Hey, T-Mobile Support Community!


If the heat wasn't a dead giveaway, the first day of Summer was on 6/21 and that means it's time to fire up the BBQ grills, string up the volleyball nets, and slip into your favorite swim gear. June 21'st also happened to be National Selfie Day... and what better way to celebrate both occasions than with a selfie contest? We want to see how you're kicking off your summer with a summer-themed selfie. Since it's just not a contest without prizes, posting your summer selfie here will get you the opportunity to win a sweet T-Mobile selfie stick as well as an exclusive Community mission badge, and 50 points.




The Contest

We want to see your summertime selfies! Do you live near a beach? Snap a selfie from the middle of the ocean (watch out for rip currents!). Is it just too dang hot to go outside? Snap a selfie of your six house fans all set to "high". Post your selfies in the comments below and rack up likes from other contestants and Community members. The posters with the most likes will win one of four T-Mobile selfie sticks, along with the aforementioned Community badge and points. We will be announcing the winners in the Magenta Lounge on 7/20, one day after the contest ends. We have four selfie sticks (ARV: $15) to give out, so don't delay! In the event of a tie, the entrants who submitted their selfies first will win.


How to play

  1. Snap a selfie showing how you are celebrating summer
  2. Post your selfie in this thread
  3. Receive "likes" from other users



  1. You must be 18 to enter.  T-Mobile employees aren’t eligible to win this contest -- sorry, team!
  2. You can start submitting your selfies now.  Selfies must be submitted by 11:59 PM PST on 7/19 to be eligible.  Limit one post per person.  If you post more than one selfie, only the first selfie you submitted is eligible.
  3. You must "like" at least one other person's selfie.
  4. During the winter, you can put on layer after layer to get warm but in the summer, you can only take off so many layers before it gets weird, so remember to keep your selfies PG.
  5. Your post and selfies need to comply with our Community Usage Guidelines.
  6. See full rules and details here.


So, bust out your cameras, put on your duck faces and get to snapping those selfies!