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Release DateMay 24, 2017


Small fixes make for big gains over time. This week is another batch of minor tweaks to improve the overall site.



Bug Fixes


Removed Flash animation when viewing the User Profile overlay

  • The User Profile overlay used a Flash animation to show it was loading. This has been replaced to improve site performance.



Fixed Share overlay for mobile devices

  • When sharing content on mobile devices, the overlay was expanding beyond what was visible. We've fixed this.



Fixed alignment for Send button on mobile devices

  • The Send button on mobile devices was aligned incorrectly. This has been fixed.


Fixed issue where Correct Answer icon was cutoff occasionally being cut off

  • The Correct Answer visual was being cut off when viewed within a user's Inbox. We have fixed this.


Fixed "Mark as New" option within Inbox

  • The "Mark as New" option was not being shown within a user's Inbox. This has been fixed.


Developer Comments: Everyone loves seeing the little, green check mark telling them they answered someone's question correctly! It was critical that we made sure that little, green check mark was showing up in full glory for those that like to check their Inbox. Okay, so maybe not strictly critical. But, it is fixed! Hooray!