Hey Support visitors! Many of you have probably seen our Pillars of the Community around -- they've probably even answered a question or two for you! They're a vital part of our Community, and we're proud to be featuring one of those wonderful Pillars in our blog this week, htghtg!


Who's htghtg?

We've been lucky enough to have htghtg as a part of the Community for over 4 years here, and he's a hero in our little corner of the internet! You'll see him answering questions about network related issues, offering up tips for device troubleshooting, and sharing advice with Community members on everything in between. He originally joined the forums to ask a question of his own. Lucky for us, he decided to stick around when he realized posting was a great way to improve his writing skills and learn the ins and outs of T-Mobile, and simply because he enjoyed helping others resolve their issues. He quickly became an asset to the community and rose to the ranks of Pillar of the Community and has been with us ever since!



When he's not spending time helping others here, htghtg is busy working on a bachelors in Biology/Healthcare and working for a pharmacy. As if that wasn't enough, he's already looking forward to graduate school to pursue a professional degree in Pharmacology or a related field. As he puts it, "I absolutely love college."


Hang out in the Community!

Interested in meeting htghtg and the rest of our Pillars, learning more about other Support Community members, or becoming an active part of our Community? Check out our Meet n' Greet thread and feel free to jump in on any discussion you'd like to be a part of! We can't wait to meet you!