Support Update Notes



SiteT-Mobile Support
Release DateSeptember 27, 2017


After the big iPhone 8 pre-order event, we're back to a steady set of updates.


What's New

Various improvements

  • Added the improvements to Content list within sub-topics to the /content page
  • Removed embedded glyph icons to improve readability in documents and topic overview pages
  • Added Back to Top element matching to help users navigate the site more smoothly
  • Added Ask-a-Question footer tile to Deals and Devices topics


Developer Comments: If the iPhone 8 pre-order is like an awesome, exhausting trip out of town that leaves you needing a well-earned break, then this is the staycation. Recharging the batteries and staying productive!


Bug Fixes

Various bug fixes

  • Fixed an issue where the content menu on a discussion thread would disappear after posting a reply until page reload
  • Fixed an issue where the featured blogs display would push the page down farther than intended
  • Fixed a display issue causing the Ask-a-Question footer tile to appear strangely on the discussion creation page
  • Fixed a display issue with the radio buttons within Devices filters and sorting
  • Fixed an issue where the Reply button was missing when using the Inbox