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Release DateAugust 2, 2017


The focus on Support continues to be improving the discussion experience and optimizing the site. People like to talk and go fast. We're one Wonder Bread endorsement away from a Talladega Nights sequel.



What's New

New, improved password strength indicator system


  • We're adding new password strength indicators to better help users manage strong passwords.
  • The new indicators will give several suggestions on improved password strength to the user, visually indicating if the user has achieved them or not.
  • Passwords that are too weak will have visual indicators to help the user toward a stronger, sufficient password.


Link to News & Updates blog now featured on Community page


  • We're adding a featured link to the News & Updates blog to the Community page.
  • You can now easily get to our blog from the Community page to ready through all of our posts about the Support site and more!


Recent discussions have been added to the Discussions page


  • We're adding a quick and simple display of the most recent discussions across the site to the Discussions page!


New feature for staff to mark threads as Assumed Resolved


  • Discussion threads can now be marked by staff, giving them the ability to correctly mark threads that have been resolved where the answer may not be specifically one post.
  • This is handy for indicating threads that have been reviewed by staff and is intended to better show when staff have reviewed a thread you may be wondering about.
  • There will be a short message to show when a thread has been reviewed, even when the question being asked may not have a single answer.
    • For example, someone may ask "What's your favorite iPhone game?" and a lot of people may reply. This indicator may appear on a thread like that so that you know staff has reviewed and is watching the thread.


Developer Comments: We've been very, very busy. Actually, very, very, very busy. Improving the discussions experience is the main focus, and we will continue to focus on that for some time. In our spare time, we added routes to our blog, built a much stronger password strength indicator system, and added tools for our Support staff to strengthen their content. We even found a few hours to sleep.


Bug Fixes

Various bug fixes and improvements

  • Improved responsive layout of Discussions to better suit mobile users
  • Fixed intermittent issues causing errors when editing a discussion
  • Fixed intermittent issue with Getting Started greeting being skewed undesirably for some users
  • Fixed rare issue where Internet Explorer users may not see device details on device pages
  • Fixed issue displaying "Message Us on My T-Mobile" button when replying to a discussion
  • Improved the query-string of links within the Tutorials topic
  • Fixed an issue with an empty column on content list pages for logged out users
  • Fixed an issue with the location of the Correct Answer button being placed inside staff and Pillar signatures
  • Fixed a rare issue with user avatars skewing in discussion lists
  • Fixed various issues with long discussion titles and their truncation
  • Improved JavaScript files being served on the site to increase performance
  • Improved error pages with custom, branded 500 error page


Developer Comments: Lots of work in the last few weeks summarized as fixes to smooth out the discussion experience and a number of performance items.