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Release DateMay 10, 2017


Well, would you look at that? Our beloved Support site is so shiny and new! And, what's this? A blog about updates and fixes? Yep! We're going to be writing notes to keep you up to speed on changes across the site. We have a few touch ups to go over, so without further ado...



What's New

Improvements for News & Updates in the mobile menu

  • News & Updates, formerly Support Blogs, has been renamed to better match our blog.
  • The blog link has been updated to the News & Updates page.


Coverage maps have been added to several pages


Developer Comments: Two of our favorite things are showing people maps covered in magenta and providing timely communication with a sampling of tasteful panache. Consider this update adequately panache'd.



Bug Fixes

Removed "Tell us what you think" button when it should not appear

  • We have a survey on some pages that was popping up when it shouldn't. This will stop that.


Removed icons from links that left the site

  • Links that left the T-Mobile Support site would get an icon in the middle of the paragraph or line. We've removed it to reduce the clutter around links.


Fixed incorrect icons on Profile page for mobile viewers

  • Some mobile users noticed that the Message and Follow buttons were showing incorrect characters instead of icons. We've replaced those images with the proper icons.


Fixed Inbox count displaying incorrectly

  • Inbox was not showing the correct number of notifications for some users.


Fixed misalignment with reply count for discussions within Inbox

  • Mobile users were seeing notification counts being misaligned in the Inbox for discussion replies, causing it to overlap user avatars. These have been restyled to comfortably fit the display.


Emoji will now properly display for comments, threads, and blogs

  • Emoji will now display in comments, threads, and blog posts properly after being saved. They were previously missing.


Realigned "Reply" text for private messages

  • Reply text was out of place for private messages. It has been moved to its proper location in the box.


Fixed images displaying at incorrect size in Mozilla Firefox

  • Some images in documents and topics were displaying much smaller than intended for Firefox users. This has been resolved, and users should see these images at the correct size.


Repositioned video player within Inbox

  • Videos were appearing out of place for some users. This has been resolved.


Fixed issue where Español link sent user to away from T-Mobile Support

  • Español link would direct the user to T-Mobile.com. This has been resolved to properly handoff and translate the T-Mobile Support site as intended.


Removed topic tags highlighting in search

  • Topic tags are no longer highlighted when performing searches. This should help reduce clutter on search results.


Icons in the header are now easier to click or touch

  • The clickable area surrounding the icons was too small. This has been fixed, and now it will be easier to click or touch those icons.


Fixed disappearing Reset filter on Devices page

  • The "Reset Filter" option would intermittently disappear for some users. This has been fixed.


Removed duplicate words on some discussion topic pages

  • Discussion topics had a typo where it read "Recent (Topic Name) Discussions discussions", such as "Recent Apple iPhone Discussions discussions". We have removed the duplicates.


Fixed issue where Leaderboard was showing incorrectly

  • The Leaderboard was attempting to show even when there were no leaders to be shown or the user was not logged in. This has been fixed. 


Developer Comments: Following the big update and redesign, we returned to a strict regimen of coffee, coffee, and coffee. Coffee cubed equals bug fixes. We have a bunch of improvements here to keep the site growing, and we're hard at work on more. Expect touch ups as we go, improving the site experience along the way. Maybe we should add a "Coffee Counter" to the site to watch as we go...