Mobile ONE Military plan, and purchase a Samsung Galaxy S9, S9+, or S8 Active on an equipment installment plan, you can receive 50% off via promotional bill credits. Check out more details here: Military Members get 50% off a Samsung Galaxy.


Network expansion for military communities

Excellent plans and stellar devices need great service to support them -- the way our service members support us. So, in 2018, T-Mobile will invest more than half a billion dollars to expand LTE coverage and capacity around military bases and neighboring communities. We're laying the groundwork for 5G as well, putting infrastructure in place to make sure that once this groundbreaking new tech is ready to go live, our military communities are poised for access.


Commitment to hire 10,000 veterans and military spouses

The beating heart of our military is in the men, women, and families who serve. So we're investing in people, too. We know our veterans and their families bring incredible skill and strength, and we're thrilled to expand on a commitment already in place by pledging to hire 10,000 veterans and military spouses in the next five years. For those transitioning to civilian careers, we're helping FourBlock expand their impressive Career Readiness Program -- to 20 total cities and online nationwide this fall -- so all military service members and veterans can enroll from anywhere for free.


Visit the T-Mobile Newsroom to read more in-depth coverage of this initiative and check out our CEO John Legere's call to action. We're with our service members! Are you with us?


Software Updates Explained

Posted by tmo_marissa Apr 16, 2018

It's what's inside that counts, right? The saying isn't just for books and engines -- it goes for your phone, too! The software's where all the good stuff happens, so it's no surprise that we get amped when we know an update is on the way.


Who makes software? SW.png

Let's pull this curtain back! Operating system software updates don't have to be a mystery. The heavy layers of code and magic that make your phone operate in the way that keeps you operating are a collaborative effort! The wizardry always begins with the operating system's software developers, but then requires partnership with the device manufacturer and the carrier to complete.


What happens next?

Once the software's built, the device manufacturer creates a version for testing -- called a "release candidate" -- customized for T-Mobile's network and services (think Visiual Voicemail and Wi-Fi Calling), and sends it to our fantastic device team for review. The OS update test period is usually conducted by selected T-Mobile employees over the span of a few weeks. Some manufacturers use public beta programs to test release candidates before they're fine-tuned, so be on the lookout for public testing opportunities if you're into adventure!


The last thing T-Mobile wants to do is release an update without ensuring stability. If the update doesn't work as expected with our network and services, the software goes back to development to be fixed. When the update passes the tests, then T-Mobile determines a release schedule, and we share it with you in the Software Updates document for your specific phone in the Devices page.


So when do I get an update?

We're all super eager to get new software, but we never want a software version that's not up to our standards sent to our customers! We ask for your patience and promise that as soon as the software's approved, your device manufacturer will push rolling updates.


While Apple's iOS releases are typically relatively widespread, Android software update timing is more varied, with multiple manufacturers finessing the software for their individual user interfaces. We blogged about it a bit ago, but right now Oreo’s all the rage, and the Software Updates page on T-Mobile Support is the best place to go to check the development pacing of the latest Android OS update!


Support is home to more information about OS versions and some smaller software updates (like bug fixes and security releases) for your specific device, too! Check it out:

  • Go to the Devices page.
  • Select your device.
  • Select Systems & Settings and then Software updates.


Reaching out is totally cool -- we love hearing from you! But it's worth mentioning that our Care teams use the same Software Update documents that customers access, so any additional information is purely speculative. As tough as waiting can be, we caution against rooting your phone or installing updated software on your own. Installing any software on your device that does not come directly from T-Mobile will (1) void your warranty and (2) prevent you from receiving future software updates from T-Mobile.

When brilliant design meets a beautiful mission statement, everyone wins. That's why T-Mobile is excited to announce that we'll be offering the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus (PRODUCT)RED Special Edition devices later this week!


What's different about (RED)?

The (PRODUCT)RED Special Edition iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus have all of the amazing features of the new generation of iPhone, in a remarkable red finish. Apple's partnership with (RED) supports HIV/AIDS programs that provide counseling, testing, and medication. Over 11 years, the sales of (RED) products have raised over $160 million for the Global Fund to Fight Aids. For more info about these devices, the (PRODUCT)RED purpose and accomplishments thus far, visit Apple's (PRODUCT)RED page.


Here's a quick refresher on the fantastic features these iPhones have to offer:



Apple iPhone 8

  • 4.7-inch Retina HD display with True Tone
  • All new water and dust resistant glass and aluminum design
  • A11 Bionic 6 core processor
  • Advanced 12MP camera with larger, faster sensor
  • Quad-LED True Tone flash and slow sync flash
  • Touch ID
  • LTE Advanced
  • Bluetooth 5.0
  • Qi wireless charging and fast-charge capable


If those details weren't thrilling enough, the iPhone 8 Plus offers the above specs with the following distinctions.


Apple iPhone 8 Plus

  • 5.5-inch Retina HD display with True Tone
  • 12 MP dual cameras
  • Portrait mode and portrait lighting


How can I go (RED)?

On Friday, April 13th, T-Mobile is launching the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus (PRODUCT)RED! If you'd like to make sure you're in line to get one of these stunning devices ASAP, you can pre-order the new iPhone 8 or 8 Plus (PRODUCT)RED starting Wednesday, April 11th, at T-Mobile.com. Every purchase brings us a step closer to an AIDS-free generation!


Backup, buttercup!

Posted by tmo_marissa Mar 31, 2018

The groundhog's had his cameo, and we've finally adjusted to Daylight Savings Time. Plant a few annuals, dust some forgotten corners, and tackle your spring backup March 31st to celebrate World Backup Day!



Why backup?

Maybe backing up your phone isn't part of your usual spring agenda, but it totally should be. World Backup Day, an independent, industry-wide initiative, aims to educate the everyday mobile media user about the importance of backing up.


Whether you opt for a hard copy or a cloud copy; you need a second copy of your data! Anyone who’s accidentally left a phone behind, cannon-balled into a pool without checking their pockets, or lost a device to a software malfunction without a backup saved understands how rough the alternative can be. You can replace your phone, but you can't relive special events to replace your photos and videos -- and building a contact roster from scratch isn't a picnic, either!


Backup now!

Luckily, almost all smartphones are equipped with built-in cloud backup options. This spring is a great time to make sure you’re taking advantage of the sync and backup services available for your device.To get a better idea of ways you can protect your information, we’ve got steps available right here on T-Mobile Support!


Start by clicking the DEVICES tab at the top of any Support page. Then find your phone by using the convenient Search bar. Take a look at both of the following pages in your device’s How Tos:


  • How Tos > Apps & Data > Sync.
    Enabling these settings will ensure that recent information you select from the available options (commonly Mail, Contacts, Photos, Calendars) are backed up to the cloud account associated with your phone; for example, to your Google account for Android equipment or iCloud for Apple devices.


  • How Tos > Systems & Settings > Backup and Restore.
    These settings offer options to back up unique existing settings to ease the burden of restoring. Depending on your device manufacturer, there may be internal storage and SD backup options, as well as steps to back files up to a computer.


Many device manufacturers also offer software programs that can be used to transfer copies of your device files to a computer or laptop! If you've got a few extra minutes to spend online today, it just takes a quick trip to the manufacturer’s official website to determine if there's software for your particular phone, install, and get one more backup saved!

At T-Mobile, we are committed to transforming wireless. But we won't stop there. We believe that young people have ideas that can transform their communities and effect lasting change for good -- so we're thrilled to partner with Ashoka Youth Venture to unleash that potential!



Changemaker Challenge

The T-Mobile Foundation is excited to announce the launch of the T-Mobile Changemaker Challenge, an opportunity for young people between the ages of 13 and 23 who want to shake up the status quo and change their communities for good. We're looking for up to 25 revolutionary ideas that will make long-lasting, positive impact in communities across the US. Ashoka Youth Venture, a fantastic organization with 20+ years of experience empowering and inspiring youth to take action and create change, will assist in facilitating the challenge.


Pull together a team and get your ideas in for consideration by the end of May. Finalists will be selected in June and invited on an all-expenses paid trip to Seattle to participate in a two day Changemaker Lab at T-Mobile HQ, hosted by T-Mobile and Ashoka. Not only will this workshop help young changemakers kickstart their plans into action, T-Mobile leadership and outside experts will provide ongoing mentorship to foster the skills development necessary to start and sustain their projects for the greater good.


Learn more

We're here to mobilize future leaders -- young people who share our interest in innovation, disruption, and problem solving. We want to fuel their fires to challenge the status quo, and amplify their inspirational voices. If this sounds like you, you can learn more about the challenge at T-Mobile.com/changemaker. Check out this call to action from our president and CEO John Legere!

Whether you're a glove-breaking expert or a jersey-sporting superfan, go ahead and grab your crackerjacks or crack a cold one -- T-Mobile celebrates spring with Major League Baseball!



MLB 2018

We know you've been wondering, and we're happy to confirm: the official comeback of MLB.TV, Un-carrier style is here! This Tuesday, March 27th, T-Mobile customers can #GetThanked and score big with a FREE regular season subscription to MLB.TV, including MLB At Bat (worth $115.99) through the T-Mobile Tuesdays app.


From the bleachers to the barracks to the backyard, T-Mobile has fans covered with the most advanced LTE coast to coast. T-Mobile customers can enjoy epic homers, steals, and contested calls galore with MLB’s streaming service, on us. Baseball lovers will be able to watch every out-of-market regular season game live or on demand, plus get all the enhancements of the MLB At Bat app's premium features -- because your stadium should be wherever you make it.



T-Mobile Tuesdays is THE way to redeem this free MLB.TV subscription, and getting MLB.TV through T-Mobile Tuesdays is a meatball.


  1. Download T-Mobile Tuesdays.
  2. Open the app between March 27th and April 2nd.
  3. Redeem the MLB.TV offer.
  4. Confirm your subscription at MLB.TV







Anything else?

Of course -- this Tuesday, the app will offer customers 25 percent off at MLBShop.com, so you can gear up for the season in style. And if you think free MLB.TV hits it out of the park, the contest we're running on March 27th to celebrate the start of baseball season is a moonshot. Baseball fans entering in the T-Mobile Tuesdays app or on Twitter (follow @T-Mobile) will have the chance to win an all-expense-paid trip for two to MLB All-Star Week, July 15-18, in Washington D.C.


For more details on T-Mobile's MLB.TV offer, including last year's MLB.TV streaming stats courtesy of expert (and T-Mobile president and CEO) John Legere, check out our Newsroom, and to find out more about this offer and T-Mobile's partnership with Major League Baseball, visit our MLB page here. If you want to chat about MLB.TV or any Un-carrier topic that might cross your plate, don't forget to visit our T-Mobile Support Community! As the mitt said to the ball, we'll catch ya later.

T-Mobile_T.pngCongratulations! Since you're reading this, you've already found one of the best T-Mobile resources out there: our Support site. But if you're looking for more updates on all things magenta, and maybe even assistance with your account, you're in luck! More T-Mobile awesomeness can be yours if you're game for adventuring across the web.


Where in the world is T-Mobile?

You can check in with us on a bunch of your favorite social media platforms:




Whether you're scoping out (sometimes live-streamed) videos, looking for reminders about T-Mobile Tuesdays offerings, breaking magenta news or sneak peeks of upcoming devices, our Facebook page is a hub of activity.


The biggest appeal of visiting us on Facebook might easily be that it's one of two home bases to our stellar T-Force team. Award-winning many times over, including a 2017 win for Best Social Engagement from Frost & Sullivan, T-Force is a team of super knowledgeable specialists ready to help our customers on social media with everything from device trouble to billing questions.





If you'd prefer to stay in the Un-carrier loop with a minimal character count, look no further! Visit our main Twitter feed, @TMobile, where we are thrilled to engage with any customer who wants to give us a shout. We offer a steady stream of UnCarrier news, and every so often, a contest or two!


If you're looking for T-Force here, you can catch us at @TMobileHelp, too! You can also follow a who’s who of our fearless leaders on Twitter for updates on network improvements, customer innovations, and everything in between (including the best slow-cooker breakdowns you'll ever witness).





Unboxing videos, speed tests, exciting stuff about T-Mobile's green initiatives and charitable giving, earnings info, a cooking lesson or two -- YouTube is definitely the spot to keep up with us while giving your scrolling thumb a rest. Did you know that T-Mobile recently set some Guinness World Records? You can check that out -- and tons more -- in our YouTube feed.






Everyone's favorite way to share a moment of their lives is one of our favorite ways to share UnCarrier moments with you. Travel, news, sample shots from some of our favorite devices, a little silliness here and there -- stay in touch with us moment by moment on IG.



Anywhere else?

Absolutely. If you'd like to see these announcements, updates, deals, contests, how-tos, and more, all curated into one neat feed, you can visit our T-Mobile Newsroom's social media page any time. If long-form's your thing, make sure you don't miss the T-Mobile News & Blogs while you're visiting! If you're interested in hanging out with some more rad Un-carrier fans, you can always visit us on our own version of social media -- our T-Mobile Support Community.


Community Spotlight: htghtg

Posted by tmo_lauren Mar 12, 2018



Hey Support visitors! Many of you have probably seen our Pillars of the Community around -- they've probably even answered a question or two for you! They're a vital part of our Community, and we're proud to be featuring one of those wonderful Pillars in our blog this week, htghtg!


Who's htghtg?

We've been lucky enough to have htghtg as a part of the Community for over 4 years here, and he's a hero in our little corner of the internet! You'll see him answering questions about network related issues, offering up tips for device troubleshooting, and sharing advice with Community members on everything in between. He originally joined the forums to ask a question of his own. Lucky for us, he decided to stick around when he realized posting was a great way to improve his writing skills and learn the ins and outs of T-Mobile, and simply because he enjoyed helping others resolve their issues. He quickly became an asset to the community and rose to the ranks of Pillar of the Community and has been with us ever since!



When he's not spending time helping others here, htghtg is busy working on a bachelors in Biology/Healthcare and working for a pharmacy. As if that wasn't enough, he's already looking forward to graduate school to pursue a professional degree in Pharmacology or a related field. As he puts it, "I absolutely love college."


Hang out in the Community!

Interested in meeting htghtg and the rest of our Pillars, learning more about other Support Community members, or becoming an active part of our Community? Check out our Meet n' Greet thread and feel free to jump in on any discussion you'd like to be a part of! We can't wait to meet you!


Gather your astro gear and fuel your jet packs -- it's time to prep for a trip to the stars. The Samsung Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9+ are headed to T-Mobile!

As of 9:01 PT on March 1st, pre-orders for the Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9+ have begun! Don’t delay, or you'll be kicking yourself come March 16th when these beauties launch. Whether you're a seasoned user of the Galaxy line or considering your first foray into intergalactic territory, these stunning new devices won't disappoint.


Do bigger things

The S9 and S9+ offer processor improvements that promise warp speed ability (while multitasking with dual screen). On top of that, both support 4x4 MIMO, 256 QAM, Carrier Aggregation and 600 MHz, so they're able to take advantage of every aspect of T-Mobile’s blazing fast network! That's not all the latest Samsung superphones have to offer. These devices boast better than ever camera features:Super Slo-mo can capture up to 4x as many frames per second than the predecessor, and Dual Aperture snags brilliant images even in the dark. You can also use your S9 and S9+ to create innovative new AR emojis, and build an entire emoji library -- that's actually you – all from a single picture.


These are the can't miss phones of 2018. Find more exciting tech highlights below!



Samsung Galaxy S9

  • 5.8” HD display QHD Super AMOLED Display
  • 4 GB RAM / 64 GB ROM
  • 12 MP Rear Facing Camera
  • 8 MP Front Facing Camera
  • Shoot 4K Ultra High Definition video
  • 3000 mAh battery
  • Android 8.0
  • Intelligent Scan - unlock your device with ease
  • IP68 rating for water and dust resistance
  • Dolby Atmos surround sound
  • Live Translate with Bixby

Samsung Galaxy S9+

  • 6. 2” HD QHD Super AMOLED display
  • 6 GB RAM / 64 GB ROM
  • 12 MP Dual Rear Facing Cameras
  • 8 MP Front Facing Camera
  • Shoot 4K Ultra High Definition video
  • Clear Zoom
  • Live Focus
  • 3500 mAh battery
  • Android 8.0
  • Intelligent Scan - unlock your device with ease
  • IP68 rating for water and dust resistance
  • Dolby Atmos surround sound
  • Live Translate with Bixby

Get yours

The Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9+ will be available on March 16th in Cobalt Blue, Lilac Purple, and Midnight Black finishes. Those who’d like to make certain they’re in line to get one of these fantastic devices as soon as possible can find the details about preordering here. Pre-orders began at 9:01 PM PT on March 1st, so if you're ready to go for it, you can use our T-Mobile app's awesome SHOP feature, order online, at participating T-Mobile stores across the country, or by contacting us.


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