How many times have you finally gotten your hands on a sweet new phone only to realize that you have no idea how to use it? Changing devices can be exciting... and equally frustrating! There is so much to do when you get a new phone -- you have to get your sweet custom ringtones set up again, sign back into your Bookface, Tweeter, and Instagram, and reset your 9 separate alarms 1 minute apart from each other (I'm looking at you, heavy sleepers ). Luckily, our super helpful device tutorials will guide you through all the standards, as well as show you bells and whistles you didn't even know your phone had! Here are just some of the ways device tutorials can help you become a pro with your new phone or an older phone that you just didn't quite fully understand.



Device simulators are fully interactive!interactive.gif

The T-Mobile device simulators are great for those of you that are visual learners, as they guide you through whatever you are trying to do on the device by letting you press all the buttons without the risk of an accidental settings change! Some folks can read a step-by-step guide until they're blue in the face, only to finish more confused than when they started. All those extra nuts and bolts you have left over after putting together your new kitchen table? Spoiler alert: those aren't just "spares" and your table is gonna fall apart. Our simulators will help you set up your phone the right way the first time because you can see it happening right before your eyes.



How to's howto.png

With the array of buttons, lights, and endless settings these devices have, it's no wonder some folks get the urge to Babe Ruth their phone out the living room window! Everything's gonna be fine... put the bat down and check out the expansive list of How To's for all the guidance you need -- from how to secure your information with privacy settings to how to send a picture message or start a video call!



Mobile friendly!


Did you slam dunk your laptop into the garbage can after that ninth blue screen of death? Never fear, the device tutorials are fully functional through your phone's mobile browser! I mean, it only makes sense! Why log into a computer (that is more than likely nowhere near you when you need to use it) when you can open up a tutorial directly from the phone you need to use the tutorial for? Also, to save you a little bit of time, when you access the tutorials from your device, it will automatically know what kind of phone you are using!