So you're searched our extensive support documents, asked the Community your question and still need help? Well have no fear, because we've got plenty of ways to get in touch.


Check out our contact options below, and when you're ready, head on over to the Contact Us page.

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Ways you can contact us

Live chat:

  • Don't feel like picking up the phone? When chat representatives are available, you can get professional support online without even having to pause that YouTube video.

Social media:

  • Speaking of the internet, why not use that Facebook page to get some help while you're liking all of those cat pictures your sister can't seem to stop posting?

Customer service:

  • If you just need to talk to someone on the phone, and the pizza guy just doesn't know how to get your text messaging to work properly, give us a call. We'll get you up and running, but can't help with dinner.

Find a store:

  • Sometimes a hands-on approach is needed. Find the closest T-Mobile store and get the added bonus of picking up that sweet new phone case you've had your eye on while you're there.

Send a letter:

  • If for any reason you want to take the "e" out of e-mail, you can send us a good old fashioned letter. Plus you can finally use those stamps! If you can just remember where you put them...