We're here to revolutionize the wireless industry, and we believe that change starts within our organization. Diversity is a huge part of who we are -- a commitment not just to each other, but to our customers.


Diversity Drives Results

As our CEO John Legere has said, “Our diversity is not only a huge source of pride; it’s also a massive competitive advantage. T-Mobile’s diversity fuels better ideas—the very ideas that are driving our Un-carrier revolution forward." In June of this year more than 150 CEOs from some of the world’s leading companies have signed on to the CEO Action for Diversity & Inclusion™.  This commitment is a pledge of action to cultivate a workplace where diverse perspectives and experiences are welcomed and respected, where employees feel encouraged to discuss diversity and inclusion. Research reveals that stronger business outcomes directly correlate with diverse teams and inclusive workplace environments where ideas can benefit from many unique voices.


T-Mobile Women's Leadership Network


Women's Leadership Network

Since November 14th is the Confidence Coalition's International Girl's Day, following closely on the heels of last month's International Day Of The Girl, we thought it would be a great time to highlight the stellar contributions of our largest employee network, the Women's Leadership Network. Women make up roughly 42% of our T-Mobile US workforce, but for four years now the WLN has been an organization open to any person who "believes that a gender-balanced environment strengthens individuals, community, and company".


True to the network's call, #LeadFromEveryChair, the WLN actively works to ensure that every woman at T-Mobile is prepared to engage their voices confidently and improve the company for our customers and ourselves, offering mentor programs, career development, skill training, and the insights of featured speakers. The network kicked off 2017 by celebrating Women’s History Month with a massive Women’s Summit. Hosted at T-Mobile HQ, the Summit was made available online for live participation across the country. Our dedication to the importance of gender equality doesn't stop with our corporate community, though! WLN Chair Christina Weber explained that she's inspired by how strongly the network feels "about telling our members’ stories, highlighting their accomplishments, and shining a light on their impact both internally, as well as outside of T-Mobile."



What's Next

The WLN's upcoming agenda is anything but limited to T-Mobile internal goals, and involves partnering with other Diversity & Inclusion network groups to echo the value of every voice with the next generation. "Our goal for 2018 is to continue to build upon the engagement we saw in 2017, and to continue to make a positive impact to our members, as well as to the success of T-Mobile. We’ve been active participants in external tech conferences (and are Platinum Sponsors at this month's Grace Hopper in Seattle), we’ve partnered with the Boys and Girls Club in STEM events, and the YWCA in their Week without Violence campaign," Christina said.


When we asked Christina what advice she'd offer to girls in 2017 who want to be leaders, her encouragement was the perfect response to IGD's #YouCan. "Our tag line is #LeadFromEveryChair – which means being a leader isn’t about title, it’s about how you show up every day. And how you show up is your choice. You are in charge. If you have aspirations to own your own business, do it. If you want to be an executive, fantastic. If you want to stay at home and raise a family, then you’re being a leader there too. The International Girl's Day slogan is 'She can do anything' – and it’s true. Don’t ever let anyone hold you back!"