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Release DateAugust 16, 2017


We scattered breadcrumbs everywhere and fixed bugs. The two may be counterintuitive in your own home, but the internet is a special place.



What's New

New breadcrumbs for improved wayfinding


  • We've added deeper "breadcrumbs" for desktop, tablet, and mobile users.
  • Now if you are viewing a topic on the site, it will show categorization to help users get around.
  • For example, you will now see Apple and Devices while viewing the Apple iPhone 7 topic. This will also work for discussion topics such as Apple iPhone Discussions.
  • This is intended to help users get around the site, go up to a "parent" topic quickly, and otherwise understand where they are on the site more readily.


Developer Comments: It's nice to have your bearings. We were planning to add big landmarks so people could say, "I'm on the part of the site with the blue door house and the happy dog billboard," but we opted for a more traditional improvement.


Bug Fixes

Various bug fixes and improvements

  • Fixed alignment and sizes of various messaging buttons
  • Fixed mobile display issues on Tutorials
  • Fixed User Manual for LG Stylo
  • Fixed an issue where Featured News would shift the page undesirably after loading
  • Fixed and issue with the homepage search shifting after page load
  • Fixed various styling issues on the videos content pages
  • Improved error messaging a user sees when registering with a taken email address


Developer Comments: Baby steps.