Hello, DIGITS fans! Based on tons of awesome feedback on DIGITS, we've been been evolving the service at warp speed. Pushing out updates at this volume is fantastic for users who want the latest and greatest as soon as it is available, but the pace makes it inevitable that a bug or two may crop up during the hustle and bustle. If you love to hang out on the front line of development, share ideas, and squash bugs, then buckle up for this news!




DIGITS Early Access

In the coming weeks, we will be launching a DIGITS Early Access program. The program will allow select users to be the first to test new versions of the iOS and Android DIGITS apps before they are released to the public. These new app versions could include fancy new widgets and spectacular shifts in design, or complex (but invisible) back-end updates. Whatever the changes, we'd love your input on it all! This way, we'll maintain stable builds of DIGITS while simultaneously testing out new builds with a small group of DIGITS enthusiasts.



How to do it

The Early Access program participants will be sent private builds to download and try out before the rest of the world gets the chance. If you're intrigued by the idea of new things and the exclusivity of posting in a private space, this program is for you. Should you choose to accept this mission, we'll soon be breaking ground and throwing up framework for a closed Discussion space to collect feedback on these app updates from you and your comrades in testing! We just need you to let us know you're interested on the DIGITS Early Access Program Interest Thread, and a member of our Community team will private message you to collect some details (please don't post any personal information in the thread). Once you reply, we'll send the speakeasy password specifics your way!





Who is eligible?

Anyone who is currently using the DIGITS app for iOS or Android can sign up to participate.


Where do I sign up?

Let us know you're interested here and a community manager will reach out to you.


Where is this super-secret DIGITS Early Access group space?

We're building that behind the scenes now! We'll share the link with users who'd like to participate via Private Message once it's launched.


Is there an Early Access group for devices with native DIGITS?

No, at this time we're only testing new builds for the iOS and Android apps.


Does this mean I will get DIGITS free?

You will get the latest builds free!