• Coolpad Snap: How to manually lock screen?

    Hi, all. I just got a Coolpad Snap flip phone. I set a PIN for unlocking the screen after it goes to sleep. Is it possible to lock the screen without waiting for it to go to sleep? I can manually lock the keypad on th...
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  • Upgrade a broken device

    I had the opportunity to upgrade, so I ordered a new device. However, I'm getting the upgrade because my device broke. Will this be a problem with the trade-in for the upgrade?
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  • LineLink Call Waiting, Caller ID

    Can anyone confirm if Call Waiting, Caller ID (basic caller ID, just the number, not the name) is working for those that have the TMO LineLink service?  This used to work for me when I had the old TMO @Home servi...
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  • Lg v2 not able receive and send picture by text

    Can anyone know how to fix this issue?
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  • T-Mobile CellSpot V2 UDP Port Requirements?

    Does the CellSPot V2 require UDP ports 123, 500 and 4500 to be open both outgoing and incoming?  In other words are only replies to requests originating from the Cell Spot routed through the Network?   I ca...
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  • Hacked?

    I downloaded hinge dating app and the first screen asks to log in using my FB or Phone#. I select phone # and two numbers appeared???? Mine and another i've never seen before (646258****). What does this mean? Is my p...
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  • What phone to migrate to from Windows Phone?

    I know that this really is each person's personal opinion. But I'd like to hear what others have to say about those of us still using a Windows Phone. My first two cell phones were basic Nokia's from T-Mobile. Then wh...
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  • I wish T-Mobile offered a kid smart watch/gps tracker like VW does.

    Does anyone know of a smart watch for kids that is compatible with T-Mobile? I found many different options on Amazon but not sure which one is compatible with T-Mobile. My son is only 7 so I don't want to get him a p...
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  • Coolpad flipphone (SNAP) - how do I enter capital letters for Wifi password?

    I got a Coolpad flipphone for my mom.  Everything is fine with it except that I can't enter the WiFi password on the telephone keypad because I can't figure out how to enter capital letters with that system. ...
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  • Hipitch screech feedback

    How do I fix the high pitch screeching feedback that comes out of the receiving end of phone calls? Gotten so bad my boyfriend refuses to be in calls.
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  • Is the TM-AC1900 ROUTER still supported?????

    A year or so ago, T-mobile provided me with a TM-AC1900 ROUTER ... (ASUS rebranded to T-Mobile).  They also provided a Personal Cell Spot 4G LTE which I refer to as an Extender or perhaps Booster.   Started...
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  • Received on Watch

    I'm constantly getting a "received on watch" voicemail notifcation and I cannot get it to stay away. There's been a couple times where I'll dial the voicemail and it clears but it comes right back. I have unpaired it,...
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  • Trying to connect to Coolpad Surf with Android phone

    I have a Galaxy S7 on the Verizon network.  In order to not use my data up, I tried to connect to my T-Mobile Coolpad Surf wi-fi hotspot.  After I give ti the security key for the wifi, it connects but then ...
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  • What does the cell spot router do...?

    Hi all,   Could someone point me to documentation that actually says what the heck the cell spot router does?  Or, if you know, feel free to enlighten me.  My understanding is that the cell spot router...
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  • BYOD (unlocked)Blackberry KEY2 cryptic error on site

    Excuse me Please:   I am currently in possession of an (unlocked) Blackberry KEY2 which it has been stated T-mobile supports. I am attempting to establish also a T-mobile account. However, it seems T-mobile ne...
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  • How to Flash T-Mobile Rom on Galaxy S9+ International Version SM-G965F/DS

    I just purchased the Unlocked Galaxy S9+ International Version SM-G965F/DS and I am using it with my T-Mobile account. I discovered that WiFi calling and a few other features don't work. As you know, the processor on ...
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  • How can you retrieve deleted text and pictures from Samsung Galaxy S4 SGH0M919?

    Help! I accidentally deleted some important pictures from my Samsung Galaxy S4. Is there a way to retrieve deleted pictures?
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  • Signal booster reception

    I finally got the signal booster connected after spending much time with tech support. Yay! The signal booster only has one bar of strength but my phone has anywhere from 3-4 in the same place. The signal booster do...
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  • Nokia E73 Read Only Profile

    I have an E73 Nokia I resurrected after 5 years and can't sync settings. It says my profile is read only. How do I change this? I have been through all the settings and searched online with no luck. Thanks for any help.
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  • Huawei phones on T-Mobile?

    I've been interested in using Huawei's devices on the T-Mobile network but don't know about compatibility, any challenges, etc.  Love to hear what others have done if they were able to get Huawei's devices on the...
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