Update (10/30/2015):
We're currently experiencing waves of random spam attacks so all of the below will apply. We'll try to make the experience as painless as possible but there may be higher than normal posting delays. As mentioned below, if your question is urgent you can always check out our Contact Us page for more direct channels for assistance.

Spam. The scourge of your inbox. Everyone, and every website has to deal with it! Websites even set up defenses to hold back the ever present danger of foreign princes and little blue capsules.


We're one of those sites that are always working hard behind the scenes to battle the spammers and keep them from posting in our Support Community, but every now and then they get crafty. When this happens we make sure to scoop these posts out as soon as we can, but you might have noticed some spam out there recently. Due to this, we've temporarily changed a few things until we can get our spam-blasting auto defense turrets online. Thanks for bearing with us while we clean up the mean streets of the Support Community, and as a rule, just don't send anyone your bank account number.



Posting delays

You may have noticed that some of your questions and replies aren't posting immediately. Or, if you are brand new to our community (welcome, by the way! It's not like this all the time, we promise) you might see your new registration showing as pending. This is to help us cut down on the spam posts until we're back to normal. We apologize for the inconvenience this can cause while you're looking to hang out with other T-Mobile customers and get their help, but it is only temporary.



Reporting spam

If you're out there posting away and you see a big ol' heap of spam creeping out there, help us out by reporting it! Just click this little button to send the offending post off to e-prison.

Report Abuse.png


Immediate help

If you need more urgent assistance with your account or need to contact someone at T-Mobile please contact us! Even if you don't feel like picking up the phone, we've got plenty of options available to get you some help.