The contest has ended! See a full list of the winners and prizes here.



Hey, T-Mobile Support Community!


Do you like our new site?  Do you love the thrill of the hunt?  Do you like prizes!?  If you answered yes to any of those questions then this is the contest for you!  To celebrate our shiny new redesign of the Support Community, we are going to have a community scavenger hunt and the winner will get some sweet T-Mobile swag!  Here's the breakdown:


The Contest:

The Legere Doll has been scoping out the new community and your task is to find him in as many places as possible.  He could be hiding anywhere - in our device specific "How To" pages, in comments made by other users in the community...  Seek high and low. The Legere Doll told us he checked out about 50 different places across the community and the first person to find the most places he visited or every place he visited wins! Oh, and bonus points* to those who find wonky bugs with the new site while you're searching!

*Disclaimer- Bonus points have no cash value, do not increase your chances of winning, and don't actually exist.


How to play:

  1. Start browsing all the different areas of the community, like our Magenta Lounge or the iPhone 7 Plus page.
  2. When you find a Legere Doll, copy the URL at the top of the page where you found it and start making a list.
  3. After you have found as many as you can or you've managed to find them all, use a service like pastebin to paste all the links you found into a private message.
  4. Send your private message to tmo_contest


The Community Manager team will tally up the results on May 4th and announce the winner here. If you are the lucky winner, we will reach out to you in a private message to send you your prize!



The rules:

  • Contest entry lists must be submitted by 11:59 PM PT on 05/03 to qualify.
  • Don't try to be sneaky!    We have a list of all the places he visited.
  • Not really a rule but more of a favor to ask - please try to submit all your findings in one private message (makes it easier to tally and prevents confusion since the contest is based on who gets the most first).
  • *Cheesy rule alert*  Have fun!


So let's get started!  Bust out your safari gear, pack a lunch, set your metal detectors to .JPEG, and let the hunt begin!