T-Mobile Support is your home for answers about T-Mobile products and services.


Our support site is awesome. You can:


  • Check out support articles.
  • Get updates and tips through blogs.
  • Join the conversation by visiting our customer community.


On November 18, we'll launch a new site. You'll still be able to do everything you can now, only easier and faster.


Pictured below is a sneak peek of the new home page:





What's new with T-Mobile Support

We've added new tools that allow you to navigate the site with ease:


  • Top navigation bar. The top navigation allows you to access any one of our main areas on Support: Account, Billing, Coverage, Phones, and Plans. From the menu, you can access support documents, visit the community, or check out the blogs for that particular topic.
  • Side navigation bar. The side navigation is present on all of our topic pages. You can use it to access sub-topics, or jump to another topic in the site.
  • Additional resources. Couldn't find the information you needed? At the bottom of topic pages, and even support documents, you'll be able to ask your question to our customer community. We'll also link you to our contact information, where you can ask T-Mobile over the phone, connect with us on your favorite social network, or visit us at a store.


All these changes have been based on your feedback. We value what you tell us, so take a look around and let us know what you think.