We're heating the summer up with some stellar offers, but none are more exciting to those of us here on Support than the news that this DIGITS baby we've been coaxing and cooing over for months is finally taking its first steps. For any newcomers to the Community, it might look like we're a gang of fledgling math majors for all the word "DIGITS" is thrown around over here. No worries! We've got your easy breakdown of what DIGITS is and a quick directory for those of you who'd like to move from 101 to 201 quickly.



What is DIGITS?


DIGITS is an exclusive service from T-Mobile that breaks the "one phone, one number" barrier without the need for an over-the-top application from another party. There are two primary functions for DIGITS at this time:


  • Multiple numbers on one device - you can add a second set of DIGITS to use as a home line, business line, or whatever line by signing up for DIGITS Talk & Text. On some newer T-Mobile devices, multi-line features are already built in (and we anticipate more to come), and on others, you can easily use the DIGITS app to manage multiple sets of DIGITS!
  • One number on multiple devices - take and place calls and send and receive messages from whatever equipment you have handy with the DIGITS app or online client. Or if you've got a second physical phone or wearable device you want to duplicate your number, you can sign up for Data with Paired DIGITS to get a second SIM or eSIM provisioned so that device can call and text just like your main line.



How Do I Get DIGITS?

You can start here: T-Mobile DIGITS. The best news for existing customers who want to dip their toes in this awesome number pool is that DIGITS app and website access are now free for all customers, even Pay In Advance. Can't use your phone in the office but don't want to miss a message? The DIGITS web client will solve that problem. Carrying around an Android tablet or iPad when your phone runs out of battery? You can access your number from any Android 5.0/iOS9 + device with internet access through the app. If you're interested in adding additional sets of DIGITS or additional phones or wearable devices, check out some more details about DIGITS plans here!



DIGITS and the Support Community

During the DIGITS Beta, we had the privilege of hosting eager and talented Beta Testers right here in the DIGITS Support space (and we're doing our best to make sure they know how appreciated they are by offering Beta participants get DIGITS for life!). Users of the fledgling DIGITS service would assist one another with testing and provide feedback in this very forum, as well as reach out to have Bug reports filed. Although the DIGITS engineering team has released update after update to squash bugs, and taken feedback into consideration to modify the product when possible (and since we never stop improving, this feedback is still absolutely welcome!), you can still find tons of useful troubleshooting advice in the active and Beta DIGITS Discussions by using the Search function to match keywords for your question!