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Everyone's favorite way to share a moment of their lives is one of our favorite ways to share UnCarrier moments with you. Travel, news, sample shots from some of our favorite devices, a little silliness here and there -- stay in touch with us moment by moment on IG.



Anywhere else?

Absolutely. If you'd like to see these announcements, updates, deals, contests, how-tos, and more, all curated into one neat feed, you can visit our T-Mobile Newsroom's social media page any time. If long-form's your thing, make sure you don't miss the T-Mobile News & Blogs while you're visiting! If you're interested in hanging out with some more rad Un-carrier fans, you can always visit us on our own version of social media -- our T-Mobile Support Community.


Community Spotlight: htghtg

Posted by tmo_lauren Mar 12, 2018



Hey Support visitors! Many of you have probably seen our Pillars of the Community around -- they've probably even answered a question or two for you! They're a vital part of our Community, and we're proud to be featuring one of those wonderful Pillars in our blog this week, htghtg!


Who's htghtg?

We've been lucky enough to have htghtg as a part of the Community for over 4 years here, and he's a hero in our little corner of the internet! You'll see him answering questions about network related issues, offering up tips for device troubleshooting, and sharing advice with Community members on everything in between. He originally joined the forums to ask a question of his own. Lucky for us, he decided to stick around when he realized posting was a great way to improve his writing skills and learn the ins and outs of T-Mobile, and simply because he enjoyed helping others resolve their issues. He quickly became an asset to the community and rose to the ranks of Pillar of the Community and has been with us ever since!



When he's not spending time helping others here, htghtg is busy working on a bachelors in Biology/Healthcare and working for a pharmacy. As if that wasn't enough, he's already looking forward to graduate school to pursue a professional degree in Pharmacology or a related field. As he puts it, "I absolutely love college."


Hang out in the Community!

Interested in meeting htghtg and the rest of our Pillars, learning more about other Support Community members, or becoming an active part of our Community? Check out our Meet n' Greet thread and feel free to jump in on any discussion you'd like to be a part of! We can't wait to meet you!


Gather your astro gear and fuel your jet packs -- it's time to prep for a trip to the stars. The Samsung Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9+ are headed to T-Mobile!

As of 9:01 PT on March 1st, pre-orders for the Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9+ have begun! Don’t delay, or you'll be kicking yourself come March 16th when these beauties launch. Whether you're a seasoned user of the Galaxy line or considering your first foray into intergalactic territory, these stunning new devices won't disappoint.


Do bigger things

The S9 and S9+ offer processor improvements that promise warp speed ability (while multitasking with dual screen). On top of that, both support 4x4 MIMO, 256 QAM, Carrier Aggregation and 600 MHz, so they're able to take advantage of every aspect of T-Mobile’s blazing fast network! That's not all the latest Samsung superphones have to offer. These devices boast better than ever camera features:Super Slo-mo can capture up to 4x as many frames per second than the predecessor, and Dual Aperture snags brilliant images even in the dark. You can also use your S9 and S9+ to create innovative new AR emojis, and build an entire emoji library -- that's actually you – all from a single picture.


These are the can't miss phones of 2018. Find more exciting tech highlights below!



Samsung Galaxy S9

  • 5.8” HD display QHD Super AMOLED Display
  • 4 GB RAM / 64 GB ROM
  • 12 MP Rear Facing Camera
  • 8 MP Front Facing Camera
  • Shoot 4K Ultra High Definition video
  • 3000 mAh battery
  • Android 8.0
  • Intelligent Scan - unlock your device with ease
  • IP68 rating for water and dust resistance
  • Dolby Atmos surround sound
  • Live Translate with Bixby

Samsung Galaxy S9+

  • 6. 2” HD QHD Super AMOLED display
  • 6 GB RAM / 64 GB ROM
  • 12 MP Dual Rear Facing Cameras
  • 8 MP Front Facing Camera
  • Shoot 4K Ultra High Definition video
  • Clear Zoom
  • Live Focus
  • 3500 mAh battery
  • Android 8.0
  • Intelligent Scan - unlock your device with ease
  • IP68 rating for water and dust resistance
  • Dolby Atmos surround sound
  • Live Translate with Bixby

Get yours

The Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9+ will be available on March 16th in Cobalt Blue, Lilac Purple, and Midnight Black finishes. Those who’d like to make certain they’re in line to get one of these fantastic devices as soon as possible can find the details about preordering here. Pre-orders began at 9:01 PM PT on March 1st, so if you're ready to go for it, you can use our T-Mobile app's awesome SHOP feature, order online, at participating T-Mobile stores across the country, or by contacting us.


Learn more


Love Your Pet Day Contest

Posted by tmo_chris Feb 20, 2018

Hey T-Mobile Community! Are you ready for another contest? If not, too bad, 'cause it's happening! With love still in the air from Valentine's day, we want to celebrate Love Your Pet Day with a fun contest all about your furry, feathered, or scaly little family members. Many of us here on the Community team have pets, and we talk about them all the time I mean, who doesn't like to share stories about how their furry little friends brighten up their days?



The challenge

It's super simple! Is there a special treat your pets go absolutely nuts for? Does your pet take up

75% of the bed at night, but make up for it by being an awesome snuggle buddy? Is your pet your Netflix binge-watching partner? We want to see this cute creature and hear about all of the ways you show your pet what a proud pet parent you are.


Enter the contest

Starting today 2/20/2018, through 3/6/2018, visit our Contest thread and post a picture showing us how much you love your pet, and you'll have the chance to win one of three sweet T-Mobile pet collars! Please note, the collar shown at right is not to scale -- but if it's too big or too small for your pet friend, we hear they make pretty sweet bracelets! At the end of the contest, the Community Manager team will pick 3 random winners and announce them in the Magenta Lounge. Don't worry, there are no losers here where we're concerned -- our staff is more or less guaranteed to gush over your cute non-human family member, and you can share every comment with them.



  1. Photos must be posted before 11:59 PM ET 3/6/2018 to qualify
  2. Full list of rules can be found here Support Community Pet Collar Sweesptakes Rules

Game on!

Posted by tmo_chris Feb 12, 2018



Ever wonder why there's a number below the avatar on your posts? What the heck is that trophy icon at the top right of the page? Whether you're a gamer or just enjoy a good old-fashioned challenge, you'll be happy to know that we have just the thing to satisfy that competitive nature. The T-Mobile Support Community is a great place to get answers, and an ongoing game where members can compete to complete missions, gain points, and climb the leaderboard.


Missions and Points


You can complete missions and earn points for doing just about anything here on the Community. Was today your first day logging into the support community? If so, you completed the Welcome to the Club mission and snagged 5 points! Your first post will net you 5 more for completing the Conversationalist mission, but don't worry -- you'll continue to earn more points the more you participate.


There are also a few missions that you really have to work for. If you throw your two cents in on another user's post and your suggestion works for them, when they mark your reply Correct you'll have completed the Smarty Pants mission. We also have a few limited time missions that you can only complete by visiting the Community and posting on specific holidays, or with the winning entry to one of our awesome contests!



So now that you have all of these points, what do you get? In short, bragging rights! As you accumulate points, not only will you sport your rising level under your profile picture, you'll also climb the Leaderboard. Getting to the top is no easy task but if you're an active member in our Community, you'll find yourself in the Top 10 in no time! The view from the top is great – and our members who've been around for a while know there's usually a chance to score some sweet T-Mobile swag!


Track your progress!

Want to see where you stand, which missions you've completed, and keep tabs on the points you're earning? Click the Trophy icon in the top right of the page and select More to visit the Reputation page. We've got everything organized in four categories to give you a detailed view of your progress.

  • Activity - A real time look at the points you've earned and when they were awarded.
  • Missions - See the missions you've completed, the ones you're currently working on, and the ones you need to tackle.
  • Places - Are you a Plans & Services guru or an Apple Products genius? Check out your areas of expertise with this view, which shows points earned in specific spaces within the community.
  • Ranking - View your current position on the leaderboard, and see which Community members are close to you in rank.

We're stoked to host an ever-expanding wealth of knowledge on our Support site! That said, every now and then you might find yourself with a question that stumps that magenta magnifying glass. We've made some improvements to our site to help you search for answers and ask our T-Mobile Support Community!


Widgets and buttons and blogs, oh my!

The answers are out there! On the off chance that our Support document content doesn't do the trick, our amazing T-Mobile Support Community can help! We wanted to call out a change that we've been looking forward to for a while -- some improved Ask a question widgets and Create a discussion buttons that will make it easy for Support visitors to pose their queries and get answers.


Where can I find them?

The new widgets and buttons have a few different homes.

  • Main landing spaces, across the top of the screen on laptop/desktop and in a descending row on the Support homepage on mobile; Account, Coverage, Deals, Devices, and Plans & Services, now have Ask A Question boxes below the Helpful Topics listed on the landing page. Just look for this section:


  • Discussion spaces, listed on the Community homepage, are now home to shiny new buttons right up top, just below the title for the section!


  • No Blog is an island -- our blogs now include an invitation to create a discussion, too! We can't promise tropical drinks, but we're excited to hear your thoughts. Just click ask our community to create a discussion.



How do I use them?

Just type your question into the open field in the Ask a question box and hit enter. We'll give you a few helpful suggestions, but if you still don't see what you're looking for, you'll be prompted with a link to ask on the corresponding discussion page! Clicking there will open a full discussion window with all the space your heart could possibly desire. Create a discussion buttons and the links below our blogs are even easier -- they take you straight to the blank discussion box. Ask an intricate question or a general one, and we'll do what we can to drum up an answer or advice for you! As you'll see, we're also pretty happy to talk about food, too.


What else is new?

Asking questions with ease isn't the only improvement on the roster for this Support update! Check out some other new and recent improvements in this blog generously written by a member of our multi-talented Development team: Support Update Notes - January 31, 2018. You can see more Support Update Notes and follow along with tons of changes we've made over the past year in our new and improved Blog Archive!


We're always looking for feedback on ways we can make the site better. Our team monitors the surveys our visitors are asked to take and we incorporate your suggestions whenever possible, so keep the ideas coming!

Support Update Notes



Release DateJanuary 31, 2018


Farewell, January. You were cold and snowy.


What's New

Header and breadcrumb updates!

  • We've made several updates to our header and breadcrumbs to help you get around more easily.


  • The T-Mobile logo now links to our Support homepage.
  • Breadcrumbs have been condensed to a single item by default, with a dropdown to show the details when needed.
    • This was previously available for mobile users and has now been extended to desktop users!
  • "Ask a question" is now "Ask our community" in our navigation sub-header.


Support Community 2.0! Now super-charged!

  • Support Community has been refreshed, now much simpler for new users to start asking questions and getting involved.


  • New, simple discussion lists!


  • Easy to navigate help content for first-time users.


  • Recent discussions are now featured on content pages!


  • ...and help pages!



Footer updates!

  • We've updated our social media list, and Jobs is now Careers.



Developer Comments: A lot to take in? You're right! This is a huge update, and it's been a long time coming. We're hoping make it easier to ask a question and reply to other threads in the Support Community. We also want to take away some frustrations with the header and breadcrumb refresh. And footer updates. And a couple dozen bug fixes. It's been a busy few weeks.


Bug Fixes

Various bug fixes and improvements

  • Fixed issues with the Ask a Question segment
  • Fixed an issue where separate DIGITs spaces would show in search results in a confusing way
  • Fixed an issue with News & Updates blog historic posts not loading

2018 is here, full of promise and predictions! Whether you rang in the New Year with a new phone or used a trusty sidekick to take your NYE countdown video -- extra points if you used an actual Sidekick -- it's never a bad idea to start the year off with a few improvements in mind. We trust you'll set all goals necessary to live your best life in 2018, but wanted to recommend a new approach to securing your account with us in the New Year, too.


T-Mobile T.jpg

Account Security

Your privacy and account security are important year round, so we want to make sure every customer takes all necessary steps to Protect their accounts.  When you reach out to our Care and Tech teams over the phone, we'll verify your identity with certain personal information. You can always add Authorized Users and a Customer Care password to give you oversight and control of who can access your account and make changes, and we're not stopping there!


We've also been adding some security precautions to protect you and your phone against unwanted SIM changes, or worse, unauthorized port-outs. We're even collaborating with the Mobile Authentication Task Force to protect consumers, and this is just one step in that direction.


Get Protected!

Adding a password to protect your account from unauthorized access is as easy as reaching out to our Care team. We’ll check your details, work our magic, and then you’ll be doubly safe for the next call! While you’re working with us, we encourage you to add the new Port Validation feature for extra protection.


Porting out already requires verification of certain details, but Port Validation adds another layer of security to the port process. We'll add the feature, and the Billing Responsible Party can choose a 6- to 15-digit numeric password that must be verified before a line can be moved.This helps prevent fraudsters from taking your number to another carrier and then using it to trick two step verification, which allows password resets for personal accounts like your bank or email. You can find out more about account protection here, Port Validation and other consumer concerns here, or take a look at this recent blog in our Newsroom. Stay safe out there, and we wish you the best of luck with all your resolutions!

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.'s incredible work as a civil rights and human rights activist continue to inspire us, and we know that our strength comes from our diversity. That's why we're proud to join our T-Mobile Multicultural Network to celebrate MLK Day in ways that honor his legacy as a champion of service to others and a challenger of barriers.


T-Mobile T.jpg


In 1957, MLK issued a stirring call to action, explaining that "Life's most persistent and urgent question is, 'What are you doing for others?'". Our teams will take this call to heart, volunteering within their communities to remember MLK, with a goal to total over 5,000 service hours across the week. Whether we're painting murals, planning supply drives, or celebrating with community organizations like the Boys & Girls Club, we aspire to the greatness Dr. King spoke of when he said "Everybody can be great, because anybody can serve."

In line with the Multicultural Network's call to connect with the greater community, we'll also have teams marching in MLK parades across the country. We'll continue our commitment to education as well, paying respect to Dr. King's efforts with visits to the King Center and National Civil Rights Museum. You can keep up with us by following the hashtag #TMOMLK across our social media.



Dedicating his life to advance human rights against great odds, to say that Dr. King was a trailblazer would be an understatement. On January 17th, T-Mobile's Multicultural Network will recognize the inspiring stories of some of our own #TMOTrailblazers.


Dr. Jen Welter will keynote our MLK webcast event hosted in Richardson, TX, with insight into the challenges and evolution of her journey as the first female coach in the NFL. Following, a panel of inspiring members of T-Mobile's leadership team will share stories of how they've forged new territory to achieve success. Whether they're the first in their family to graduate from college, achieve a salaried position, or attain U.S. Citizenship, these candid discussions will inspire not only our T-Mobile team members, but any who are looking to overcome obstacles and bring a dream to life.


You'll find these stories at T-Mobile Careers on Twitter, or by following #TMOTrailblazers across our social media platforms. We hope you'll join our Multicultural Network and our T-Mobile team at large in doing bigger things to celebrate of MLK Day this year!


Android 8.0 Oreo. Mmmm!

Posted by tmo_chris Jan 2, 2018

It's that time of year again, folks! Android has released 8.0 Oreo™ and it comes with some pretty awesome new features as well as a few facelifts. If you're still enjoying Nougat, then grab a nice cool glass of milk and take a look at some of the sweet treats that await with Oreo™!



What's so tasty about Oreo?

Here are the big ticket improvements:


Faster boot times - This improvement should shrink the eternal wait for your phone to power on. Pro tip: rebooting your device is a great way to keep your phone performing at peak efficiency so it won't be a burden to perform this simple everyday task.


Picture in Picture (PiP) Mode - Android Nougat 7.0 gave us "split-window" mode but Oreo™ enhances that ability with PiP, letting you customize your viewing experience. Now you can resize a YouTube video or Hangout call while checking your e-mail or following an online recipe for Oreo™ Stuffed Chocolate Chip Cookies!


Enhanced notifications - In the past, without a fancy home screen launcher, you likely had to swipe down your notification bar to see if someone tagged you in a Facebook post or liked your Instagram photo. With Oreo™, you'll notice easy to spot dots next to your applications as the action's happening.


Along with those fantastic headliners, Android Oreo™ is packed with other little gems like:

  • New Emoji - fresh takes on talking in pictures.
  • Android Instant Apps - who wants to wait for an install?
  • Autofill enhancements - easier and quicker data entry.
  • Adaptive icons - more cohesive and attractive app icons await.
  • A brand new Easter Egg to hunt for - let us know when you find it!


Where and how do I get it?shortSWgraphic.png

We want to ensure that the update is as smooth as possible for every Android-loving customer out there (and your numbers are strong)! Once Oreo's™ been perfected by device manufacturers, polished up specifically for T-Mobile customers, and then tested thoroughly, the roll out will begin. Device by device, we are committed to giving our users the most up-to-date versions of new operating systems! Be sure to keep an eye on our trusty Software Updates page, freshly updated with Oreo details, to follow along with your device's journey to Oreo™!

Holiday Blog Banner Top


  ♫ T-Mo bell, T-Mo bell, T-Mo bell rock ♪

♪ The Un-Carrier's deals are really a steal ♫

♫ Thrashing and slashing the competition ♪

♪ We won't stop 'til we're number one! ♫


T-Mobile Holiday Blog.png

Get help setting up your new favorite toy

Whether your new bundle of electronic joy was delivered by Santa or your sweet local UPS guy, Chad, chances are that you'll need a little help setting up that brand new phone.


Frosty the Snowman will ask you if you're married, but he won't help you move your photos from your old phone to your new one! Bust out the eggnog (just not too much...) and read about all the ways good girls and boys can set up their brand new Android or iPhone.



Island of Misfit Links!


Holiday Blog Banner Bottom

Our network is expanding exponentially and we won't stop -- but we won't stop looking for ways to simplify "always online" connections for our customers, either!

A few weeks ago we announced improvements to two of our existing coverage solutions, and for intrepid warriors of the friendly user trial, we've got a third option that might just be a great fit! Take a peek below for details on the enhanced coverage equipment available now and a link to explore the potential third addition to our coverage solution roster.



4G LTE CellSpot 2

If you have broadband internet and live in an area where we have wireless spectrum, but might not have enough indoor coverage to "boost", then a CellSpot can be a huge asset. The 4G LTE CellSpot 2 delivers a 4G LTE signal for reliable connection on compatible equipment. Though our original 4G LTE CellSpot was a great solution for many customers, the newer version has the ability to support LTE on both Band 2 and Band 4, making this a friendlier option than ever before! Check out the additional upgrades made to the 4G LTE CellSpot 2:

  • New look, new packaging
  • Smaller form factor
  • Software/hardware fixes
  • Improved ventilation
  • Increased vertical stability (detachable bracket replaced with a built-in stand)
  • More accessible GPS connector: moved to upper corner
  • Hardware upgrade: Qualcomm chipset


4G LTE Signal Booster Duo

The enhancements to the CellSpot are awesome, but if your home set-up doesn't quite fulfill the requirements, relax! We've made some improvements to our 4G LTE Signal Booster Duo as well. The booster still works the same way; with a window unit that you place where you receive the strongest signal and a coverage unit that you place inside your home in the area where you need signal the most - with a potential payoff of added coverage up to 3,000 square feet.


The big upgrade here is a new hardware design that supports Band 12 in addition to Bands 2 and 4, so tons of customers in areas where 700 MHz extended range LTE is the big performer can now take advantage of an added boost!



But wait, there's more



We hinted at a third new coverage solution option -- and what kind of mystery mongers would we be if we did more than hint? If you enjoy testing new products and reporting your experience, and your home or business coverage could use a little help, then we have just the project for you.


Though we can't share much about our Freedom Friendly User Trial, we can say that this mystery coverage solution offers a seamless internet connection and has you covered when your primary ISP is down or the power goes out! This trial has limited availability, and there are a few eligibility criteria as well (don't worry, there won't be a physical). If you're a good fit for the project, we'd appreciate your help! Please take our pre-screen survey to see if you'd be an ideal candidate for this opportunity -- you can click here or scan the QR code to the right. Space is limited, so the sooner you visit, the better! We'll be chatting about all things user trial here in our Support Community, so remember to come back and visit us if you're accepted!



Support Update Notes



Release DateDecember 13, 2017


We're squeezing in one more update for 2017. It's been a wild ride. Thanks for reading.


What's New

New winter holiday background for Support homepage!


  • Snowflakes!


New "Device Protection" space has been added!


  • There is a new topic for Device Protection.
  • Content related to device protection, including JUMP!, will be here.


New "Check your usage" button has been added!


  • A new button for quickly taking users to their usage page off of Support has been prepared.
  • This button will be added to relevant content in the near future.


Developer Comments: A new space for Device Protection content, a button for customers' checking their usage, and a holiday theme!


Bug Fixes & Improvements

Various bug fixes and improvements

  • Fixed an issue with "Carrier Freedom" search result showing when not intended


Support Update Notes



SiteT-Mobile Support
Release DateNovember 29, 2017


Revitalized on far too much turkey and stuffing, we're back at it! Just like you put away your pumpkins and rolled out lights, we're updating the holiday theme piece by piece. We're also bringing the first phase of an important revamp to Community, targeting improving the path for users to ask questions.


Just when you thought we'd slow down for the holidays!


What's New

Community revamp, phase one

  • Discussion topics have been condensed, reducing overly specific topics into more accommodating, broad topics
    • This change is being made to adjust to the use cases we're seeing.
    • With this, we hope to eliminate any confusion of choices between similar but different topics, freeing users up to confidently create discussions.
  • Top navigation changes to encourage easier discussion creation


Thanksgiving theme reverted, new holiday Un-Carrier photography


  • Falling leaves holiday theme for Thanksgiving has been removed.
  • Photography in banner has changed to winter holiday themed photo.


Various other improvements

  • Software Updates has been updated with Oreo-themed graphics.
  • Fix to small caching issue


Developer Comments: This is like runners lining up on the line before a race. Our holiday theming and Community discussion revamp are all stepping into position to get up and running. If any apparel sponsors are interested, inquire within.


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