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Release DateJune 7, 2017


We took a week off for the holiday. You know what that means? Tons of updates this week!


What's New

Added DIGITS slide to the homepage carousel


  • To welcome DIGITS, we've added a new slide to our homepage carousel!


Removed Contact Us tile from the bottom of the Contact Us page


  • It was redundant to have a tile suggesting Contact Us to people already on the Contact Us page. So, we removed it.


Improved staff signatures on discussions


  • Social media icons in the staff signatures on discussion threads would wrap separately when the browser window was too narrow.
  • They will now group and wrap together, if possible.


Minor improvements for Popular Links on the Device page

  • Popular Links on the Devices page now keep the user in the same browser tab, as opposed to previously where a new tab would open.
  • This will avoid unnecessarily flooding the user with tabs they don't need while they're navigating the site.


Developer Comments: Welcome to the homepage, DIGITS! Our newest feature has been added to the homepage to help out everyone looking for information on it, as well as a number a new features throughout the site; none more fascinating that the now-wrapping staff signature social media icons! Behold as the social media icons stay together, even when challenged at a smaller size! Gaze in bewilder-...oh. Coming on a little strong? Okay, okay. Well, enjoy all the same.

Bug Fixes

Various minor fixes & improvements to the overall site

  • Fixed alphabetical sorting for devices on the Devices page.
  • Removed unnecessary whitespace from private messages within a user's Inbox.
  • Removed the Register slide from the homepage carousel for users that are already logged in.
  • Long titles for topics are less likely to overlap header images, improving page title readability.
  • Fixed issue where comment icons were being clipped in some list views.
  • Video controls were being overlapped by the dropdown menu on the Community page.
  • Fixed an issue where invisible boxes would exist in the place of missing breadcrumb links.
  • Clean up for the tag pages, improving readability.
  • Fixed issue where an 'x' would appear in the search on the Devices page in Internet Explorer.
  • Fixed instances of iPhone being capitalized incorrectly in page breadcrumbs.
  • Removed unwanted content type icons within content bodies.
  • Fixed issue with private messages where text entry field would expand horizontally indefinitely.
  • Fixed issue where Software Info was not displaying on mobile.
  • Fixed issue where a gray bar appeared on profile pages for logged out users.
  • Fixed issue where the Follow icon appears to some users while logged out when it should not.
  • Fixed an issue with unordered and ordered lists indentation.
  • Improved table view layout to not have flow issues.
  • Improved table view on smaller screens.


Developer Comments: It turns out when you stock up on fixes during a holiday week, you end up with a pretty sizable batch. This week we're releasing a number of fixes and improvements ranging from logic fixes in device sorting to simple tweaks to table layout.