Our T-Mobile App team has been furiously hammering out code to create the most kickass mobile experience they can digitize. You can already count on our app for super quick bill payment, painless account management, and putting you in touch with us in a single tap... and now, we're upgrading your shopping experience, too.



Upgrade from the app



Through the T-Mobile app, you can now SHOP the latest devices. Wondering whether that shiny new iPhone or sparkling Galaxy device is the best fit for you? While we can't promise to solve the OS debate for the ages, we are stoked to say you'll be able to view key features and specs from the app -- no redirects or lengthy online research required! Scoping out a prospective device's memory size, megapixel particulars, and price point has never been easier. Once you've made all the comparison checks needed, you can complete your upgrade right there.



What's next?


The SHOP feature will work for customers who are completing a standard upgrade or an EIP. JUMP! upgrades and trade-in functionality for the app are already in the works! Soon, you'll be able to walk through selecting a new device and scheduling the retirement of your old faithful from the comfort of your own phone. Stay tuned!



Couch-shop now!


Just locate the all-new SHOP icon in the app's main menu and tap to get started. Scope out devices, choose the line you'd like to upgrade, review protection options and complete a secure check-out. You can check your order's shipment status directly on the app's homepage. Click below to make sure your app's up to date or to download it now!