If you have been with T-Mobile for a long time, then you may remember a little something called MobileLife. It came pre-loaded on almost every phone that we sold wayyyy back in the day. In the early days of smartphones, this widget served as a quick access point for a feed of news, sports, weather, entertainment, and financial updates.

At the time, MobileLife was basically the best thing since sliced bread, all those features in one place for the first time! Well, look how far we have come. With the advent of home screen weather widgets that tell you if it is going to rain within the next 5 minutes and the plethora of update feeds/notifications that are just built-in to the devices straight out of the box, it was time to say farewell to MobileLife in 2014.  It served an additional function for many early-adopters of smartphone technology, though, as a backup point for contacts.  For any hanging on to sturdy equipment over the years past, switching to a new device without the MobileLife feature might be a little disorienting.


Not to worry – today’s equipment line-up offers to sync your contacts for you with very little effort. Devices currently on the market easily back up contacts to your Google account for Android fans, iCloud for Apple aficionados, and Outlook for Windows devotees.  When you reset your equipment or switch to a new device, you’ll simply log in with the same cloud or account information and your contacts will move right over with you, kinda like sorcery.  To be sure you’re following all necessary steps to keep every solitary digit of your friends and family’s numbers (not to mention your favorite take-out joint), simply visit the Contact page in the How Tos for your device where you will find step by step instructions.


What if you switch platforms, you ask?  No problem – you can hop operating systems without losing your contacts (safer than hopping a train).  We’ve got you covered moving either direction between Android and Apple iOS with our T-Mobile Content Transfer App, and additional online help is available for moving from Windows to Android or Apple, or the other way around!