Greetings, downloaders of apps, streamers of video, eaters of food! If you're looking for a good excuse to binge on something more than data, we've got the holiday for you. Culinarian Day is June 25th, so we'd like to offer a few magenta ways to celebrate -- no knife rolls or fancy french kitchen titles required!


Slow Cooker Sundays

A culinarian might be a chef, but you don't need a sous or a de cuisine on your business card (or, for that matter, a business card) to participate in Culinarian Day. Our fearless leader John Legere frequently takes on new dishes with his Slow Cooker Sunday videos. Check out the latest instructional cooking extravaganza below. If you like what you see, you can check out the T-Mobile YouTube channel or Facebook Live for more recipes!




T-Mobile Tuesdays

For those looking to expand their culinary repertoire beyond the Un-cooker, keeping up with T-Mobile Tuesdays is a must! We've been stoked to thank our customers with redemption codes for free e-cookbooks and subscriptions to culinary magazines on Tuesdays past. The offers change weekly, so check back every Tuesday. If you catch us on a week without an e-cookbook, you can still celebrate your inner foodie with discounts on snacks and treats or video credits you can use to watch Ratatouille for the hundredth time (not judging! is it dusty in here? no, you're crying!).



However you opt to engage your tastebuds this Culinarian day, we wish you godspeed and good luck. Happy gratuitous food-photo posting, and may your plates ever be clean.