BORDER_620x300-HERO-IMG1 (1).jpgTeam magenta is amping up our commitment to all things green in celebration of Earth Day!  Hopefully those of you who are in the habit of getting thanked weekly were able to use the T-Mobile Tuesdays app to participate our proud partnership with reforestation movers and shakers Treecycler, or enjoy a fantastic discount on PaperCulture sustainable stationery.  In addition to the Tuesday love, we’re also stoked to announce the super progressive move we’ve made by making the largest wind power investment on record by a US wireless company (you could say it’s very un-fossil of us).  If this big news breezed by you, or you missed out on planting a tree, don’t worry.  We have a few suggestions for ways you can contribute to the greener good year round!

  • Paperless billing

Generally speaking, the move to paperless billing is convenient and a step in the right direction for the environment.  Going paperless with your wireless carrier specifically - where a detailed bill including usage history for a family of three easily runs upwards of thirty pages - is a fantastic choice.  T-Mobile offers online .pdf versions of print statements on MyT-Mobile, so you can review and print only the pages you need for your records - for the past twelve months.  We’ll message you (and email if you like!) to let you know when a new statement is available.  Less clutter on the end of your dining room table, fewer trees felled.  It’s a win-win.

  • Paperless lifestyle choices

Don't stop with the bills!  Favorite band stopping by a local venue?  With the rise of paperless ticketing, chances are you can grab your tickets online and pull them up for a scan to get in, and arriving prepared when the doors open is a plus for you and the planet.  You can use your phone to go paperless for date night - download movie tickets and restaurant gift certificates.  Most local grocers offer coupon apps, too, so you can save a tree and some cash while you’re at it!

  • Recycling program

It's estimated that manufacturing your sweet, zippy little 8 ounce smartphone can require as much as 165 pounds of raw material!  We’re not saying to stop upgrading, so don’t feel guilty about stalking the tracking page for that Galaxy S8 - but we are offering conscientious options to minimize the landfill impact when your current equipment loses its pep.  We utilize our JUMP! and Trade-In programs to refurbish equipment for reuse, offer recycling at our stores, and ship recycling labels with new device purchases (please make sure you don’t send your Trade-In to the recycling center)!  You can learn more about our commitment to recycling equipment here, on the T-Mobile Recycling Program page. 

  • Device maintenance

While we’re talking about how many resources go into that beautifully crafted machine you slip into your back pocket so casually, let’s talk about taking care of it.  If you want to replace your equipment, awesome!  But the fewer times you need to replace it, the better.  Repeat this mantra: power cycling is power napping for my phone.  Also, make sure you’re routinely clearing your cache and cookies, managing your device’s memory and storage, and updating when requested (you can find How-Tos in your phone's Device space).  Last but not least, when you see that friendly reminder about conserving power, unplug the charger.  Your battery won't grow like a Grinchy heart, and consuming a little less energy in each of our homes can make a difference.

  • Public transit

Urban and suburban users can use their phones to decrease their carbon footprint by creating unique public transport solutions - or finding the best walking route.  Google Maps isn’t just for figuring out the quickest route to drive to Grandma’s - you can toggle for bus schedules, ride services, cycling or walking directions.  Citymapper, Transit and Moovit are all excellent choices for those who have rail or subway options around them, too, and many large metro areas have dedicated apps for their own public transit systems.  Use one of these options to get to and fro on that paperless date and you win bonus points!

Whether you opt to adopt a few of these behaviors or embrace them all, rest assured your efforts are appreciated.  We'll continue to do our best to match them, and provide more opportunities for sustainable service in the future!  That said, we reserve the right to recycle this blog.