• Alcatel Go Flip 3 - alarm clock bug

    I just started using the Alcatel Go Flip 3, and wonder if I have encountered a bug.   I had an alarm set for 5:45 am.  Before bedtime, I decided to get up at 5:20 instead.  I switched the alarm time, a...
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  • Unlocked the phone

    здравствуйте! заблркирован телефон под вашего оператора, прошу разблокировать его, так как срок контракта с Вами истек. iphone 5s 16gb model A1533
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  • Screen Lock on T Mobile REVVLRY

    What do you do if you forget the PIN code for the screen lock???
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  • messaging inbox full on Samsung Gravity TXT T379

    My daughter has a Samsung Gravity TXT T379, and keeps getting a message that says "messaging inbox full" and it won't receive any text messages until she deletes some. But I've checked her memory and she has plenty of...
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  • (S10+) Long Texts being sent as multiple small messages

    Hi,   Beginning around Friday my longer texts have been being received as a string of shorter messages. This has been happening to multiple people I text on multiple carriers. I reset the Messages App Cache, the...
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  • will the new OnePlus 7 PRO phone work with all of TMO's upcoming 5G bands

    I've been told by OnePlus support that their new OnePlus 7 Pro phone is 5G compatible.   However, I've also read that OnePlus is coming out with a OnePlus 7 Pro 5G model later this year.   When I asked the...
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  • Is the TM-AC1900 ROUTER still supported?????

    A year or so ago, T-mobile provided me with a TM-AC1900 ROUTER ... (ASUS rebranded to T-Mobile).  They also provided a Personal Cell Spot 4G LTE which I refer to as an Extender or perhaps Booster.   Started...
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  • samsung sgh-t199 error downloading apps

    i have a samsung sgh-t199 basic phone. i am able to call , text etc but when i try to access the t-mobile mall (mobile life) to download apps, i get a error saying can't connect.
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  • How do I disable emergency alerts such as amber alerts?

    While watching TV I heard an extremely loud irritating sound just like the test for the Emergency Broadcast System that comes over the TV.  I muted the TV and the sound continued.  Upon investigation I found...
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  • iPhone 5s unlock

    Hello, I have and iPhone 5s locked on T-mobile, IMEI 0138500095270907 How can I unlock it? Thank you!
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  • Can no longer connect to live view cams (Amcrest, Ring) on Tmobile network, but can view recorded video. Are TCP or UDP ports 15063 or 15064 being blocked?

    Phone: Pixel 3 OS: Android 10, latest updates Tmobile APN: fast.t-mobile.com set to ipv4/ipv6   I was able to remotely view all of my amcrest cams and all of my ring cams (I have a total of 14 cams) just fine ...
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  • Start Up Sound on Alcatel tablet

    Is there any way to silence the loud and annoying T-Mobile jingle when I turn on my Alcatel tablet? I tried the Silent Boot app but it did not stop it. Comes on twice every time I turn on the tablet. There are places ...
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  • What phone to migrate to from Windows Phone?

    I know that this really is each person's personal opinion. But I'd like to hear what others have to say about those of us still using a Windows Phone. My first two cell phones were basic Nokia's from T-Mobile. Then wh...
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  • Reset CoolPad remotely

    Can T-Mobile reboot a CoolPad hotspot device remotely?  I'm testing the device in a vacation home and it's worked great for a couple weeks to monitor the wifi thermostat.  It's apparently lost connection wit...
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  • Lost a SIM card

    hi, i have prepaid SIM card, I lost it.i am in Asia now. how do I do now.
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  • Home Internet - Port Forwarding not working

    I received and configured my LTE Gateway, TM-RTL0102 about a week ago. It works almost perfectly. Speeds are solid, both up and down. Only problem is that port forwarding isn't working. I've got the virtual servers co...
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  • Moto G7 connectivity issues when mobile

    We just upgraded my wife's phone from a Moto G5+ to a brand new bought from Motorola Moto G7.  We switched the sim card and after 2 weeks we're noticing she's having trouble voice texting, sending an email, or ac...
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  • Setting up new iphone

    If I order a new iphone on the website, can I bring iy to a store to be setup?
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  • re: Coolpad Snap replacement battery

    When I bought my Coolpad Snap from T-Mobile in May (2019), quite surprising to me, a replacement (or spare) battery was not available anywhere. I asked about sources (in another thread on this forum) from both T-Mobil...
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  • Alcatel Go Flip can send but not receive text messages.

    I just purchased an Alcatel Go Flip as well as a T-Mobile sim card.  I inserted the sim card into the phone and am able to make calls and send text messages.  I am unable to receive sms text messages.  ...
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