T-Mo Hardhat.pngHave you ever visited the Support Community and thought to yourself: "This place could really use some work."? Well, first of all that hurts our feelings, and you're off the the list to get our famous fruitcake this holiday season. But if you're one of the folks that loves Support, you're in for a real treat because we're in the process of redesigning to make the site more intuitive, flashy, and just plain better all-around. Included (and this is a big one) with the site update comes... mobile optimization! That's right, you are now going to be able to visit our site from your mobile device without having to pinch-to-zoom just to get around. Took us long enough, eh?


If right about now you're thinking, "That sounds like a lot of work!", you don't know the half of it. The truth is that we're committed to making this site for you, the user, and we welcome (and rely on) any feedback you've got for us. So, how are we going to get all this done? Well, our original plan involved several hamsters, plenty of caffeine, and some high-end PCs, but that didn't end up going anywhere so we came up with a new one. Check it out:


Phase 1: The "Squish"

Phase 1.png

In the beginning... there were like, a million discussion spaces. Have a Samsung Galaxy S6? We've got a space for that. How about an S6 Edge? Got a space for that one too! Are you the last surviving Motorola RAZR user? Well, we actually didn't have a space for that, but you get the idea. To make the Support Community a better, easier to use place, Phase 1 of our redesign condensed our discussion pages down to broader categories. Now those folks with the S6 and S6 edge can talk to each other in the luxurious Galaxy Series space! This will ultimately lead to increased discussion, fewer duplicate posts, and more eyes on your questions, which will hopefully get them answered faster! The best part is that you can still start discussions just like you always have, so no extra legwork for you (just us). That guy with the RAZR is still on his own though.  It's a lonely world out there, RAZR guy. We send our love (and maybe our fruitcake).


Phase 2: Development

Phase 2.png

Phase 2 is a crazy, all-out hybrid of top-rate web development and mystical, dark incantation that shall not be repeated here. Our ace team of developer/sorcerers are hard at work redesigning every piece of the Support Community, from the document templates to the little, tiny button you click to get to our Instagram. This process will ultimately bring a shiny, new website that will be easy on the eye, better to navigate, and (gasp) mobile responsive! Either that or it will summon an unspeakable horror from the depths of the seas. Either way, it will be exciting, that's for sure!


Phase 3: Launch!

Phase 3.png

This one is pretty self-explanatory, but we'll go over it anyway. At some point in the near-future (soon™) we'll unleash our beautiful new Support Community for everyone to use! But a good site's work is never done, so rest assured that we'll be leaning heavily on you, our dear users, to help us improve even further.