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SiteT-Mobile Support
Release DateAugust 2, 2017


The focus on Support continues to be improving the discussion experience and optimizing the site. People like to talk and go fast. We're one Wonder Bread endorsement away from a Talladega Nights sequel.



What's New

New, improved password strength indicator system


  • We're adding new password strength indicators to better help users manage strong passwords.
  • The new indicators will give several suggestions on improved password strength to the user, visually indicating if the user has achieved them or not.
  • Passwords that are too weak will have visual indicators to help the user toward a stronger, sufficient password.


Link to News & Updates blog now featured on Community page


  • We're adding a featured link to the News & Updates blog to the Community page.
  • You can now easily get to our blog from the Community page to ready through all of our posts about the Support site and more!


Recent discussions have been added to the Discussions page


  • We're adding a quick and simple display of the most recent discussions across the site to the Discussions page!


New feature for staff to mark threads as Assumed Resolved


  • Discussion threads can now be marked by staff, giving them the ability to correctly mark threads that have been resolved where the answer may not be specifically one post.
  • This is handy for indicating threads that have been reviewed by staff and is intended to better show when staff have reviewed a thread you may be wondering about.
  • There will be a short message to show when a thread has been reviewed, even when the question being asked may not have a single answer.
    • For example, someone may ask "What's your favorite iPhone game?" and a lot of people may reply. This indicator may appear on a thread like that so that you know staff has reviewed and is watching the thread.


Developer Comments: We've been very, very busy. Actually, very, very, very busy. Improving the discussions experience is the main focus, and we will continue to focus on that for some time. In our spare time, we added routes to our blog, built a much stronger password strength indicator system, and added tools for our Support staff to strengthen their content. We even found a few hours to sleep.


Bug Fixes

Various bug fixes and improvements

  • Improved responsive layout of Discussions to better suit mobile users
  • Fixed intermittent issues causing errors when editing a discussion
  • Fixed intermittent issue with Getting Started greeting being skewed undesirably for some users
  • Fixed rare issue where Internet Explorer users may not see device details on device pages
  • Fixed issue displaying "Message Us on My T-Mobile" button when replying to a discussion
  • Improved the query-string of links within the Tutorials topic
  • Fixed an issue with an empty column on content list pages for logged out users
  • Fixed an issue with the location of the Correct Answer button being placed inside staff and Pillar signatures
  • Fixed a rare issue with user avatars skewing in discussion lists
  • Fixed various issues with long discussion titles and their truncation
  • Improved JavaScript files being served on the site to increase performance
  • Improved error pages with custom, branded 500 error page


Developer Comments: Lots of work in the last few weeks summarized as fixes to smooth out the discussion experience and a number of performance items.


Pillars Of The Community

Posted by tmo_marissa Jul 30, 2017

Edit_620x300_hero_R3.jpgChampions of the people, trusted trail guides, Helpy McHelpersons -- around here we like to call them Pillars of the Community. Although the phrase might sound dated, being awesome never goes out of style! Read on to find out more about the foundation of our Support Community.



What is a Pillar of the Community?

We're glad you asked! Pillars are the most knowledgeable, helpful users in the Community. Although the entire concept of our Support Community is peer-to-peer and user driven at its core, Pillars step in consistently with great feedback, key questions, helpful links and spot-on answers, doing the most good along the way.



How do I become a Pillar?

The process we use to choose Pillars is mostly organic, and more art than science. It's easy to spot our most active users thanks to the wizardry of gamification, but Pillars' interactions with other users stand out. When we notice someone going above and beyond time and again, we reach out to see if they'd like to join the illustrious Pillar ranks. If they accept, we hook them up with a specialty badge so that everyone can recognize the value of their contributions, and when possible send some sweet welcome swag their way, too. We're always looking to add more Pillars, so get out there and post!



Meet the Pillars

Say hello to the crack team of volunteers who help keep the Support site running smoothly these days!



Honorable Mention

These folks might not be Pillars, but they offer a ton of support!

artart cesaribenitez95
drnewcomb2 e2k

Un-culinarian Day

Posted by tmo_marissa Jul 24, 2017

Greetings, downloaders of apps, streamers of video, eaters of food! If you're looking for a good excuse to binge on something more than data, we've got the holiday for you. Culinarian Day is June 25th, so we'd like to offer a few magenta ways to celebrate -- no knife rolls or fancy french kitchen titles required!


Slow Cooker Sundays

A culinarian might be a chef, but you don't need a sous or a de cuisine on your business card (or, for that matter, a business card) to participate in Culinarian Day. Our fearless leader John Legere frequently takes on new dishes with his Slow Cooker Sunday videos. Check out the latest instructional cooking extravaganza below. If you like what you see, you can check out the T-Mobile YouTube channel or Facebook Live for more recipes!




T-Mobile Tuesdays

For those looking to expand their culinary repertoire beyond the Un-cooker, keeping up with T-Mobile Tuesdays is a must! We've been stoked to thank our customers with redemption codes for free e-cookbooks and subscriptions to culinary magazines on Tuesdays past. The offers change weekly, so check back every Tuesday. If you catch us on a week without an e-cookbook, you can still celebrate your inner foodie with discounts on snacks and treats or video credits you can use to watch Ratatouille for the hundredth time (not judging! is it dusty in here? no, you're crying!).



However you opt to engage your tastebuds this Culinarian day, we wish you godspeed and good luck. Happy gratuitous food-photo posting, and may your plates ever be clean.

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SiteT-Mobile Support
Release DateJuly 19, 2017


"I have had a most rare vision. I have had a dream, past the wit of man to say what dream it was." - William Shakespeare, A Midsummer Night's Dream regarding T-Mobile Support bug fixes, probably.



What's New

Ask-a-Question tiles added to Discussions pages


  • NOTE: This needed a little extra attention and will be deploying in a hotfix overnight on Wednesday, July 19 to Thursday, July 20.
  • Recently, we added new Ask-a-Question tiles to the bottom of our content spaces to help bridge the gap between help documentation and user discussion.
  • We are now adding this functionality to all Discussions pages to continue to promote user discussion.


Developer Comments: We rolled out these fancy Ask-a-Question tiles (or, AAQ LCTs, if you want the o'fish lingo) a few weeks ago. We wanted to be careful about how wide we opened the faucet at first, and now that this has been live for a little while, we're opening the pipe a bit wider.


Bug Fixes

Various bug fixes and improvements

  • Updated formerly incorrect copy on login page
  • Fixed erroneous text intermittently showing in buttons within the Inbox
  • Added new redirects to handle incoming links to obsolete content
  • Fixed an issue with unwanted translation of a URL on the login page
  • Fixed issues with incorrect links in the mobile site menu
  • Removed "Message Us on My T-Mobile" when using a text editor
  • Fixed an issue where the user reputation pop-up would display in the wrong location
  • Fixed alignment issues in Your Content for iOS users
  • Fixed an issue with clickable telephone numbers for mobile users in JUMP! claim documentation
  • Fixed an issue with avatar showing in Troubleshooting
  • Fixed an issue where Feature Phones was not properly redirecting to the Devices page
  • Fixed mobile layout and alignment issues with heavily threaded discussions and staff signatures
  • Fixed an issue with the next/previous video buttons on Community overlapping some page elements
  • Fixed an issue where a previously started video would continue playing if the user skipped to the next one on Community


Developer Comments: Don't let the bulleted list fool you with its intentional brevity. This update has a plethora of improvements, fixes, and quality of life updates.


Known Issues

  • When you try to send a private message to a user you are not follow (and is not following you), it does not fail with a clear error message.
  • The "Message Us on My T-Mobile" hides correctly when the text entry is open. However, it still shows on thread replies incorrectly.


Developer Comments: These are a couple of small things we noticed following deployment, and we've logged them to be fixed. Expect fixes for these in the future!

Hello, DIGITS fans! Based on tons of awesome feedback on DIGITS, we've been been evolving the service at warp speed. Pushing out updates at this volume is fantastic for users who want the latest and greatest as soon as it is available, but the pace makes it inevitable that a bug or two may crop up during the hustle and bustle. If you love to hang out on the front line of development, share ideas, and squash bugs, then buckle up for this news!




DIGITS Early Access

In the coming weeks, we will be launching a DIGITS Early Access program. The program will allow select users to be the first to test new versions of the iOS and Android DIGITS apps before they are released to the public. These new app versions could include fancy new widgets and spectacular shifts in design, or complex (but invisible) back-end updates. Whatever the changes, we'd love your input on it all! This way, we'll maintain stable builds of DIGITS while simultaneously testing out new builds with a small group of DIGITS enthusiasts.



How to do it

The Early Access program participants will be sent private builds to download and try out before the rest of the world gets the chance. If you're intrigued by the idea of new things and the exclusivity of posting in a private space, this program is for you. Should you choose to accept this mission, we'll soon be breaking ground and throwing up framework for a closed Discussion space to collect feedback on these app updates from you and your comrades in testing! We just need you to let us know you're interested on the DIGITS Early Access Program Interest Thread, and a member of our Community team will private message you to collect some details (please don't post any personal information in the thread). Once you reply, we'll send the speakeasy password specifics your way!





Who is eligible?

Anyone who is currently using the DIGITS app for iOS or Android can sign up to participate.


Where do I sign up?

Let us know you're interested here and a community manager will reach out to you.


Where is this super-secret DIGITS Early Access group space?

We're building that behind the scenes now! We'll share the link with users who'd like to participate via Private Message once it's launched.


Is there an Early Access group for devices with native DIGITS?

No, at this time we're only testing new builds for the iOS and Android apps.


Does this mean I will get DIGITS free?

You will get the latest builds free!


Summer Selfie Contest

Posted by tmo_chris Jun 28, 2017

Hey, T-Mobile Support Community!


If the heat wasn't a dead giveaway, the first day of Summer was on 6/21 and that means it's time to fire up the BBQ grills, string up the volleyball nets, and slip into your favorite swim gear. June 21'st also happened to be National Selfie Day... and what better way to celebrate both occasions than with a selfie contest? We want to see how you're kicking off your summer with a summer-themed selfie. Since it's just not a contest without prizes, posting your summer selfie here will get you the opportunity to win a sweet T-Mobile selfie stick as well as an exclusive Community mission badge, and 50 points.




The Contest

We want to see your summertime selfies! Do you live near a beach? Snap a selfie from the middle of the ocean (watch out for rip currents!). Is it just too dang hot to go outside? Snap a selfie of your six house fans all set to "high". Post your selfies in the comments below and rack up likes from other contestants and Community members. The posters with the most likes will win one of four T-Mobile selfie sticks, along with the aforementioned Community badge and points. We will be announcing the winners in the Magenta Lounge on 7/20, one day after the contest ends. We have four selfie sticks (ARV: $15) to give out, so don't delay! In the event of a tie, the entrants who submitted their selfies first will win.


How to play

  1. Snap a selfie showing how you are celebrating summer
  2. Post your selfie in this thread
  3. Receive "likes" from other users



  1. You must be 18 to enter.  T-Mobile employees aren’t eligible to win this contest -- sorry, team!
  2. You can start submitting your selfies now.  Selfies must be submitted by 11:59 PM PST on 7/19 to be eligible.  Limit one post per person.  If you post more than one selfie, only the first selfie you submitted is eligible.
  3. You must "like" at least one other person's selfie.
  4. During the winter, you can put on layer after layer to get warm but in the summer, you can only take off so many layers before it gets weird, so remember to keep your selfies PG.
  5. Your post and selfies need to comply with our Community Usage Guidelines.
  6. See full rules and details here.


So, bust out your cameras, put on your duck faces and get to snapping those selfies!

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SiteT-Mobile Support
Release DateJune 28, 2017


You get a webpage! And, you get a webpage! Everyone gets a webpage!.



What's New

Deals and Deals Discussions topics have launched


  • We've added topics for Deals and Deals Discussions, providing support content surrounding our latest deals and promotions.
  • Users can now read up on rebates, promotional credits, and more in Deals.
  • Registered users can also post discussions, ask questions, and help others in our Deals Discussions topic.

Upgrading upgrades

Posted by tmo_marissa Jun 13, 2017

Our T-Mobile App team has been furiously hammering out code to create the most kickass mobile experience they can digitize. You can already count on our app for super quick bill payment, painless account management, and putting you in touch with us in a single tap... and now, we're upgrading your shopping experience, too.



Upgrade from the app



Through the T-Mobile app, you can now SHOP the latest devices. Wondering whether that shiny new iPhone or sparkling Galaxy device is the best fit for you? While we can't promise to solve the OS debate for the ages, we are stoked to say you'll be able to view key features and specs from the app -- no redirects or lengthy online research required! Scoping out a prospective device's memory size, megapixel particulars, and price point has never been easier. Once you've made all the comparison checks needed, you can complete your upgrade right there.



What's next?


The SHOP feature will work for customers who are completing a standard upgrade or an EIP. JUMP! upgrades and trade-in functionality for the app are already in the works! Soon, you'll be able to walk through selecting a new device and scheduling the retirement of your old faithful from the comfort of your own phone. Stay tuned!



Couch-shop now!


Just locate the all-new SHOP icon in the app's main menu and tap to get started. Scope out devices, choose the line you'd like to upgrade, review protection options and complete a secure check-out. You can check your order's shipment status directly on the app's homepage. Click below to make sure your app's up to date or to download it now!



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SiteT-Mobile Support
Release DateJune 7, 2017


We took a week off for the holiday. You know what that means? Tons of updates this week!


What's New

Added DIGITS slide to the homepage carousel


  • To welcome DIGITS, we've added a new slide to our homepage carousel!


Removed Contact Us tile from the bottom of the Contact Us page


  • It was redundant to have a tile suggesting Contact Us to people already on the Contact Us page. So, we removed it.


Improved staff signatures on discussions


  • Social media icons in the staff signatures on discussion threads would wrap separately when the browser window was too narrow.
  • They will now group and wrap together, if possible.


Minor improvements for Popular Links on the Device page

  • Popular Links on the Devices page now keep the user in the same browser tab, as opposed to previously where a new tab would open.
  • This will avoid unnecessarily flooding the user with tabs they don't need while they're navigating the site.


Developer Comments: Welcome to the homepage, DIGITS! Our newest feature has been added to the homepage to help out everyone looking for information on it, as well as a number a new features throughout the site; none more fascinating that the now-wrapping staff signature social media icons! Behold as the social media icons stay together, even when challenged at a smaller size! Gaze in bewilder-...oh. Coming on a little strong? Okay, okay. Well, enjoy all the same.

Bug Fixes

Various minor fixes & improvements to the overall site

  • Fixed alphabetical sorting for devices on the Devices page.
  • Removed unnecessary whitespace from private messages within a user's Inbox.
  • Removed the Register slide from the homepage carousel for users that are already logged in.
  • Long titles for topics are less likely to overlap header images, improving page title readability.
  • Fixed issue where comment icons were being clipped in some list views.
  • Video controls were being overlapped by the dropdown menu on the Community page.
  • Fixed an issue where invisible boxes would exist in the place of missing breadcrumb links.
  • Clean up for the tag pages, improving readability.
  • Fixed issue where an 'x' would appear in the search on the Devices page in Internet Explorer.
  • Fixed instances of iPhone being capitalized incorrectly in page breadcrumbs.
  • Removed unwanted content type icons within content bodies.
  • Fixed issue with private messages where text entry field would expand horizontally indefinitely.
  • Fixed issue where Software Info was not displaying on mobile.
  • Fixed issue where a gray bar appeared on profile pages for logged out users.
  • Fixed issue where the Follow icon appears to some users while logged out when it should not.
  • Fixed an issue with unordered and ordered lists indentation.
  • Improved table view layout to not have flow issues.
  • Improved table view on smaller screens.


Developer Comments: It turns out when you stock up on fixes during a holiday week, you end up with a pretty sizable batch. This week we're releasing a number of fixes and improvements ranging from logic fixes in device sorting to simple tweaks to table layout.



Posted by tmo_marissa Jun 1, 2017

We're heating the summer up with some stellar offers, but none are more exciting to those of us here on Support than the news that this DIGITS baby we've been coaxing and cooing over for months is finally taking its first steps. For any newcomers to the Community, it might look like we're a gang of fledgling math majors for all the word "DIGITS" is thrown around over here. No worries! We've got your easy breakdown of what DIGITS is and a quick directory for those of you who'd like to move from 101 to 201 quickly.



What is DIGITS?


DIGITS is an exclusive service from T-Mobile that breaks the "one phone, one number" barrier without the need for an over-the-top application from another party. There are two primary functions for DIGITS at this time:


  • Multiple numbers on one device - you can add a second set of DIGITS to use as a home line, business line, or whatever line by signing up for DIGITS Talk & Text. On some newer T-Mobile devices, multi-line features are already built in (and we anticipate more to come), and on others, you can easily use the DIGITS app to manage multiple sets of DIGITS!
  • One number on multiple devices - take and place calls and send and receive messages from whatever equipment you have handy with the DIGITS app or online client. Or if you've got a second physical phone or wearable device you want to duplicate your number, you can sign up for Data with Paired DIGITS to get a second SIM or eSIM provisioned so that device can call and text just like your main line.



How Do I Get DIGITS?

You can start here: T-Mobile DIGITS. The best news for existing customers who want to dip their toes in this awesome number pool is that DIGITS app and website access are now free for all customers, even Pay In Advance. Can't use your phone in the office but don't want to miss a message? The DIGITS web client will solve that problem. Carrying around an Android tablet or iPad when your phone runs out of battery? You can access your number from any Android 5.0/iOS9 + device with internet access through the app. If you're interested in adding additional sets of DIGITS or additional phones or wearable devices, check out some more details about DIGITS plans here!



DIGITS and the Support Community

During the DIGITS Beta, we had the privilege of hosting eager and talented Beta Testers right here in the DIGITS Support space (and we're doing our best to make sure they know how appreciated they are by offering Beta participants get DIGITS for life!). Users of the fledgling DIGITS service would assist one another with testing and provide feedback in this very forum, as well as reach out to have Bug reports filed. Although the DIGITS engineering team has released update after update to squash bugs, and taken feedback into consideration to modify the product when possible (and since we never stop improving, this feedback is still absolutely welcome!), you can still find tons of useful troubleshooting advice in the active and Beta DIGITS Discussions by using the Search function to match keywords for your question!

T-Mobile Support Update Notes Banner



Release DateMay 24, 2017


Small fixes make for big gains over time. This week is another batch of minor tweaks to improve the overall site.



Bug Fixes


Removed Flash animation when viewing the User Profile overlay

  • The User Profile overlay used a Flash animation to show it was loading. This has been replaced to improve site performance.



Fixed Share overlay for mobile devices

  • When sharing content on mobile devices, the overlay was expanding beyond what was visible. We've fixed this.



Fixed alignment for Send button on mobile devices

  • The Send button on mobile devices was aligned incorrectly. This has been fixed.


Fixed issue where Correct Answer icon was cutoff occasionally being cut off

  • The Correct Answer visual was being cut off when viewed within a user's Inbox. We have fixed this.


Fixed "Mark as New" option within Inbox

  • The "Mark as New" option was not being shown within a user's Inbox. This has been fixed.


Developer Comments: Everyone loves seeing the little, green check mark telling them they answered someone's question correctly! It was critical that we made sure that little, green check mark was showing up in full glory for those that like to check their Inbox. Okay, so maybe not strictly critical. But, it is fixed! Hooray!

How many times have you finally gotten your hands on a sweet new phone only to realize that you have no idea how to use it? Changing devices can be exciting... and equally frustrating! There is so much to do when you get a new phone -- you have to get your sweet custom ringtones set up again, sign back into your Bookface, Tweeter, and Instagram, and reset your 9 separate alarms 1 minute apart from each other (I'm looking at you, heavy sleepers ). Luckily, our super helpful device tutorials will guide you through all the standards, as well as show you bells and whistles you didn't even know your phone had! Here are just some of the ways device tutorials can help you become a pro with your new phone or an older phone that you just didn't quite fully understand.



Device simulators are fully interactive!interactive.gif

The T-Mobile device simulators are great for those of you that are visual learners, as they guide you through whatever you are trying to do on the device by letting you press all the buttons without the risk of an accidental settings change! Some folks can read a step-by-step guide until they're blue in the face, only to finish more confused than when they started. All those extra nuts and bolts you have left over after putting together your new kitchen table? Spoiler alert: those aren't just "spares" and your table is gonna fall apart. Our simulators will help you set up your phone the right way the first time because you can see it happening right before your eyes.



How to's howto.png

With the array of buttons, lights, and endless settings these devices have, it's no wonder some folks get the urge to Babe Ruth their phone out the living room window! Everything's gonna be fine... put the bat down and check out the expansive list of How To's for all the guidance you need -- from how to secure your information with privacy settings to how to send a picture message or start a video call!



Mobile friendly!


Did you slam dunk your laptop into the garbage can after that ninth blue screen of death? Never fear, the device tutorials are fully functional through your phone's mobile browser! I mean, it only makes sense! Why log into a computer (that is more than likely nowhere near you when you need to use it) when you can open up a tutorial directly from the phone you need to use the tutorial for? Also, to save you a little bit of time, when you access the tutorials from your device, it will automatically know what kind of phone you are using!

T-Mobile Support Scheduled Maintenance Banner

It's maintenance time!

We'll be sprucing up our Support site on May 11, 2017 starting at 11 p.m. PT. We expect maintenance to last about 3 hours and during this time posting will be unavailable and a maintenance message will appear.


We appreciate your patience while we continue to improve the site!

T-Mobile Support Update Notes Banner



Release DateMay 10, 2017


Well, would you look at that? Our beloved Support site is so shiny and new! And, what's this? A blog about updates and fixes? Yep! We're going to be writing notes to keep you up to speed on changes across the site. We have a few touch ups to go over, so without further ado...



What's New

Improvements for News & Updates in the mobile menu

  • News & Updates, formerly Support Blogs, has been renamed to better match our blog.
  • The blog link has been updated to the News & Updates page.


Coverage maps have been added to several pages


Developer Comments: Two of our favorite things are showing people maps covered in magenta and providing timely communication with a sampling of tasteful panache. Consider this update adequately panache'd.



Bug Fixes

Removed "Tell us what you think" button when it should not appear

  • We have a survey on some pages that was popping up when it shouldn't. This will stop that.


Removed icons from links that left the site

  • Links that left the T-Mobile Support site would get an icon in the middle of the paragraph or line. We've removed it to reduce the clutter around links.


Fixed incorrect icons on Profile page for mobile viewers

  • Some mobile users noticed that the Message and Follow buttons were showing incorrect characters instead of icons. We've replaced those images with the proper icons.


Fixed Inbox count displaying incorrectly

  • Inbox was not showing the correct number of notifications for some users.


Fixed misalignment with reply count for discussions within Inbox

  • Mobile users were seeing notification counts being misaligned in the Inbox for discussion replies, causing it to overlap user avatars. These have been restyled to comfortably fit the display.


Emoji will now properly display for comments, threads, and blogs

  • Emoji will now display in comments, threads, and blog posts properly after being saved. They were previously missing.


Realigned "Reply" text for private messages

  • Reply text was out of place for private messages. It has been moved to its proper location in the box.


Fixed images displaying at incorrect size in Mozilla Firefox

  • Some images in documents and topics were displaying much smaller than intended for Firefox users. This has been resolved, and users should see these images at the correct size.


Repositioned video player within Inbox

  • Videos were appearing out of place for some users. This has been resolved.


Fixed issue where Español link sent user to away from T-Mobile Support

  • Español link would direct the user to T-Mobile.com. This has been resolved to properly handoff and translate the T-Mobile Support site as intended.


Removed topic tags highlighting in search

  • Topic tags are no longer highlighted when performing searches. This should help reduce clutter on search results.


Icons in the header are now easier to click or touch

  • The clickable area surrounding the icons was too small. This has been fixed, and now it will be easier to click or touch those icons.


Fixed disappearing Reset filter on Devices page

  • The "Reset Filter" option would intermittently disappear for some users. This has been fixed.


Removed duplicate words on some discussion topic pages

  • Discussion topics had a typo where it read "Recent (Topic Name) Discussions discussions", such as "Recent Apple iPhone Discussions discussions". We have removed the duplicates.


Fixed issue where Leaderboard was showing incorrectly

  • The Leaderboard was attempting to show even when there were no leaders to be shown or the user was not logged in. This has been fixed. 


Developer Comments: Following the big update and redesign, we returned to a strict regimen of coffee, coffee, and coffee. Coffee cubed equals bug fixes. We have a bunch of improvements here to keep the site growing, and we're hard at work on more. Expect touch ups as we go, improving the site experience along the way. Maybe we should add a "Coffee Counter" to the site to watch as we go...

The contest has ended! See a full list of the winners and prizes here.



Hey, T-Mobile Support Community!


Do you like our new site?  Do you love the thrill of the hunt?  Do you like prizes!?  If you answered yes to any of those questions then this is the contest for you!  To celebrate our shiny new redesign of the Support Community, we are going to have a community scavenger hunt and the winner will get some sweet T-Mobile swag!  Here's the breakdown:


The Contest:

The Legere Doll has been scoping out the new community and your task is to find him in as many places as possible.  He could be hiding anywhere - in our device specific "How To" pages, in comments made by other users in the community...  Seek high and low. The Legere Doll told us he checked out about 50 different places across the community and the first person to find the most places he visited or every place he visited wins! Oh, and bonus points* to those who find wonky bugs with the new site while you're searching!

*Disclaimer- Bonus points have no cash value, do not increase your chances of winning, and don't actually exist.


How to play:

  1. Start browsing all the different areas of the community, like our Magenta Lounge or the iPhone 7 Plus page.
  2. When you find a Legere Doll, copy the URL at the top of the page where you found it and start making a list.
  3. After you have found as many as you can or you've managed to find them all, use a service like pastebin to paste all the links you found into a private message.
  4. Send your private message to tmo_contest


The Community Manager team will tally up the results on May 4th and announce the winner here. If you are the lucky winner, we will reach out to you in a private message to send you your prize!



The rules:

  • Contest entry lists must be submitted by 11:59 PM PT on 05/03 to qualify.
  • Don't try to be sneaky!    We have a list of all the places he visited.
  • Not really a rule but more of a favor to ask - please try to submit all your findings in one private message (makes it easier to tally and prevents confusion since the contest is based on who gets the most first).
  • *Cheesy rule alert*  Have fun!


So let's get started!  Bust out your safari gear, pack a lunch, set your metal detectors to .JPEG, and let the hunt begin!


Need our help? Contact us.

Find ways to contact us now