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Release DateNovember 29, 2017


Revitalized on far too much turkey and stuffing, we're back at it! Just like you put away your pumpkins and rolled out lights, we're updating the holiday theme piece by piece. We're also bringing the first phase of an important revamp to Community, targeting improving the path for users to ask questions.


Just when you thought we'd slow down for the holidays!


What's New

Community revamp, phase one

  • Discussion topics have been condensed, reducing overly specific topics into more accommodating, broad topics
    • This change is being made to adjust to the use cases we're seeing.
    • With this, we hope to eliminate any confusion of choices between similar but different topics, freeing users up to confidently create discussions.
  • Top navigation changes to encourage easier discussion creation


Thanksgiving theme reverted, new holiday Un-Carrier photography


  • Falling leaves holiday theme for Thanksgiving has been removed.
  • Photography in banner has changed to winter holiday themed photo.


Various other improvements

  • Software Updates has been updated with Oreo-themed graphics.
  • Fix to small caching issue


Developer Comments: This is like runners lining up on the line before a race. Our holiday theming and Community discussion revamp are all stepping into position to get up and running. If any apparel sponsors are interested, inquire within.