Tips on switching SIM cardsUpgraded your old phone to a new device? Need to update your SIM card? Whatever the reason, we know switching your SIM card isn't always easy. We're here to help make this process as smooth as possible.


Here are some common tips:

  • Know your SIM card type. You can find out what type of SIM card that goes with your phone by checking out the user manual. User manuals can be found on our Phones page.
  • Check the box. If you upgraded to a brand new phone, congrats! Purchased your phone from T-Mobile? Even better. You'll find a new SIM card in the box that is ready to activate.
  • Grab one from your local store. It's sometimes faster to pick up a new SIM card from your local T-Mobile store rather than ordering line—while faster, we recommend you them a call to make sure they have a SIM card in stock. Find a store near you.
  • Backup your contacts. If you have stored contacts on your SIM in the past, we recommend backing up your contacts with an online service before updating your SIM card. You can store your contacts on the cloud with many popular email services.
  • Update online. If you have a spare SIM card, or you picked one up from the store, you don't have to call in to update it—You can always update your SIM card online for free, 24/7.


If you need additional support or have questions, we're here to help. To get additional support, we recommend starting a discussion in the SIM cards topic.