phonecloudsgears.jpgOnce Daylight Savings Time has wrenched us from our beds an hour early, the weather takes a friendlier turn and sunshine hangs around a little longer, most of us start thinking about things that go along with Spring.  Spring Break, spring cleaning, your annual spring backup...  Well, perhaps the last item on that list isn’t a phrase you naturally pencil into your spring agenda, but it ought to be!  The folks behind World Backup Day on March 31st aim to ink this task onto your calendar permanently.


An independent, industry wide initiative started by a few swell people on Reddit, World Backup Day's goal is to prevent heartache by educating the everyday user of mobile media (read: you and me) about the importance of having more than one copy of all of your important files. Whether you opt for a hard copy or a cloud copy, the point is simple: you need another copy!  Anyone who’s accidentally left their phone behind, carried it into the ocean, or lost it forever to a software malfunction without sync enabled or a backup saved understands that you can replace your phone, but not that awesome photo of little Tony’s first cupcake, or the video you took at Nana’s Thanksgiving.  It’s no fun creating a contact roster from scratch, either.  The Facebook post asking your entire friends list to text you their names so that you can save the numbers feels silly and honestly, it’s potentially dangerous when last names aren’t included (imagine sending Aunt Beth the photos you took with Friend Beth at last week's after-party).


These days, most smartphones come equipped with some built-in cloud backup options, so the process is much more forgiving than it was in the past.  This spring is a great time to make sure you’re taking advantage of the existing sync and backup services available for your phone. To get a better idea of ways you can protect your information, we’ve got some steps available right here on the Support site!  This March 31st, make sure you take a look at both of the following pages in your device’s How Tos:


  • Devices > Your Phone > How Tos > Apps & Data > Sync. 

Enabling these settings will ensure that recent information you select from the available options (commonly Mail, Contacts, Photos, Calendars) are backed up to the cloud account associated with your phone; for example, to your Google account for Android equipment or iCloud for Apple devices.


  • Devices > Your Phone > How Tos > Systems & Settings > Backup and Restore.

These settings offer options to back up items unique to your existing setup, in some cases down to your call reject list, to ease the tweaking burden needed if you have to restore the phone.  Depending on your device manufacturer, there may be internal storage and SD backup options, as well as steps to back files up to a computer.


Many device manufacturers also offer software programs that can be used to transfer copies of your device files to a computer if that’s an option for you!  Typically a quick trip to the manufacturer’s official website will yield steps to determine the right program to download for your particular phone, as well as instructions for how to use the software once installed.  While you're web-journeying, don't forget to stop by World Backup Day's website for some great info, as well as a pledge you can take and share with your friends to encourage a safer, backed-up world, with fewer opportunities to mourn the loss of our most precious information.