The holiday season has just come to a close, and one of the hottest gifts this year is the new iPhone! If you were lucky enough to receive a shiny new iPhone, you might be feeling a bit overwhelmed but there is no need to panic. We've got some pro tips to help you get started, and maybe even master some high-end features.


iPhone Tips

As a new iPhone user, iPhone Tips will be a life saver. Tips comes preloaded on your iPhone and to access it, just tap on the little light bulb app on your home screen. The Tips app is full of helpful little tricks to improve your experience with commonly used apps like iMessage, and even your camera.

  • Featured - This section contains some of the more one-off tips like changing the brightness of your phones flashlight and how to quickly access your camera from the lock screen, which is essential for emergency selfies.
  • Everyday Essentials - Here is where you can find cool little tricks like how to use Siri to finish your homework, or taking a screenshot with your phone.
  • Fantastic Photos - This section of Tips is for features related to your camera and photo gallery. Learn how to bring out your inner artist by adding filters to photos, or setting up albums.
  • Mastering Messages - iMessage is a staple of iOS, and boy is it full of hidden little gems. Check out the Mastering Messages section for fun tips like how to send audio messages and managing group chats.
  • Genius Picks - These are the tips that Apple Geniuses have selected to help you get the most out of your iPhone like managing battery power and using text to speech, so you don't get Cheeto dust on your nice new screen.



Ever lost your phone and wish you had a way to see where you left it? Ever just forgot your phone at home and wished there was a way you could see your contact list to get a number you need? iCloud is the answer to your woes and so much more!

  • Find my iPhone - If you have find my iPhone enabled on your device, you can log into your iCloud account through any computer browser and locate the last place your phone connected to the network. You can even play a sound on your phone in case you left it in the fridge (it happens).
  • Photos - Check out any photos you've taken on your phone that you have backed up to your iCloud photo library, on any device.
  • Contacts - This is super helpful if you lost your phone or just left it at home as you can see all your contact details without having the physical phone in front of you.
  • Calendar - This is a fully functional version of the calendar on your phone. You can check, edit, and add upcoming events so you'll never miss a niece's birthday, no matter how much you might want to.



App Store

Now that you got your new phone, you are most likely wondering how you are going to get your Candy Crush fix or how you are going to let all your Instagram followers know what you ate for dinner. The iOS App Store is going to be your one-stop-shop for everything from games to applications to help with productivity. Check out the App Store and trick out your iPhone with all the most popular apps and games!

  • Top charts - This is where you are going to find the most popular downloads whether they are free, paid, or the top grossing, and where you are going to find all the apps that your friends and family most likely have.
  • Featured - Keep up with the newest apps and get recommendations for you based on what you like. Keep an eye out for the "Free app of the week" as well. Free = awesome!
  • Search - Having trouble finding an app that your friends told you about? Check out the search option to quickly find any app in the store and even see what others have been searching for recently to discover new apps!