Who's ready for another contest? If you're not, that's too bad, cause we're gonna do one anyway! The time has finally come where Apple users can experience the awesomeness that is true wireless charging and we're stoked.


No more weird adapters to hide behind your phone case and keep plugged into your charging port. With the release of the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus and the iPhone X coming soon*, we can finally say bye bye to charging cables and rest easy knowing that if our phones get knocked off the nightstand in the middle of the night that the cable won't snap off in the phone or pull everything else down along with it. Don't have a wireless charger? Well, now is your chance to win one!



The contest

If you are like most people, your bedside table is where you charge your phone and trying to find your phone charger can prove to be difficult especially in the middle of the night.  The bedside table is also where you might keep and power/charge a fan, heater, lamp, smartwatch, tablet, portable gaming system, or a toaster. Okay, maybe the toaster is just me but my bedside table is covered in wires and gadgets.


Starting 10/24/2017 through 11/06/2017, we want to see your charging station. Take a picture or multiple pictures  and post them in the comments section below along with why you need a wireless charger. At the close of the contest, the Community Manager team will randomly select one lucky winner who we will send a Belkin Boost Up Wireless Charging Pad.


How to play

1: Take a picture of your charging area.

2: Post your picture in the comments here along with why you need/want a wireless charger.



1: Photos must be submitted before 11:59:59 11/06/2017 to qualify.

2: For those of you who love details, a full list of rules can be found here.




* Looking for more information about the iPhone X?