2018 is here, full of promise and predictions! Whether you rang in the New Year with a new phone or used a trusty sidekick to take your NYE countdown video -- extra points if you used an actual Sidekick -- it's never a bad idea to start the year off with a few improvements in mind. We trust you'll set all goals necessary to live your best life in 2018, but wanted to recommend a new approach to securing your account with us in the New Year, too.


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Account Security

Your privacy and account security are important year round, so we want to make sure every customer takes all necessary steps to Protect their accounts.  When you reach out to our Care and Tech teams over the phone, we'll verify your identity with certain personal information. You can always add Authorized Users and a Customer Care password to give you oversight and control of who can access your account and make changes, and we're not stopping there!


We've also been adding some security precautions to protect you and your phone against unwanted SIM changes, or worse, unauthorized port-outs. We're even collaborating with the Mobile Authentication Task Force to protect consumers, and this is just one step in that direction.


Get Protected!

Adding a password to protect your account from unauthorized access is as easy as reaching out to our Care team. We’ll check your details, work our magic, and then you’ll be doubly safe for the next call! While you’re working with us, we encourage you to add the new Port Validation feature for extra protection.


Porting out already requires verification of certain details, but Port Validation adds another layer of security to the port process. We'll add the feature, and the Billing Responsible Party can choose a 6- to 15-digit numeric password that must be verified before a line can be moved.This helps prevent fraudsters from taking your number to another carrier and then using it to trick two step verification, which allows password resets for personal accounts like your bank or email. You can find out more about account protection here, Port Validation and other consumer concerns here, or take a look at this recent blog in our Newsroom. Stay safe out there, and we wish you the best of luck with all your resolutions!

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