As the official wireless sponsor of Major League Baseball, we're always stoked about baseball season, and you'll find us partying like madmen on Opening Day. By the time teams take the field for the World Series, we're on the edge of our seats! Now that this year's thrilling postseason's come to a close, it's time for a little wrap-up of our own.


T-Mobile & MLB

Our love affair with MLB isn't something we're shy about. At Bat as been a long-standing member of our BingeOn roster, so our customers had unlimited access to games before unlimited high speed data was the heavy hitter it is today. Any of you who are wise to T-Mobile Tuesday know we've partnered with the MLB Shop app to snag sweet deals that make it easier for our customers to represent their teams. In the past, we've also asked you to prove your number one fan status for prizes to celebrate Unlimited Baseball, and run promotions for subscriptions so our customers can share the love. This year's postseason was a record-setting display of sportsmanship and skill, but the Astros weren't the only winners walking away from Game 7 last week. We were able to turn every home run into a win for hurricane recovery!





We believe in changing the game -- and this time, that meant a new twist on sponsorship. We're truly thrilled to share in the cool of the great American pastime. It's great to be cool ... and it's even better when you can hit the sweet spot where cool and good overlap. While this year's baseball season was phenomenal, the hurricane season in 2017 was devastating for communities in Puerto Rico, Texas and Florida, and we're looking for any opportunity to help. In early October, we announced a plan to use our magenta platform to turn postseason home runs into cash for hurricane recovery efforts!


We set a goal to donate $10,000 for every postseason home-run and throw an extra dollar in the bucket for every #HR4HR Tweet from MLB fans and customers with hearts of gold to Team Rubicon, and then doubled down on that commitment near the end of the series. By the close of postseason, all of the nail-biting extra innings and thrilling extra homers paid off not just in the books of baseball lore, but for the fantastic vets doing great work for hard-hit communities impacted by Harvey, Irma, and Maria. With the combined efforts of home run history makers and hashtagging fans, we netted over $2.5 million in funds to give Team Rubicon for Hurricane Recovery. You can see details and some great footage of Team Rubicon in action on our T-Mobile MLB page.



What's next

No one can predict the glory that next year's baseball season will hold! We had a great time reviewing some stats on how our fans used their network data during the Series (no doubt only during game lulls). Take a second to let us know how you use your data when you're not paying attention to the world around you here! In the meantime, if you're inspired by the awesome totals  and want to do a little good of your own, you can text MARIA, IRMA, or HARVEY to 90999 to donate $10 to the American Red Cross via your T-Mobile bill, or donate to Team Rubicon directly here.

Space Needle.pngHey T-Mobile Community! Most of you have probably seen the Community Manager Team posting in our Community discussions, but have yet to meet our fearless leader tmo_phillip.


Our team gets to talk with Phill daily and we think he's a pretty awesome dude, so we wanted to take some time for a proper introduction! We asked a few questions to illuminate this bearded phantom for the benefit of the Community. Since Phill usually spends his workday in meeting marathons, we hacked into his laptop while he dashed to the cafeteria  and deleted all of his meeting invites so we could steal him away for some questions.


How long have you been with T-Mobile, and why did you want to join the team?

I've been with T-Mobile for over 12 years, which sounds nuts when I say it out loud. I started by doing tech support back when BlackBerry was king, and everybody wanted a Moto RAZR. The company has changed a lot (for the better!) in the last decade plus, but when I first came on board. I'd love to tell you that I joined up for altruistic reasons, but I was really looking at those sweet benefits and paid training, haha.

tl;dr: I was young and needed the dental.


When you started with T-Mobile, did you ever imagine that you'd be running the Support Community someday?

Not even a little bit! The Support Community didn't even exist when I first started at T-Mobile. Thankfully one of my best friends (who I met in new hire training, no less) became one of the first moderators way back when. I saw what he was doing, and knew that's where I wanted to go. The rest is history!


What's the best memory you've made while working at T-Mobile?

Whew. I've been here for so long, I'm starting to forget the early days at this point! Off the top of my head, I'd say that my days of working overnight tech support were what I remember the most fondly. The graveyard shifts were pretty low volume, and we got up to some antics that I dare not mention. One particular highlight was building a 1,400 piece LEGO Star Destroyer with my friend during a particularly slow evening.


What was your first job?

Back when my whole life (and hairline) was full of promise, I joined the workforce as a busser in a seafood restaurant. I cleaned tables and hauled plates with the best of them, and usually was able to take home deliciously famous biscuits that were left over from the day as a bonus.


Have you ever had a nickname? If so, what is/was it?

I did only have one prominent nickname, which I've actually adopted as my handle/gamertag/avatar online, so It's a safely guarded secret. It also barely makes sense, but I've made my bed, and I must sleep in it, no matter how ridiculous that bed may be.


How long does it take you to get ready in the morning?

Hmmmm. I'd say 30 to 45 minutes. I'm bald, so I don't have to worry about hair care, but I do have to shave the damn thing, which can be time consuming. I also like to listen to podcasts and space out in a warm shower, so I could assuredly cut that time down significantly if I wanted to.


Do you collect anything?

I used to collect most nerdy things. Comics (Marvel, baby!), action figures, video games, but honestly I've pared back quite a bit in the last few years. I guess I still collect video games, but they're almost all digital at this point. Let's see *checks Steam profile* yeah, I think that counts, haha.


How would your friends describe you?

That's a tough question! I'd hope that they would say that I'm fun to be around, and generally upbeat. A huge nerd who is notoriously late to most events, and eats what he can catch.


If money was no object, what would you do all day?

Well, there's a trend here, at this point. My favorite thing is listening to podcasts and playing video games, simultaneously if the plot permits. I imagine that had I all the time and money needed, I'd travel to strange, exotic locations and play video games in them.


When does tmo_chris get his raise, and why will it be $50 more per hour?

Oh, what's that? I'm out of time? Shoot, and on the last question of all things. Well, I guess we can save this one for Get to Know Phil 2: Interview Boogaloo.


Wireless Charger Giveaway!

Posted by tmo_marissa Oct 25, 2017


Who's ready for another contest? If you're not, that's too bad, cause we're gonna do one anyway! The time has finally come where Apple users can experience the awesomeness that is true wireless charging and we're stoked.


No more weird adapters to hide behind your phone case and keep plugged into your charging port. With the release of the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus and the iPhone X coming soon*, we can finally say bye bye to charging cables and rest easy knowing that if our phones get knocked off the nightstand in the middle of the night that the cable won't snap off in the phone or pull everything else down along with it. Don't have a wireless charger? Well, now is your chance to win one!



The contest

If you are like most people, your bedside table is where you charge your phone and trying to find your phone charger can prove to be difficult especially in the middle of the night.  The bedside table is also where you might keep and power/charge a fan, heater, lamp, smartwatch, tablet, portable gaming system, or a toaster. Okay, maybe the toaster is just me but my bedside table is covered in wires and gadgets.


Starting 10/24/2017 through 11/06/2017, we want to see your charging station. Take a picture or multiple pictures  and post them in the comments section below along with why you need a wireless charger. At the close of the contest, the Community Manager team will randomly select one lucky winner who we will send a Belkin Boost Up Wireless Charging Pad.


How to play

1: Take a picture of your charging area.

2: Post your picture in the comments here along with why you need/want a wireless charger.



1: Photos must be submitted before 11:59:59 11/06/2017 to qualify.

2: For those of you who love details, a full list of rules can be found here.




* Looking for more information about the iPhone X?

Uncap a marker or just grab your Apple pencil, it's time to draw the final Xs on your calendar as we count down the next few days. If you were sitting on the edge of your seat during the recent Apple event, then congratulations: your exercise in extreme patience is finally nearing a close. The Apple iPhone X pre-order began on October 27th, and launch is right around the corner on November 3rd.


iPhone X

In celebration of the tenth anniversary of the very first iPhone's release back in 2007, this futurephone is called the iPhone "ten" -- although once you see all it has to offer, we understand if you're tempted to pronounce it in a manner that calls certain superheroes to mind. Many things have changed in the past decade, and this device takes ten years of logical improvements and adds innovative new features, hardware, and a stunning new design. Pre-orders for this dream come true begin in less than a week, and the device will be available on November 3rd. If you haven't already, you can place your pre-order on the MyT-Mobile App or MyT-Mobile! Existing customers can reach out using the methods listed here, and new customers can call 1-800-T-MOBILE to get straight to our sales team!



Every year, Apple brings a little bit more to the table with their annual iPhone release, and this anniversary edition is no exception. For those who haven't heard, any who might need a refresher, or folks who'd like to relive the thrill of reviewing these specs, here's a breakdown of iPhone X highlights:



Apple iPhone X Key Features

  • 5.8-inch 2436x1125 Super Retina OLED display
  • A11 Bionic 6 core processor
  • Water and dust resistant glass and stainless steel design
  • 12 MP dual cameras with dual OIS and FaceID lock
  • TrueDepth Camera with Quad-LED True Tone flash and Slow Sync flash
  • Portrait mode (front and back), portrait lighting
  • No home button, swipe up from the bottom of the screen to go home
  • Animoji: animated emoji controlled by your face
  • LTE Advanced
  • Bluetooth 5.0
  • Qi wireless charging and fast-charge capable

Get yours

The iPhone X will be available in Silver and Space Gray with memory variants of 64GB and 256GB on November 3rd. Those who’d like to make certain they’re in line to get one of these fantastic devices as soon as possible can go here to register for offer and pre-order details and alerts. Pre-orders began at 12:02 AM PT on October 27th, so if you haven't ordered yet, give our Care team a shout or order from the comfort of your own phone via the T-Mobile app's awesome SHOP functionality ASAP!



Take a shot with the LG V30

Posted by tmo_mike_c Oct 12, 2017

We've got great news for those of you looking for the latest addition to the LG family -- it's here! The LG V30 's an impressive flagship packed with features in its own right, but we're particularly excited to announce that it's also the first phone able to take advantage of T-Mobile's 600MHz frequency! Not only will this device get you through your day with ease, but as our network expansion continues, it will get you the service you need almost anywhere you go.



LG V30: a content creator's dream

The LG V line of devices always have a keen focus on outstanding camera and video functions, and the V30's a wonder in that regard. With 4K video recording at 30 FPS and a host of tricks like Cine Effect, Steady Record 2.0, Point Zoom, plus Manual Mode, the V30 also offers features for amazing content creation like Quick Video Editor and Snap Movie. Three high performance mics offer lossless audio and minimize distortion so your video will sound as good as it looks. If still frame's more your speed, the dual rear cameras (16MP & 13MP wide angle) with laser detection auto focus and Manual Mode let you snap and go or master your photo. The 5 MP wide angle front camera will let you take sweet selfies, and records full HD video, too! There's a lot more to love about this beautiful device -- here are a few highlights:


Key features

  • Supports 600 MHz (Band 71)
  • 6 inch QHD+ OLED display
  • 16MP/13MP dual rear cameras, 5MP front facing camera
  • 64GB internal storage, supports up to 2 TB SD card
  • Android Nougat
  • 2.45 GHz x 4 + 1.9 GHz x 4 Octa-Core processor
  • 4K video recording


Get yours

So, how do you get your hands on this rare specimen? You can preorder today online or through the T-Mobile app, or just hang in there -- the device officially launches on Oct. 13 if you want to swing by one of our retail stores to pick one up in person! For a limited time, LG is sweetening the deal by offering new V30 owners the opportunity to get a free Google Daydream View VR and a top VR content bundle! You'll need your V30 and receipt in hand to redeem on the LG V30 Promo site. Applying for this offer will automatically enroll your device in free second year warranty coverage from LG as well, so make sure you don't miss it!


IPD.pngIf this season of pencil and backpack displays inspires a bit of nostalgia for you, you're not alone. Just because your back to school days are over, learning doesn't have to be -- celebrating International Podcast Day might be just the way to carve some fresh wrinkles into that big old brain!


What's a podcast?

Though the origin of the word podcast is a hybrid of the -cast from "broadcast" and the -pod of Apple's groundbreaking iPod (celebrating the 16th anniversary of its original introduction later this month on October 23rd), it might be easier to just think of a podcast as radio media on demand. Though commonly associated with a "talk radio" format, podcasts aren't limited to folks espousing political ideas or recapping sports play-by-plays (although those podcasts exist, if that's your bag). Instead, today's podcast lineup offers a huge variety of media content created by thousands of individuals. You can podcast your favorite public radio shows, explore found stories and sounds, learn in-depth details on current scientific theory, creep yourself out with true crime stories, or cultivate your appreciation of old-school radio drama -- the possibilities are endless.


International Podcast Day

Podcast audiences have increased steadily since the term was coined in 2004, which is awesome -- as more listeners are created, podcast options increase exponentially. On September 30th, podcast creators and fans worldwide celebrate their love of sharing and listening by starting conversations about this awesome media format, in an effort to keep that listenership expanding.


How do I listen?

From alarm clock to digital camera to navigation system, smartphones these days fulfill needs that previously required all manner of tech to meet. Using your phone as a portable media device is already a popular current pastime -- but what if you used your phone to learn things? iOS users can listen to podcasts with iTunes, and Android users can utilize GooglePlay, but there are also dozens of apps available for iOS and Android devices to make podcast listening (and sharing) a snap. Here are a few of our favorites, in no particular order!


  • PocketCasts - available for iOS or Android, PocketCasts uses an easy-to-navigate grid format home page that indicates which podcasts have new episodes, has options for downloading content for offline-listening, and a Discover section organized by trending, top downloads, category, and your location.
  • Stitcher - available for iOS or Android, Stitcher navigates from a front page but also allows listeners to build their own podcast stations with custom titles. You can discover new podcasts through the Browse feature, or hit the Discover tab while listening to see more podcasts like the one you're currently enjoying. Stitcher also provides an option to download content for offline-listening.
  • PodOmatic - available for iOS or Android, PodOmatic is unique because it's a platform for both listening to and creating podcasts. If you're looking for the place to explore podcasts and then jump right in, this would be a great spot to start!
  • BeyondPod - available for Android users, BeyondPod allows users to ceate Feeds and add content organized by trending, recommended, publisher, category, country or interest. Extensive settings options allow you to choose the way you view your home page and feeds, and offer control of sync and delete options, for a uniquely customized experience.


What should I listen to?

This is a podcast lover's favorite question. If a decade ago there was a fantastic range of choices, at this point there's a veritable world of podcast options. We're going to toss a few out there in the Magenta Lounge -- take a look and chime in here: Ears on: Podcast playlist, anyone?

Support Update Notes



SiteT-Mobile Support
Release DateSeptember 27, 2017


After the big iPhone 8 pre-order event, we're back to a steady set of updates.


What's New

Various improvements

  • Added the improvements to Content list within sub-topics to the /content page
  • Removed embedded glyph icons to improve readability in documents and topic overview pages
  • Added Back to Top element matching to help users navigate the site more smoothly
  • Added Ask-a-Question footer tile to Deals and Devices topics


Developer Comments: If the iPhone 8 pre-order is like an awesome, exhausting trip out of town that leaves you needing a well-earned break, then this is the staycation. Recharging the batteries and staying productive!


Bug Fixes

Various bug fixes

  • Fixed an issue where the content menu on a discussion thread would disappear after posting a reply until page reload
  • Fixed an issue where the featured blogs display would push the page down farther than intended
  • Fixed a display issue causing the Ask-a-Question footer tile to appear strangely on the discussion creation page
  • Fixed a display issue with the radio buttons within Devices filters and sorting
  • Fixed an issue where the Reply button was missing when using the Inbox



iOS 11 has arrived!

Posted by tmo_amanda Sep 22, 2017

The highly anticipated iOS 11 update is now available for download! It opens the door to allow iPad and iPhone users to be more creative than ever. Let’s take a look at all the fancy new features it has to offer.


iOS 11 for iPhone & iPad

  • Augmented Reality - your games and apps are being brought to life using the latest AR technology
  • Do Not Disturb mode while driving - to help you stay focused on the road, iOS 11 can detect when you're driving and protect you from distraction
  • Customizable Control Center - swiping up is made extra convenient now that you can tailor command tasks in the Control Center to meet your needs
  • New Camera features - transform live photos into loops (or reverse them!) using Bounce mode
  • Indoor maps - know exactly where you're going with detailed floor plans of indoor areas like malls and airports, with more added daily
  • Siri updates - Siri is now more expressive than ever with improved diction (and you can now transform Siri into your personal DJ, too!)
  • Screen Recording - it's time to forget about boring screenshots, because you can now record and narrate your iPhone/iPad screen
  • Re-designed App Store - re-built from the ground up, you can stay up-to-date with the latest apps and learn tips and tricks for your favorites



As if all that wasn't cool enough, iPads get a little more love this time around with the addition of these new features:


iOS 11 iPad exclusives

  • Dock - switch apps instantly with the new Dock that’s available on any screen
  • Multitasking - open a second app from the Dock and work on both simultaneously via Split View
  • Apple Pencil - instant mark-up, instant notes, and inline drawing is now easier than ever




You may be asking yourself, “How do I get iOS 11 on my device?” It’s simple! Go here to get step-by-step directions of how to update your software. Remember, the iOS 11 update is only available to the following devices:

      • iPhones iPhone 5s and newer
      • iPads 9.7", Air 1, Air 2, mini 2, mini 3, mini 4, Pro, Pro 10.5", Pro 12.9"

The future is now: the Apple iPhone 8, Apple iPhone 8 Plus, Apple iPhone X, and Apple Watch Series 3 are coming to T-Mobile and they're all absolutely delicious! Get ready for improvements on perfection, as these devices bring back everything you love about the current iOS line-up and offer even more. Pre-orders for the iPhone 8, 8 Plus, and Series 3 begin on September 15th, so don’t delay, or you'll be kicking yourself come September 22nd when these beauties launch! If the iPhone X is the futurephone of your dreams, you can mark your calendar now: the pre-order for this work of art will begin on October 27th and the device will be available on November 3rd.


Every year, Apple brings a little bit more to the table with their annual iPhone release, and this generation of devices is no exception. They're offering a veritable feast of amazing specs for their new devices. Take a look!



Apple iPhone 8

  • 4.7-inch Retina HD display with True Tone
  • all new water and dust resistant glass and aluminum design
  • A11 Bionic 6 core processor
  • Advanced 12MP camera with larger, faster sensor
  • Quad-LED True Tone flash and slow sync flash
  • Touch ID
  • LTE Advanced
  • Bluetooth 5.0
  • Qi wireless charging and fast-charge capable


If those details weren't thrilling enough, the 8 Plus offers the above specs with the following distinctions.


Apple iPhone 8 Plus

  • 5.5-inch Retina HD display with True Tone
  • 12 MP dual cameras
  • Portrait mode and portrait lighting


This year marks the tenth glorious anniversary of the iPhone, and Apple is celebrating big-time with the release of the iPhone X. This device promises to be the future of smartphones, and although the wait for one of these devices is a little longer, it may well be worth it if the features noted below are the ones you've been waiting for all along.


Apple iPhone X

  • 5.8-inch 2436x1125 Super Retina OLED display
  • A11 Bionic 6 core processor
  • Water and dust resistant glass and stainless steel design
  • 12 MP dual cameras with dual OIS and FaceID lock
  • TrueDepth Camera with Quad-LED True Tone flash and Slow Sync flash
  • Portrait mode (front and back), portrait lighting
  • No home button, swipe up from the bottom of the screen to go home
  • Animoji: animated emoji controlled by your face
  • LTE Advanced
  • Bluetooth 5.0
  • Qi wireless charging and fast-charge capable

Apple Watch Series 3


Catch your breath, there’s still more. Apple's announcement today also included a thrilling development for the number one watch in the world: the Apple Watch Series 3 has cellular built in with an eSIM and GPS, so you can now use your Apple Watch to make calls from your wrist no matter where your phone happens to be -- or navigate home to get back to that phone if you're missing it. With a dual core processor that offers up to 70% performance improvement, W2 wireless chip for faster and more efficient Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connection, and a quicker (and chattier) Siri, the Series 3 offers enhancements across the board. Of course the latest version of the watch designed to help you stay active and motivated remains true to that original vision with Smart Activity coaching, upgraded apps and design for everyone from swimmers to snowboarders, and most notably, impressive enhancements to the heart monitor function to offer clearer insight into your overall health.


Get yours


The iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus will be available on September 22nd in Space Gray, Silver, and Gold finishes, with either 64GB or 256GB of memory, online, through your T-Mobile app, and at participating T-Mobile stores across the country. The Apple Watch Series 3 will also be available on September 22nd, and we're excited to be retailing the Series 3 in 38 mm and 42 mm. Those who’d like to make certain they’re in line to get one of these fantastic devices as soon as possible can go here to register for offer and pre-order details and alerts. Pre-orders begin at 12 AM PT on September 15th, so be ready to order online, at participating T-Mobile stores across the country, by reaching out to Care, or from the comfort of your own phone via the T-Mobile app's awesome SHOP functionality.


Looking for more information?



Support Update Notes



SiteT-Mobile Support
Release DateSeptember 13, 2017


We scattered breadcrumbs everywhere and fixed bugs. The two may be counterintuitive in your own home, but the internet is a special place.



What's New

Improved layout for /content page within sub-spaces


  • We've improved the styling and cleaned up the sorting, filtering, and text-search features within the /content page of sub-spaces!
  • You can now filter discussions by answered, sort in various ways, and get a much more usable layout.

Bug Fixes

Various bug fixes and improvements

  • Fixed a rare issue with Ask-a-Question tiles for Internet Explorer 11 users
  • Fixed the margin for the phone icon on the Contact Us page
  • Improved the alignment of text within homepage carousel slides
  • Fixed an issue with the foreground brand image in the My T-Mobile tile on the homepage
  • Fixed an issue with links on the Account page opening in a new tab erroneously
  • Fixed an intermittent layout issue with Tutorials on Android mobile devices
  • Fixed an issue causing alphabetical sorting in menus to be case-sensitive

NetflixOnUs.jpgWe have the best customers, so with every Un-carrier move we do our best to give you what you deserve: the best plan with the best perks, all on the best network. This time around, we're partnering up with another best-in-class provider to craft a dream come true -- the perfect way to use all that fantastic unlimited data on our T-Mobile ONE family plan: Netflix On Us.



What's NEXT about Netflix?

It's hard not to notice that the carriers are tripping over themselves to partner up with traditional cable providers so that they can bundle services and sell you more. But at T-Mobile we're always looking for ways to disrupt the industry and give you more. Partnering with Netflix, the absolute innovator of entertainment viewing, was a no-brainer! Starting September 12th, our T-Mobile ONE family plan customers can make the most of their data plans with an insane variety of viewing choices.



How do I get started?

Can't wait to start watching? We don't blame you! You'll need to have two or more lines on your account on an eligible T-Mobile ONE voice plan with taxes & fees included, so now's a great time to take a look at your plan and make sure this is the right choice for your family. Come September 12th, opting in is as easy as visiting My T-Mobile and logging in. We've got all the steps you need to follow to activate the service outlined here: Netflix On Us. After you've activated the offer, you'll be able to register for Netflix or sign in with your existing Netflix account to get the monthly cost of a standard Netflix subscription covered by us. Netflix requires a compatible streaming device or app to use -- your smartphone will do nicely, but we're covering the subscription for you no matter how you watch Netflix -- just use the same login information on your streaming stick, laptop, or tablet. There's a limit of one Netflix streaming subscription per account, but if your family needs more screens and you upgrade to premium, we'll still cover the basic cost; so you'll only be responsible for the difference on your T-Mobile bills.



What should I watch?

Netflix algorithms were pioneers of the "suggested viewing" movement, so once you start using the service, you'll have plenty of recommendations from Netflix for more shows and movies. But we'd love to help you get started, and we'd love to hear what you're into. What's your current binge obsession? What's the weirdest recommendation or category that Netflix has offered you? What are some absolute can't-miss Netflix gems? Let us know here in the Magenta Lounge: What's on your watch list?

Galaxy Note8

  All the details you're looking for on the Note8!


All aboard! The hype train is leaving the station and you'd better buckle up, because this locomotive has no brakes. The Samsung Galaxy Note8 is coming to T-Mobile and it's a straight up work of art! If you've been holding off on upgrading your phone, your wait is over. Get ready to do things bigger, as this phablet sports a massive 6.3" dual curved QHD+ Super AMOLED display. Pre-orders have started, so don’t delay, or you'll be kicking yourself come September 15th when all of your friends are rocking sweet new phones!


Key features

  • 6.3-inch dual curved QHD+ Super AMOLED display.
  • Optical Image Stabilization, twin 12 MP rear cameras, 8MP front facing camera.
  • Smarter Smarter S Pen now includes rad features like enhanced handwriting, responsive note taking, and more.
  • Both Device and S Pen have a certified IP68 water and dust resistance rating.
  • Qualcomm Octa Core (2.35GHz Quad + 1.9 GHz Quad) Processor.
  • 6 GB RAM, 64 GB ROM, supports up to 256 GB MicroSD card.


Get yours


The Galaxy Note8 will be available on September 15th in Midnight Black and Orchid Gray, both online and at participating T-Mobile stores across the country. Well-qualified customers can snag this device for $210 down and $30 a month on T-Mobile’s Equipment Installment Plan, or $0 down and $39 a month on JUMP! on Demand with a Purchase Option Price of $228 (FRP: $930). Those who’d like to make certain they’re in line to get one of these fantastic devices as soon as possible can go to at 9:01 p.m. PT today to pre-order the Galaxy Note8.


Early birds get rewards -- in this case, you can Do Bigger Things with Samsung! If you purchase on or before September 24, you’ll be eligible to get a FREE Samsung Gear 360 Camera (worth $229) OR a 128GB MicroSD EVO+ memory card and Samsung Convertible Fast Charge Wireless Charging Stand. You’ll need to have your device in hand in order to redeem the offer, and the offer is only available while supplies last, so it definitely pays to be on top of your timing with this one!




Support Update Notes



SiteT-Mobile Support
Release DateAugust 16, 2017


We scattered breadcrumbs everywhere and fixed bugs. The two may be counterintuitive in your own home, but the internet is a special place.



What's New

New breadcrumbs for improved wayfinding


  • We've added deeper "breadcrumbs" for desktop, tablet, and mobile users.
  • Now if you are viewing a topic on the site, it will show categorization to help users get around.
  • For example, you will now see Apple and Devices while viewing the Apple iPhone 7 topic. This will also work for discussion topics such as Apple iPhone Discussions.
  • This is intended to help users get around the site, go up to a "parent" topic quickly, and otherwise understand where they are on the site more readily.


Developer Comments: It's nice to have your bearings. We were planning to add big landmarks so people could say, "I'm on the part of the site with the blue door house and the happy dog billboard," but we opted for a more traditional improvement.


Bug Fixes

Various bug fixes and improvements

  • Fixed alignment and sizes of various messaging buttons
  • Fixed mobile display issues on Tutorials
  • Fixed User Manual for LG Stylo
  • Fixed an issue where Featured News would shift the page undesirably after loading
  • Fixed and issue with the homepage search shifting after page load
  • Fixed various styling issues on the videos content pages
  • Improved error messaging a user sees when registering with a taken email address


Developer Comments: Baby steps.


Let's make a deal!

Posted by tmo_marissa Aug 14, 2017

Tlogo.jpgThere's been quite the dust cloud around these parts lately as we work to improve the Support site and Support Community! We've no intention of settling just yet, and are always looking for your feedback. That said, we wanted to take a quick moment to call your attention to a new space on Support that might have escaped your notice behind all the scaffolding and caution tape!



Deals are live on Support!

As the UnCarrier, we're always on the hunt for ways to reward our customers and simplify every process they undergo. To make it as easy as possible for you to take advantage of our awesome offers, we're taking the riddles out of rebates by posting what you need to know right here on the Support site.



What can I find in the Deals space?

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A Spectrum-tacular Future

Posted by tmo_mike_c Aug 7, 2017


T-Mobile is winning the spectrum game! Back in April, we scored big with 600 MHz spectrum that will cover all of the US and Puerto Rico, quadrupling our low-band holdings. With this addition to our coverage, our Sasquatch-sized network footprint will really stomp out the other guys! This gives T-Mobile a HUGE leg up over the competitors in the low-band arena, and since these upgrades will reach father and penetrate buildings even better, new and existing customers will have an even more reliable experience with the best network.



What is it?

Let’s break this bad boy down, shall we? 600 MHz is like a clear freeway, and without the rush hour congestion slowing you down, you’re free to cruise. By adding significantly more low-band spectrum than our major competitors, we’re able to reach even more customers with better coverage. Because we're prioritizing these changes, we expect to have 1 million square miles of low-band goodness rolled out by the end of the year.



What happens next?

So, what happens now? Wouldn’t YOU like to know? Just kidding. We’re not stopping, and that goes for our smartphones as well. Some manufacturers are on board to roll out phones that can take advantage of this spectrum later this year and more are poised to do so in 2018. Backed with the power of Qualcomm chipsets, it's a great idea to hang tight and keep an eye on our device page so you're the first to know which phones will be ready to go while we implement even more 600 MHz. This roll out is the foundation that our 5G network will be built upon. Although our current lineup of sweet smartphones won’t have 600MHz compatibility just yet, you can still take advantage of our stellar existing LTE footprint in the interim -- hopefully all that speedy streaming will make the wait more bearable.



The people have spoken!

As proud as we are of our network and these upcoming enhancements, the really awesome thing is, we're not only ones who are stoked. The folks over at OpenSignal have performed a variety of tests on all major carriers' networks, and the reports are overwhelmingly positive for T-Mobile customers. It's always our goal to sit down, lean in, and listen to our customers -- and these tests are done by the customers, which makes the victory even sweeter! Ookla users are also reporting that our speeds are above the rest and singing the good word of T-Mobile! It's just another "digital megaphone" that the people are using to say they feel T-Mobile is the best in wireless. We're thrilled, but rest assured, we won't stop!

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