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Release DateSeptember 13, 2017


We scattered breadcrumbs everywhere and fixed bugs. The two may be counterintuitive in your own home, but the internet is a special place.



What's New

Improved layout for /content page within sub-spaces


  • We've improved the styling and cleaned up the sorting, filtering, and text-search features within the /content page of sub-spaces!
  • You can now filter discussions by answered, sort in various ways, and get a much more usable layout.

Bug Fixes

Various bug fixes and improvements

  • Fixed a rare issue with Ask-a-Question tiles for Internet Explorer 11 users
  • Fixed the margin for the phone icon on the Contact Us page
  • Improved the alignment of text within homepage carousel slides
  • Fixed an issue with the foreground brand image in the My T-Mobile tile on the homepage
  • Fixed an issue with links on the Account page opening in a new tab erroneously
  • Fixed an intermittent layout issue with Tutorials on Android mobile devices
  • Fixed an issue causing alphabetical sorting in menus to be case-sensitive