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Block unwanted phone calls or text messages

Having a cell phone is awesome. You're virtually connected to friends and family 24/7. However, maybe you don't want to be reached by a specific person or you're getting too many telemarketing calls. What do you do then?


Let's look at some of the options:


  • Block right from your phone. Some devices, such as the Samsung Galaxy S 5, let you block specific numbers. To get steps, head over to the Phones page, select your device, and look for steps to block calls.
  • Sign up for Family Allowances®. If your phone doesn't offer blocking options, Family Allowances might be for you. This service let's you block calls and texts from specific listed numbers. And the great news: You can manage Family Allowances online through My T-Mobile or from your phone with the My Account app.
  • Subscribe to message blocking. Message blocking is completely free and blocks all messages to your phone—text, picture, video, and email. You can add or remove the Message Blocking on My T-Mobile.
  • Change your phone number. Our specialists can always help you change your number. While this will stop unwanted phone calls or text messages to your current number, changing your number should be a last resort. Head over to change your phone number for important information and steps to get started.


If you're receiving unwanted telemarketing calls, you can add your phone number to the Do Not Call registry by visiting

So you've decided you want to go with a prepaid plan, but how do you know which one is right for you? What are the differences between the plans? Is unlimited talk and text important to you? Do you like to stream music or tether your device?


T-Mobile® offers prepaid options that fit your needs and remember, there's no overages, no credit checks, and no annual service contracts.


Look at the table below to learn what services are included with each prepaid plan:



Simple Choice™ monthly plan

Simply Prepaid™ plan

Pay as You Go planTablet and Internet plans
Unlimited talk and text on our networkcheckmark.pngcheckmark.png

4G LTE data on our network


Most plans offer 500 MB, 1 GB, 3 GB, 5 GB, and Unlimited LTE data rate plans

Smartphone Mobile HotSpotcheckmark.pngcheckmark.png
International textingcheckmark-gray.png
Music Freedomcheckmark.png
Wi-Fi Callingcheckmark-gray.pngcheckmark-gray.pngcheckmark-gray.pngcheckmark-gray.png
In-flight textingcheckmark.pngcheckmark.pngcheckmark.png

Tips on switching SIM cardsUpgraded your old phone to a new device? Need to update your SIM card? Whatever the reason, we know switching your SIM card isn't always easy. We're here to help make this process as smooth as possible.


Here are some common tips:

  • Know your SIM card type. You can find out what type of SIM card that goes with your phone by checking out the user manual. User manuals can be found on our Phones page.
  • Check the box. If you upgraded to a brand new phone, congrats! Purchased your phone from T-Mobile? Even better. You'll find a new SIM card in the box that is ready to activate.
  • Grab one from your local store. It's sometimes faster to pick up a new SIM card from your local T-Mobile store rather than ordering line—while faster, we recommend you them a call to make sure they have a SIM card in stock. Find a store near you.
  • Backup your contacts. If you have stored contacts on your SIM in the past, we recommend backing up your contacts with an online service before updating your SIM card. You can store your contacts on the cloud with many popular email services.
  • Update online. If you have a spare SIM card, or you picked one up from the store, you don't have to call in to update it—You can always update your SIM card online for free, 24/7.

The new T-Mobile Support

Posted by tmo_joshua Nov 17, 2014

T-Mobile Support is your home for answers about T-Mobile products and services.


Our support site is awesome. You can:


  • Check out support articles.
  • Get updates and tips through blogs.
  • Join the conversation by visiting our customer community.


On November 18, we'll launch a new site. You'll still be able to do everything you can now, only easier and faster.


Pictured below is a sneak peek of the new home page:





What's new with T-Mobile Support

We've added new tools that allow you to navigate the site with ease:


  • Top navigation bar. The top navigation allows you to access any one of our main areas on Support: Account, Billing, Coverage, Phones, and Plans. From the menu, you can access support documents, visit the community, or check out the blogs for that particular topic.
  • Side navigation bar. The side navigation is present on all of our topic pages. You can use it to access sub-topics, or jump to another topic in the site.
  • Additional resources. Couldn't find the information you needed? At the bottom of topic pages, and even support documents, you'll be able to ask your question to our customer community. We'll also link you to our contact information, where you can ask T-Mobile over the phone, connect with us on your favorite social network, or visit us at a store.


All these changes have been based on your feedback. We value what you tell us, so take a look around and let us know what you think.

So you just did a JUMP! upgrade and got a new phone—awesome. But now comes the tricky part: getting your contacts over to your new device.


Your two best options are:


  • Let T-Mobile do it for you. Our retail associates are the best in the business. We'll transfer your contacts, fast and free of charge. It'll be like your new phone came with your contacts already downloaded. Locate a store near you.
  • Do it yourself. If you're the adventurous type, or you prefer the DIY approach, you have options. The best way to transfer contacts is through the cloud—and we'll show you how.


Your best bet is using your platform's cloud storage options:


  • Android phones use Gmail contacts
  • Apple phones use iCloud
  • Windows Phones use a Microsoft account
  • BlackBerry10 uses BlackBerry link with Outlook


If you're going to be using the same platform, for example, you have an Android phone and you upgrade to a newer Android device, then transferring contacts is pretty easy. Your contacts are stored in the cloud, so all you'll have to do is add the account to your phone, and your contacts with automatically download. For example, once you add your Gmail account to your new Samsung Galaxy Note Edge, your contacts will start syncing right away. If you're worried about using up data, we recommend turning on Wi-Fi before adding an account to your phone. To get steps on adding an account go your phone, check out the Email accounts page for your phone or Internet device.

Tips on transferring contacts from one phone to another


Let's say you want to switch from a Samsung Galaxy S 5 to an Apple iPhone 6—then what? How do you transfer contacts when you're going from Android to the Apple iOS? Android and Apple devices are our most popular devices, so it makes sense we see these scenarios the most.


Below you'll find helpful steps on how to transfer contacts between these two platforms:


  • Android to Apple:
    1. On your Android phone, make sure your contacts are saved on the Gmail account.
    2. On your Apple device, add your Gmail account. For steps, check out the Email accounts page for your phone or Internet device.
    3. Select to sync Contacts and Calendar.
  • Apple to Android:
    1. From a computer, go to
    2. Sign in to iCloud.
    3. Click the Contacts button.
    4. Select contacts from the list.
    5. Click the Actions pop-up menu.
    6. Click Export vCard.
    7. Import the vCard file into Gmail.
    8. On your Android device, add your Gmail account.


If you need additional support or have questions, we're here to help. You can join the conversation to get support or share tips you use.

Benefits of restarting your device

From time to time, your phone may lose connection with the T-Mobile network, similar to how a computer may lose connection to a wireless network. A device restart can help in resolving network issues like calling problems, poor signal, slow data speeds, and messaging issues.


Restarting your phone regularly can also help improve performance by closing all of the open background applications that may be slowing down performance.


Our recommendation: Restart your phone on a weekly basis.  If you are having trouble with your phone, a restart (turning it off and then waiting at least 10 seconds to turn it back on) may help clear the issue.

MobileLife widget

On November 10, the we'll be shutting down the content stream to the MobileLife widget.


The MobileLife widget was first launched with Android phones. Mainly released with basic phones, it was designed to allow customers to quickly access useful articles and pages on T-Mobile Support, It was also a great way to let you know about new services and offers that you may be interested in.


When retired, content will no longer be served through the widget, and you'll see the following text inside of the widget: "We're sorry, but this content is no longer supported. To remove this widget from your home screen, touch and hold it, and then drag it to the trash bin." Because content will not longer be accessible through the widget, we recommend removing it.

Pillars of the Community

Posted by tmo_joshua Nov 3, 2014

Pillars of the Community

Champion of the people, good Samaritan, or as we like to call them: Pillars of the Community.  Who are they and what do they do? Read on to find out more about the most helpful members of the Support Community. 


What is a Pillar of the Community, exactly? We're glad you asked! Pillars are the chosen few members of the Support Community who are the most knowledgeable, helpful users who know how to play by the rules and have fun doing it.


How are Pillars chosen? Pillars are selected periodically from our most active users based on their interactions with other users. When we notice someone going above and beyond, we reach out to see if they'd like to join the illustrious Pillars of the Community.  We're looking to add even more Pillars soon, so get out there are post away!


Un-leash without an unlock

Posted by tmo_phillip Oct 30, 2014

Un-leash without an unlock

To learn more about unlocking your phone, go to our support page or call care at 611 from your T-Mobile phone.


You’re a valuable T-Mobile Customer. But we know it can be tempting to unlock your smartphone and do a little window shopping. Here are some reasons why you might want to unlock—and other services you have that might meet your needs so you don’t have to unlock:


  1. If you're traveling outside the U.S., your Simple Choice Plan gives you unlimited data and texting in 120+ countries and destinations at no extra charge—and there is no need to unlock your phone to get it.
  2. At T-Mobile, your Simple Choice plan includes unlimited talk, unlimited text, and unlimited data, so you can surf, talk on the phone, or text as much as you want without limits on our network. And best of all, you don't have to worry about overages—ever.
  3. Last year, T-Mobile eliminated new annual service contract requirements, so you’re not tied down indefinitely.


Legal: Limited time only; subject to change.  Unlimited talk & text features for direct communications between 2 people.  Simple Choice International Service: Additional charges apply in excluded destinations; see for included destinations (subject to change at T-Mobile’s discretion). Qualifying plan and capable device required. Coverage not available in some areas; we are not responsible for the performance of our roaming partners’ networks. Standard speeds approx. 128 Kbps. No tethering. Not for extended international use; you must reside in the U.S. and primary usage must occur on our U.S. network. Device must register on our U.S. network before international use. Service may be terminated or restricted for excessive roaming or misuse.

Mobile browsing improvementsHey Support Community!


Browsing the web from your mobile device has come a long way and is only getting better. With the enhancements in smartphone and tablet browsing we're happy to announce a new, uniform browsing experience between desktop and mobile users in the Support Community!


Starting August 11, when accessing T-Mobile Support from a mobile device you will be directed to our full site, just like you see on your desktop or laptop!



What's new?

Our new and improved mobile browsing experience will allow for full navigation of T-Mobile Support as intended, and includes the ability to:

  • Register
  • Browse by space and device
  • Modify your profile, password, posts, and avatar
  • And much more!


Happy browsing!

So you're searched our extensive support documents, asked the Community your question and still need help? Well have no fear, because we've got plenty of ways to get in touch.


Check out our contact options below, and when you're ready, head on over to the Contact Us page.

Contact us if you need more help



Ways you can contact us

Live chat:

  • Don't feel like picking up the phone? When chat representatives are available, you can get professional support online without even having to pause that YouTube video.

Social media:

  • Speaking of the internet, why not use that Facebook page to get some help while you're liking all of those cat pictures your sister can't seem to stop posting?

Customer service:

  • If you just need to talk to someone on the phone, and the pizza guy just doesn't know how to get your text messaging to work properly, give us a call. We'll get you up and running, but can't help with dinner.

Find a store:

  • Sometimes a hands-on approach is needed. Find the closest T-Mobile store and get the added bonus of picking up that sweet new phone case you've had your eye on while you're there.

Send a letter:

  • If for any reason you want to take the "e" out of e-mail, you can send us a good old fashioned letter. Plus you can finally use those stamps! If you can just remember where you put them...

Contacts is now retired

Posted by tmo_joshua Jul 10, 2014

Contacts is now retired

Contacts was a free service that allowed you to backup up to 5,000 contacts on a secure T-Mobile server. Contacts has now been retired,


If you stored contacts on your phone, don't worry, they are still there and will remain on your phone. But what happens if you lose your phone and haven't backed up your contacts? Without a backup, your contacts will be lost forever. Don't worry, you have options for backing up your contacts.


There are two popular options for backing up your phone:


  • Many popular email services offer contact storing services. If offered, you can backup your contacts online.
  • You can backup your contacts with a third-party app. Keep in mind, third-party apps are not supported by T-Mobile.


Newer phones offer lots of storage space. You can visit our phone how-to guides to learn how to store contacts on your phone. Keep in mind, if you lose your phone, your contacts will be lost as well. We strongly recommend you backup contacts with a cloud or email service.

Your phone does it all. It is your friends list, your research assistant, your map, your gaming console, and even your portable movie theater. Your phone is amazing and all the folks who made that great little gadget are working to make it even better all the time through software updates.

Where's my software update?

While it might seem simple to announce a new software update for your phone and then roll it out, there is actually quite a bit that happens in between. Let's talk about what happens once an update is announced, who works on it, and why it might take longer than expected.



What's the hold up?

There are a lot more folks involved with a software update than you might imagine. Software updates require a partnership between the software developer, the device manufacturer, and T-Mobile. In some situations, updates are created for a whole line of phones, such as Android, and then need to be modified for a specific phone.


Let's say, for example, Google is releasing an awesome new Android software version. Once the software has been created, each phone manufacturer needs to add special phone software overlays (like HTC Sense or Samsung TouchWiz). Once that is done, each carrier tests it out to make sure it works properly so that everything is nice and smooth when the software rolls out to the public.


All this software talk making you wonder if you're up to date? You can always take a look st the Software version & updates document in the space for your device to make sure you're on the latest and greatest!

Get help with your rebate

Posted by tmo_joshua Jun 20, 2014

If you need help with your rebate, we got you covered! You can request a rebate by mail or online at our T-Mobile Rebates page.


Keep in mind all rebates can take up to 8 weeks from the time of receipt. Once your rebate card is processed, you'll receive a prepaid card for the rebate amount.

Get help with your rebate



Request a rebate

  1. Visit the T-Mobile Rebates page.
  2. Fill out the appropriate rebate section and click search.
  3. Make sure the mailing address matches the billing address on My T-Mobile.
  4. After reviewing the terms and conditions, follow the on-screen instructions.



Check the status of your rebate

  1. Visit the T-Mobile Rebates Status page.
  2. Enter your information and click the Check status button. Keep in mind, processing can take up to 8 weeks from the time of your request.


Need more help with your rebate? Visit the T-Mobile Rebates page.

Mobile Internet Management is now Connect Me

Our Mobile Internet Management (MIM) website has a new name. Say hello to Connect Me, a place which gives you more flexibility when managing your Mobile Internet account. You'll now see the Connect Me name whenever you access your mobile internet device. If you're an iPad user, you'll see this change later this month.


Here's the new URL to access Connect Me:


Just like with MIM before, Connect Me lets you:

  • Create a account to manage your mobile internet
  • Activate a new mobile internet line
  • Change your Mobile Internet Plan
  • Buy on-demand passes
  • See your data pass purchase history
  • Check your usage


You can do this all from one location on your mobile internet device. And, as always, T-Mobile gives you total freedom when using your tablet with no overages and no annual service contracts!


For more information about our Mobile Internet Plans, see how our Simple Choice™ Plan lets you choose the amount of data you want for your tablet, depending on your needs.

Manage your T-Mobile account

Use the T-Mobile App or your My T-Mobile account

Contact us

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