Edit_620x300_hero_R3.jpgChampions of the people, trusted trail guides, Helpy McHelpersons -- around here we like to call them Pillars of the Community. Although the phrase might sound dated, being awesome never goes out of style! Read on to find out more about the foundation of our Support Community.



What is a Pillar of the Community?

We're glad you asked! Pillars are the most knowledgeable, helpful users in the Community. Although the entire concept of our Support Community is peer-to-peer and user driven at its core, Pillars step in consistently with great feedback, key questions, helpful links and spot-on answers, doing the most good along the way.



How do I become a Pillar?

The process we use to choose Pillars is mostly organic, and more art than science. It's easy to spot our most active users thanks to the wizardry of gamification, but Pillars' interactions with other users stand out. When we notice someone going above and beyond time and again, we reach out to see if they'd like to join the illustrious Pillar ranks. If they accept, we hook them up with a specialty badge so that everyone can recognize the value of their contributions, and when possible send some sweet welcome swag their way, too. We're always looking to add more Pillars, so get out there and post!



Meet the Pillars

Say hello to the crack team of volunteers who help keep the Support site running smoothly these days!



Honorable Mention

These folks might not be Pillars, but they offer a ton of support!

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